Mommy domme

so earlier i had a really bad disassociative-epsidoe thing and when mistress came to get me upstairs she was hugging me and telling me “its okay, Mommy’s here” and it made me feel like 1000000x instantly better.

i really, really love her lots and i wonder if its okay to call her that now or not?? i’m really shy to say it and its like my mouth glues shut when i try to and i get bad butterflies but it made me feel bunches better and i just love her

she even got me chinese food for dinner and took the rest of the day off to make me feel better. she’s the best ♥♥♥

There is so much ddlg shit littering the mdlg tag?? Like no, don’t tag shit for your daddy with mdlg. Take that fucking shit elsewhere I’m in that tag for
Mommy domme/little girl shit, not via male daddy Dom /little girl shit.

One Thing Should Be Clear

Not all Littles are the same.
Not all Littles like the same things.
Not all Littles are sexual.
Not all Littles have/want a Daddy.

There are no two Littles exactly alike.
We cannot be grouped together like we are all the same. Don’t LET people put you in a group of any kind, especially in a negative way.

If anybody ever finds themselves feeling “wrong” about being Little or about having a Daddy Dom, Mommy Domme, or Caregiver… Please please please message me. PLEASE!! We’ll work through it together and find the best solution for you. Mwah.