ART THAT I LIKE TO CALL: if the Blessed Virgin Mary can Whip Out a Titty In Sacred Art, so can a Mother in Church.

Virgen de Belen
 Marcellus Coffermans, 1560s
getting crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth? …welp the kiddie gotta feed so just put that crown right on there, cherubs!

Madonna with the Infant Christ and St John the Baptist
Domenico di Pace Beccafumi, 1540s
Jesus glaring at you because He knows you are fetishizing his mom and you need to stop now.

The Circumcision of Christ
Michiel Coxcie, 1580′s
fave of mine because oh hey, she’s out in the open surrounded by people during a religious ceremony… but a baby’s gotta eat!!

and I haven’t even gotten to the WIERD ONE YET…

The Vision of St Bernard
Alonso Cano, 1650s
that is… an impressive distance, Mother Mary, nice aim!!
anyways it is inspired by St Bernard of Clairvaiux’s “Miracle of Lactation” where prayed to a statue of Mary in Speyer Cathedral, and asked her to “show yourself to be a mother.” and the statue freaking burst into life to hit him with some breastmilk. like, buddy, i dont have time to prove this shit. point is…