The Rocking Nest Chair by Anker Bak for Carl Hansen & Søn

The idea for this Rocking Nest called chair was the need of Anker Baks sister for a comfortable yet space saving chair to sit in with her new born child. This foldable rocking chair is crafted from wood, steel canvas and optional leather. The producing company of this modern piece of Scandinavian furniture is Carl Hansen & Søn.

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Can I get McCree, Lucio, Genji, Hanzo and Reinhardt with an S/O with long hair, but it unintentionally gets cut super short in the middle of a really rough fight? Like, someone accidentally cut it in the fray and crossfire, or their s/o had to cut it themselves to get free from an enemy's hold?

Went with headcanons for this one


  • More heartbroken than you.

  • He loved playing with your long hair, raking his hands through it, even brushing and braiding it when the mood struck him

  • He’s gotten used to carrying a spare hair tie around with him and will probably keep doing it for a while until the realisation sinks in that you’re not going to need it for a while

  • Lends you his hat when your hair starts getting into your eyes but is still too short to properly tie it back

  • If you want to keep it short you’ll probably break this man’s heart for good

  • May or may not keep one of your locks in a pendant


  • Can’t stop petting the short fuzz

  • Seriously, his hands are on you constantly for weeks. You’re eating cereal, he’s petting your head. You’re maintaining your weapons, he’s literally in your hair, you wake up at 3am to him still brushing through it

  • He says the short hair makes you look innocent and gets a little kick out of pretending to be the strong protector for a while

  • Comes up with a book’s worth of new hairstyles for you to try out. He absolutely has a favourite barber and will introduce you to him. Your head is now a canvas for modern art.

  • Depending on how disappointed you are over the loss he may or may not cut his own hair in solidarity. For weeks his twitter is full of pictures of you both captioned in one way or another with “twinsies! <3 <3 <3”

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Between 1900 and 1910 Matisse was apart of an artist group known as the Fauves (which is French for “wild beast”) which valued color, emotion and painterly techniques over realistic representations. Although the Fauve movement was short lived it is believed that some of Matisse’s best works were created during this period. Here is his piece, Harmony in Red (ca.1908).