Monday is One Day

Chapter 19: Acquaintance

“Bog! You’re back!”

Her open wings snapped up like a Venus flytrap. Marianne propped herself up on her elbows and forearms so she could face him. She smiled at him so brightly that, even though she’d said his name, Bog almost turned around to see who she was looking at. She was still wearing the comfrey eyepatch he’d made for her.

“Um … yes. Hello.” He sat on the stool by her toadstool bed. The infirmary was much more practically furnished, in his opinion, than the rest of the castle. Bog smiled nervously

“I was wondering, which of your people do you think would make the best ambassador?”

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Because @d-s-winchester and I will be posting our very first collab this week! This is my first collab with anybody, so I’m doubly excited. And the fact that it’s Ashley? Make that triple excited! 

We have selected a list of five Taylor Swift songs (one for each day, Monday through Friday) which we will use as inspiration for one-shots. Now, this isn’t your traditional collab where we’re each writing part of the same fics; we’ll each be writing individual one-shots for each song on it’s respective day. We’ll go with whatever idea or character comes to mind – the goal is to showcase the diversity of writing, even from two writers whose usual pieces are similar. 

The great news is, because the songs are inspiration for the stories, you don’t even have to be a T. Swift fan to love what we post! 

Check out Ashley’s master list here and my master list here while you wait in anticipation for the first fics tomorrow … then get ready because we’re gonna be comin’ at ya like

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// Ayy How I said, it was too late for 700 give away so I’ll make a new one faster & funnier.//

• Must be following before I created this post/hit this milestone.
• 1 Like & Reblog per person.
• 1 Character max. per picture.
• NSFW allowed.
• If I feel uncomfortable with the character you are asking for I’ll ask you for another one.
• The price will be a colored sketch like this
• This time will pick 8 winners, yay!
• I’ll pick one winner per day, starting from this Monday, will be a total surprise so keep your inbox/IM open for me to send you a message in case you win.
Good luck!

End date: 31. 07

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i wasnt as much of a fan in 2013 so what exactly happened? was it like hate on taylor for one day like on monday or was it like an ongoing thing?

Ok I’m sure there’s a post somewhere someone typed about up why the end of 2012-2013 was hell for Taylor and for us (if there is someone please link me) but basically it was just everyone and everything. (I hope I get most of this timeline right, I’m doing my best to remember, correct me if I’m wrong) Taylor was just living life after the Speak Now Tour ending, working on Red, hanging with friends and dating Conor Kennedy. So she releases Red, breaks up with Conor and is seen with Harry within in a 3ish month time span. The media starts to run, again, with the bullshit story that “oh she dates guys so she can have material for her album” and they start calling her out saying she wrote songs like IKYWT about Harry (and how several music videos are about him, which I don’t get because they’ve just started dating, although some claim they had a brief couple of weeks together in the spring until he was seen with another girl, ANWYAY). But the media does seem to love them together but his fans hate it.

They breakup in January and she’s painted as the one at fault and is seen in the studio again, and then gets dragged for it. Skip to the Grammy’s where she opens the show and supposedly uses a British accent to mock Harry and the media goes crazy calling her trash basically. Plus when Red doesn’t win AOTY it gives them more news to drag her.

The IKYWT music video is released and everyone says it’s about him (I still think it’s about Jake or John) and once again the media calls her names and goes crazy.

Golden Globes comes around and Tay is nominated (against Adele) and Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (mostly Tina) take shots about how Taylor should stay single and how Michael J Fox should stay away from her. It’s obnoxious and Taylor later responds that “there is a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women.” That fails because she’s just dragged even more for that (which she shouldn’t have been because Tina and Amy were jerks.

And from there on out the media, celebrities, fans, other celebs’ fans, anyone thought it was okay to take jabs at Taylor about her personal life (who and who she wasn’t dating (for the record after Harry she wasn’t win ANYONE until Calvin because the media had broken her down that much 😤). It continued for months and Taylor took it in stride whereas I would have gone off on Twitter and kicked someone’s ass.

BUT she’s TAYLOR ALISON SWIFT and she can handle so much and I’m beyond proud of her. If Taylor and her fans can get through a year + of hate we can get through this craziness.

Sorry for cutting the details short (getting sleepy). Anymore questions let me know or anons feel free to add 👍

Since I don’t know how to write (or function as a decent author) I might have deleted the first part of the new episode. I’m still not quite sure what I want to do for After School Special and what you might want to see instead. Do you want me to continue on this episode like I planned: the school is where the reader went, flashbacks involve events that take place before everything discussed in the first part of the pilot. Or we could just skip the flashbacks all together, have it go like an ordinary hunt and what not while still adding in bits I find amusing. It’s really what you guys want to read, I’m up for anything!

i had one heck of a monday today

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like seriously my day was like a scene from office space. 

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speaking of which i need to watch that again

Brother of Mine || Liam(Morty) and Bill


Cipher stretched his body out over the couch. Monday had finally arrived, and the demon could not remember the last time in his long life that he had looked forward to a Monday, but allowing it as his one day off from work was just about one of the best decisions he had made.

Margarita in hand, Bill kicked up his feet onto the living room coffee table and turned on the TV, only to be greeted by a flickering screen of static. He groaned, smacking it a few times and far too lazy to put forth the energy to fix it with his magic. Time to buy a new fucking TV.

Sigma wasn’t home, Zim wasn’t home…Was Morty? He had seen the kid adjust the television before, surely he would know how to do it again. “Morty!” he called up the stairs. “Ya got a minute? TV’s busted kid I’d love if you could fix it! I’ll owe ya for it!”


Some photos from when @blissfullybellamy and I went back up to London on Monday! This time we went to Trafalgar Square (I’ve never seen it so empty in front of the National Gallery!), the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, King’s Cross Station (where we saw Platform 9 ¾ and the shop), North Gower Street a.k.a. BBC Sherlock’s Baker Street (it was my turn to nerd out after she got to nerd out over HP for the past two days), the real 221B Baker Street and Museum, and finally we stopped off at Forbidden Planet which is one of my favourite shops!

Monday was definitely a nerdy fandom day!

My high school theater is used for church services on Sundays. we’ve run into a few issues.

freshman year, we built ramps that were finished to look like wood. the ramps were not supposed to be moved, and they sat behind the mid stage curtain. the director left a note saying not to move the ramps, as they were slightly delicate where they met the floor. one Monday, the first day of tech week, we come in to find that the ramps had been moved and then moved back. this broke a section of the ramp where it met the floor. so me, because i had the smallest hands, had to reach in and fix it. not fun.

junior year, we had prop foam swords. they were on the stage right prop table, in the room right outside the wings. this is also where the church keeps their 50 something pound podium. on Monday, i go to double check props, because we were starting tech and props needed to be a thing. i open the room and the church had knocked the swords off of the table and put their podium on top of them. the swords looked like they had had a bite taken out of them. they also knocked a heavy metal chain onto a replacement foam board set piece.

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Rec: Missing Monday

Title: Missing Monday
Author: Elle Skinner
Format: webcomic
Published/Free: Free
Length: 265 pages so far
Status: WIP
Rating: Everyone
Warnings: None
Summary: Missing Monday is a coming of age webcomic that follows Foyle Leaf and her growing relationship with Monday Rhodes, a girl from another world who appears one day through a doorway in an abandoned clocktower.

Review:This is really cute, really well drawn, and very imaginative. I always try to link what I feel in reviews to things that most people can relate to and this is like eating homemade sugar cookies right off of the tray. Foyle is a sassy, hard working girl with a love of antiques, watches and general tinkering with things. You don’t really get to know much about Monday, not yet at least, but on the surface she has a wide eyed innocence with some secrets buried deeper in her personality. The world that the artist creates (because I’m a sucker for some good world building) is really nicely done. She tells the story in a way that lets you discover little facts, and things without anyone, character or artist, telling you about it. I get the sense that this will be a really grand type of adventure, fantasy-ish story because even though there’s a fair amount of pages the story really is just getting started.

Another thing that I really like, and that I encounter so rarely in the slash and femslash community, is that this is a mixed race webcomic. It occurred to me, as I was coming up with things to say about why this comic stands out to me and why others should read it, that there aren’t many mixed race anything out there. Maybe there is and I’m the one who hasn’t been looking all that hard (and I haven’t since race isn’t a filter I put content through when I’m choosing), but I can only think of maybe five LGBT centered stories, comics, or videos where the relationship happened between people of mixed races that I’ve watched ever. Well, excluding sci-fi and fantasy races. Sorry, this wasn’t supposed to be a discussion post! I just thought that it was a nice little bonus that Foyle is quite dark skinned with really short black hair and Monday is all blond hair and baby blue eyes with pale skin.

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Will Joni (Ernst) love Chachi?

The celebrities speaking at this year’s Republican National Convention are underwhelming, to say the least.

In 2012, Academy Award-winning actor Clint Eastwood famously addressed the GOP convention, speaking to an empty chair as a way to demonstrate his disdain for President Barack Obama. Star actresses Kerry Washington, Eva Longoria and Scarlett Johansson were among those who addressed the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

Arguably the biggest celebrity speaking at the Republican event this week in Cleveland is actor Scott Baio (Monday). The 55-year-old one-time Happy Days co-star popped up on the speakers’ list Sunday; he had previously endorsed GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

“I actually was at a fundraiser for Mr. Trump the other night with my wife, and he invited me to speak at the convention, which was completely unexpected and out of left field,” Baio told Jeanine Pirro on her show, Justice with Judge Jeanine.

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Would you mind if I don’t post today? I’ll still post the imagines that I promised, but I’m feeling a bit drained out today. I don’t know if you want me to continue posting regularly and finish with this little special on monday, or you want me to post two imagines in just one day.

Tell what you think is best :)

Also! I was wondering, are you comfortable with the theme that I currently use? Is it comfortable to read with the dark background? Would it be better to have a lighter one?

That’s all, love you all <3