Understating and trivializing your actions is not modesty, self hatred is not modesty. You should not be apologizing for everything you do. Modesty is knowing your strengths but having the wisdom to not brag about them. You are just hurting your self esteem when you discount your actions. Take pride in yourself and your action, and stop promoting self hate
—  You are amazing and you need to embrace your qualities not minimize them

I went to school with @hodasal so I was flattered she asked me to help hijabify her for her wedding. She chose beautiful grey tones for her dress and for her hijab she wanted a look where her forehead would be covered. The best thing for that is to wear a cap that is lowered, but for your wedding you want to keep it classy so I suggested a skull cap made of lace. Her talented mum and Aunty sewed her dress and made the cap out of lace from the dress and the result was perfection MashAllah

These days I’ve been recommending veils made of a silk chiffon or any similar semi transparent fabric instead of a tulle veil. If your wedding dress isn’t not very traditional, why should your veil be? Keeping it long adds elegance and height.

Photography: Timmy Smalls

I wonder how many girls, when faced with the dreaded question “what is your favourite thing about your own appearance?”, instinctively know that the only real and acceptable response is to say “hmm, I don’t really know… My eyes?”

That is the correct answer because it’s the most modest one.

We are not supposed to say we have a pretty smile, or nice legs, or lovely cheekbones. These answers indicate a level of narcissism, they say that we are vain and conceited. Because loving yourself unapologetically is seen as immodesty.

And being beautiful isn’t enough, you have to be apparently unaware of your beauty in order for it to be valid, seek approval through outside sources but never give it to yourself.

Because remember, you don’t know and that’s what makes you beautiful.