how i wish this was a real cartoon!

A drawing of the main character from The Modifyers, a concept made by Chris Reccardi, and his wife, Lynne Naylor that they presented to Nickelodeon. Unfortunately it was never greenlit. To be honest, I think it might have been the humor  being subpar(in opinion) and the pilot ended with a cliffhanger(which is something you should NOT do when pitching a concept to a company…not really a good idea). The designs are still pretty nice, the villain is hilarious and it’s good to see a cartoon with a female lead.

I’ve been meaning to draw Xero one day, I just never got to it. I remember when I first saw the pilot and it was so entertaining. In fact, this character’s design is what made me make my Nova OC is the first place.  I meant to upload this on friday, as a Fanart Friday thing but oh well.

The Modifyers © 2007 Nickelodeon 

P.S. Before any one asks, I saw the pilot first before that awkward Adult Parody