Being pregnant with Tom’s baby but he doesn’t want the kid and leaves you. A few years later, he decides to come back but finds out that you are happily married to Sebastian and he’s raising the child as his own.

{ By: Anon } 

I remember when I used to languish,
weigh the nomadic imbalance,
live the moments that felt most fleeting.
The mind was never so unburdened
as it was then,
shining and forming forgiveness
in the womb of fates soft departure.

You’d be surprised
how many hours I can fill
with thinking of you.
Thinking of inundating us both
again and again.
Deep thoughts
for minding the tragedy of my dossier.

Oh sleep,
where is thine dust of twilight hiding?
The meta-gods,
the hybrids,
we keep resolving ourselves
to dreamscapes and ghosts
easily overlooking the intrinsic simplicity.

A scraped knee,
beige sands,
emotive weeping,
heavy ambrosia.
The most seemingly ordinary of things
sentiments indeed
have flattering engagements,
catalysts that satisfy one another
at vague turns.

And I,
A polarising insect
Unbeknownst of harmonics realised,
delicate detachment from sound,
suspended in amber fiction,
secrets of an understanding now mocked,
cooed in my campiest pirated cadence.

You wouldn’t find it unusual at all,
early morning banal thoughts,
clairaudient sighs through the stale walls,
lacking tawdry manifesto,
a sliver of windowless pink light blooming,
a wordless melody gone markedly cold.


Well I can’t watch t100 live today again bc daylight savings finished and uni sucks but!!!!! Reposting this picture even though Jen used it for her bfsn along with gratuitous pictures of @octanakin and @emcri reacting to the fact that @aarya @thelovelylights and I actually met irl. I would have included @sassamyblake’s reaction but she didn’t cry at all.

people who characterise Antonio as brainless and stupid and Lovino to be only a mean-spirited tsundere with no depth make me cry

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▌face claim • Heath Ledger
▌name •  the Joker
▌age •  N/A
▌height  •  6′2″
▌species •   Human
▌gender  •  Male
▌nationality  •  American
▌birthday  •  N/A
▌sun sign  • lmao, it’s a star sign
▌residence  •  Gotham
▌marital status  •  partnered 
▌drink  • coffee, whiskey on occasion
▌food •  tacos, pizza, cherry tomatoes, shrimps, anchovies
▌day or night •   Night
▌snacks •  M&M’s
▌music  •  everything, except the songs he doesn’t like
▌pet •  Harley
▌color •  purple
▌flower •  blue orchid
▌sexuality  •  batsexual
▌body type  •  lanky, muscular
▌eye color •   depends on the mood
▌hair color •   dark blond seaweed green

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