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Thank you, Goblin Week.

I’m doing a decklist. The gobbo deck we all deserve to helm at one point in our lives.

Wort in this variation has an awesome dichotomy that makes the decklist simple and easy to balance- we’ll call it ‘goblinball’. The trick is to pretend you’re playing elves. For example, you’re gonna need some tokens. In fact I’d say almost every goblin you play is a goblin token.

What’s fun about Mogg Infestation is that if you copy it you’re basically quadrupling your goblins. Then you have the garbage that is Goblin Rally, which gives you eight bodies for five mana. What do we do with those bodies? Draw cards, of course.

Pay some mana, tap some friends, and draw a whole bunch of cards. Green can even find you your Reliquary Tower pretty easily! What’s nice is that you don’t need to rely on red’s wheel effects when you’re in green. Green also gives us other toys, such as the ‘ball’ part of the name-

Jenny has eight goblins, so normally Overrun would only give them a bonus offensive power of 24 damage. But if Jenny taps two goblins, the offensive power actually increases to 36! And with Wort being 3 power, Overwhelming Stampede when copied will at minimum buff creatures by +9/+9. Of course, we do need to have some ‘goodstuff’ synergy.

Pay four mana for six cards and watch the blue man weep. Then double up on second harvest and quadruple your gobbo squad again! Don’t forget primo removal such as Artifact Mutation, which will give you more bodies to work with, and Hull Breach, which has the potential to be a 4 for 1 trade off.

I hope you all have enjoyed goblin week as much as I have!