5.8.17 | first week of may ! allergies are hitting..
but my week was pretty eventful. i went to manhattan and got some muji pens. i think my studyblr style is getting better too!

song of the week- slow hands by niall horan

1/100 • 25.04.2017

Started setting up a new bullet journal since I’m not satisfied with the one I’m using right now. This is one is already looking a lot better so I’m pretty happy.

I’m going to try and do the 100 days of productivity challenge, I want to be more productive and I also want to post more, so this is a win-win situation.

✧ 8TEEN - Khalid ✧

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5.10.17 / ap hell is finaaaally over… i forgot how to breathe!!!! now, I’ve gotta catch up on the 4 projects I’ve been pushing off because of ap testing. these four projects are all due in less than a week. I’m tryna chill but life is testing me!

also that ap macroeconomics exam today kicked my ass. the dude sitting next to me in the testing room started to stack the gajillion pencils he brought because he had ~20 minutes left to spare on the FRQ portion. We played jenga with the pencils for the remaining half an hour until the proctor called time. 


Last week bujo spread, I do 5 days in 2 pages, I been liking this way better than others, is creative and simple

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