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Hello, can you please explain me the Corbusier human Scale?

The Modulor is an anthropometric scale of proportions devised by the Swiss-born French architect Le Corbusier (1887–1965). It was developed as a visual bridge between two incompatible scales, the imperial and the metric system. It is based on the height of a man with his arm raised. It was used as a system to set out a number of Le Corbusier’s buildings and was later codified into two books. via

Corbu was searching for, in his own words, a tool of linear or optical measures, similar to musical script. Modernism was about form following function and the Modulor was part of that quest. A set of proportions that you could implement when designing. Truth is that, although we can establish some ranges for measurements and proportions when designing, we cannot use one idealized human body to achieve this goal. I am not trying to give you a non-response with my response, but the truth is that the Modulor took two full books by Corbu to explain properly.

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MODULOR by Artist Le Corbusier / Medium: Painting - Mourlot Posters & Lithographs, Lithograph - 1962 / Description: Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, who chose to be known as Le Corbusier was a Swiss artist, famous for being one of the pioneers of what now is called Modern architecture or the International style. He creates artworks based on special design and architecture such as “Femme Unicorne”.