The last unicorn explorations part 1

My take on some of the Last Unicorn characters. So far I’ve gotten the Unicorn, Shmendrick the Magician, Molly Grue and Mama Fortuna. I’ll do more characters because the story of this novel/movie is one of my top favorites. I sometimes wish I’m able to make my own animated adaptation of it. 


The Abominable Brides | Roller Derby AU

The Abominable Brides is one of the best Roller Derby teams in the UK. They live quite different lives, with different struggles, outside of the rink, but their need for an outlet, speed, (a bit of violence), and camaraderie is the same, and they support each other both on and off the rink.

(Sally is their trainer/coach/manager because we all know she should have been there.)


A$ton Matthews x Vince Staples - Molly Maid


So i’ve been sucking serious butthole lately at posting and have already failed my own challenge… fuck. AT LEAST … i’ve gained like 6 followers in the time I haven’t posted. Thankkkks :)

Just been keeping busy and out of the house I guess :(. Have a lot of pictures and stories to show for it at least…

Last Saturday the girlies went and saw Zeds Dead @ BETA in waterwoooo. Met a ridiculous amount of sweet people and just all around fucking loved it.

External image
Biddies in the bathtub <3 myself, @prettiestkitty , rachel, fin, fergilicous

Best part about beta… the freezies!!!! totally worth it for $3.

Worked all week and recovered… Only to start back up again this weekend. Duke’d it. Sloppy. Opus Saturday and a whole lot of chillin sunday. haha. 

Been working on a lot of photos lately that I’ll post a few peeks of.

… ASAP i promise ;)