Busy Morning

Woke up way before the sun today. Before 5am. So I decided to just get out of bed instead of laying there not sleeping.

I made some coffee, watched a little bit of a match from the Australian Open Tennis Tourney. But didn’t let the tv watching get out of hand. Just 15 or 20 minutes.

Then I got started on my morning routine.

Meditation- 20’ Headspace Competion Package

Yoga - 20’ some sun salutations

The pool is where it went a little sideways. Mostly due to technical difficulty with my watch. Or, more accurately, with the user of the watch who got sidetracked trying to track new things.

Shoulder PT- 5’ - 3x10 ea lateral raises, rev flys & rotator cuff all w/ 5lb DB - circuit, no rest needed.

Pushups - 2 sets 40/30 - ironed my shirt between sets.

Pool - 1 hr - 600 wu, 4x50, 4x200

The swim workout itself was decent, but an hour to do 1600 yards? I got a little lost.

Still, a pretty good start to my week, even with the detours.