The Modifyers

Created by Chris Reccardi and Lynne Naylor

Nickelodeon, 2007

[FAN-ART] Agent Xero | Lacey Shadows

I’ve been meaning to draw this character for a good long while, but I couldn’t decide which persona I should draw. Then I realised that was a silly question and sketched up the two real quick. Next thing you know, I started coloring and detailing these characters to the best of Adobe Flash’s ability. Yep! Dat’s it! Bye!

And, YES, I did see the pilot before that odd ZONE toon, you silly pants.

“The Modifyers” © Nickelodeon -Made with Macromedia Flash 8, Art by Mike Southmoor

This and “Carmen Got Expelled” need to become actual series at some point. I’d do nearly anything to make it happen, if I could.