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(Non-Sburb) Au where when Dave is 13 Bro gets busted by child services so he’s sent to live with his biological mother, Mom Lalonde. Meanwhile Mom has to talk to Rose about how she actually has a twin brother who was under the custody of his father but he will be coming to live with them now. Rose is excited to have a brother but when they start to share a room they get into small arguments because they aren’t used to each other. Dave is uncomfortable in the Lalonde house, he feels awkward calling Mom anything other than “Miss Lalonde”. Rose introduces him to her friends, John and Jade, and they think it’s awesome she has a twin. They instantly get along with him. It’s hard getting used to a new life for Dave, and a new twin for Rose but slowly things get a lot better. If they wanna make it they gotta stick together.

quick little headcanon before i go to sleep:

So like every other 6 year old who liked books Rose had a harry potter stage and got into it and read the first couple books

And mom decided that to be awesome for her 7th birthday was gonna throw a themed birthday and got all this stuff but when it came time to inviting rose didn’t have all that many friends

so instead she wakes rose up by sending jaspers to her room with a hogwarts acceptance letter and when she comes down they do the entire sorting hat thing and deck her out in all her hogwarts duds (rose wanted to be a ravenclaw) and since no one else is there they have a little broomstick race and do the philosipher stone hunt together and watch the first movie that just came out and

it is the best most fun birthday that rose ever had

but in the next year harry potter is super cool and rose makes school friends and when birthday comes around rose is “too old for kiddy parties” and just hangs out in her room with her book friends yellin at mom whenever she suggest they do anything fun together so she just goes downstairs and has a drink cause her daugher doesnt want her around

and thats pretty much how b-days go for the rest of time


heyyo fuckos heres more content literally no one was asking for!!!! ho boy

rose jade john dave
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gpa  bro  mom gma

(grandpa and nanna are in the wrong spots bc they fit there best. i don’t make the art rules folks)