Maria Bamford is one of the top comedians in the country, but like many other people she suffers from bipolar disorder. Maria has discovered a website that helps her cope with the stigma of treating mental illness by using humor and community.

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For Haunter; 13 and 22

13.) What gets them flustered

Haunter gets flustered by most open acts of affection, but unprompted praise is a strong one for sure. He’s used to being the stronger twin, but when Charlie actually compliments him on said magical prowess, it makes him get butterflies and become a stuttering mess. He’s a lot like Papyrus in terms of confidence with the exception of Sans’ seriousness. He also gets flustered when people mention pumpkin-related drinks and food like ‘pumpkin pie’ or ‘pumpkin spice latte’.

22.) People who’ve influenced them greatly

Haunter is inspired by many modern day comedians like Aziz Ansari and Stephen Merchant, but also finds inspiration from Shakespeare, Marie Currie, Leonardo daVinci, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly.


If you haven’t been watching Modern Comedian you need to start. 


Scott Moran makes a really great series for PBS called “Modern Comedian”.  

Honored he chose me for an episode.  Here is me preparing for my Netflix Special “Folk Hero”.


Modern Comedian is my single favorite YouTube channel and Maria Bamford is my single favorite comedian. So happy this is out today. 


Modern Comedian - Ted Alexandro

Ted Alexandro is a staple in the New York comedy scene as well as a traveling headliner with numerous TV appearances on Letterman, Comedy Central and more. Ted thought he was going to be a jazz pianist as he entered college but as fate would have it he discovered stand-up and didn’t look back. Here Ted discusses his history with Jazz and the similarities he sees between his musical background and his stand-up performances.

Modern Comedian

I don’t really keep up with any web series but I’ve watched every episode of modern comedian twice. As we all know I love performing stand up but even more than performing I love watching other comedians perform and the entire process of comedy and this web series covers it beautifully. I don’t have a favorite episode but if I did it would be the one with Todd Glass but that’s because I’m biased and Todd Glass is my favorite comic. The documenter also interviews Lynn Shawcroft about her marriage to Mitch Hedberg but I wish he also focused on her stand up. I did a show with her once and she was amazing. I was in awe of her the whole time and just wished I could come off half as comfortable on stage as she did. It was like listening to a friend tell a story. I want to be like that one day. I’d say the only bad thing about this web series is that I wish he would do more episodes centered around female comedians but I’ll still keep watching as long as he keeps making these.


How come men are bound to each other with a deep unspoken code but if theres a mildly cute boy involved we will go to any length to tear each other apart? #soapbox #cutabitch


Rich Vos is a veteran of stand-up comedy. What most people don’t know is that Rich’s career started when he was in the throws of a brutal drug and alcohol addiction. Here we see Rich tell that story from the beginning and where he is now.


lynn shawcroft, mitch hedburg’s widow, takes us through the comedian’s writing process in this awesome doc. loved when they showed his notebooks & the makings of a joke while simultaneously listening to his delivery

setting up your life so that you can have that time to use your imagination.


Here’s a great trailer for Scott Moran’s excellent Modern Comedian series featuring Kurt & some of our favorite comedians around. Subscribe!

Bonus backstage Hot Tub fun at the end of the trailer, too.


Fruit and vegetables blended together are not meant to be a drink without a very serious explanation. #healthyisastateofmind #friedchickencleanse

Modern Comedian Shows The Open Mic Life with Subhah Agarwal

Open mics are an unavoidable part of being a comedian. They’re often brutal and, in fact, you shouldn’t think of them any other way, but they are also crucial to developing your voice as a comedian so when you do a big show, you don’t fuck it up (hopefully). 

Scott Moran’s amazing series Modern Comedian for PBS Digital follows up and coming comedian Subhah Agarwal who grinds it out at open mics in NYC as much as humanly possible and exhibits how hard work and focus can be quite rewarding in comedy. Watch the episode here.

Episode 142: Subhah Agarwal
Offstage w/ Christian Polanco
Episode 142: Subhah Agarwal

Subhah Agarwal is one of the hardest working comedians/ human beings I have ever met in my life. It is safe to say that comedy is her life and we’ll try to understand if having such a hard work ethic can make life harder.

Listen as we cover performing over 20 times a week, fear of getting your heart broken, and we try to figure if Indian parents have ever been proud of their non-doctor offspring.

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