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Huxloween Day Fourteen: Corn Maze

“Why did I agree to come into this bloody corn maze?!” Hux grumbled for the fifteenth time in the last hour. “I hate nature.”

“Yes, we know, everyone knows,” snapped Kylo.

It had been six hours since they walked into this place and five since they’d gotten lost.

Kylo no longer knew why he’d thought this was a good idea either. He was starting to forget everything about the outside world at this point.

All he knew now was corn.

“Can’t you, you know, use your thing to get us out?”

Kylo glanced down at his crotch. He didn’t know how that’d help but he was willing to try.

“Not that! You know, the magic powers.” Hux said with a hand wave that didn’t really illustrate his point.

“That’s cheating.”

“Yes, exactly.”

“I don’t know what you want me to do?” Kylo said after he’d looked around for a minute. “I mean, I can push over the corn stalks to make a route out but I can just do that with my hands. And it’d kinda ruin the maze.”

Hux frowned. “Can’t you float up until you can see your way out?”

“No? I can’t float myself. Do you really think I’d walk places if hovering was an option?”

“Damn it.”

“Actually, that give me an idea,” Kylo said, cracking his knuckles.

“What? No! No! Don’t you dare!! Damn it Kylo PUT ME DOWN!!!!!”

Several rows of corn away a family looked up to see an angry ginger man glaring out across the maze. He had his arms crossed and seemed to be very upset about being twenty feet above the ground.

As they watched he slowly descended again.

The special effects had really improved this year. They didn’t get the reference but they’d have to compliment the owners on their way out.

Huxloween @huxloween


Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 

Characters/Pairing: Gency. Soldier: 76. Zenyatta.

Summary: Not one to believe in ghost stories, Angela buys the house. She even smiles at the thought of dealing with a pesky ghost, but strange things begin to happen.

Tags: Modern AU. Oni Genji. Spooky times. Human!Zenyatta.

Warnings: Horror.

A/N: Happy early Halloween! It sucks getting into an argument with a demon and maybe hurting his feelings. 

The orb itself is a protective and healing talisman. The demon can’t get near it or touch it, much less her if she keeps it on her person.

Angela considers finding a different place, if only to slightly settle Zenyatta’s concern. There is no mistake that he doesn’t believe her half hearted afterthought. Before he leaves, he asks if he may visit sometime next week, to check in. She reassures him he doesn’t have to, but his gentle insistence persuades her.

He’s worried of listening to the news one morning and hearing of Dr. Ziegler’s body being found. So, she agrees. He is lovely company in any case.

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Erwin Week: Day 2 → School: Student/Professor
AstronomyProfessor!Erwin Aesthetic

I imagine Modern AU Erwin as an Astronomy professor, eager to learn everything about the Earth and the Universe. By the years he’d also start looking like his father (grow a beard, wear glasses etc.).

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what are some of your domestic widomauk headcanons u havent gotten around to writing in ur modern au like who sleeps on what side of the bed etc etc

Ohhh soft domestic head canons are such a good shout, I love them

  • Caleb sleeps on the side closest to the wall because he feels safer that way, it’s kind of like a cat instinct almost to box himself in because he feels more protected. Also, he’s a real fidget when he sleeps and if he wasn’t pressed up to the wall, he’d probably fall right out of the bed. 
  • Mollymauk does most of the cooking around the house because Caleb is pretty hopeless at it. His husband always teases him, asking how he can follow the most complicated potion recipes and spell instructions but as soon as it involves anything edible, he completely ruins it. The only thing Caleb is really good at is depression meals. He makes a mean Mac and cheese. 
  • They like to shower together, touch starved Caleb and touchy feely Molly love being pressed up together in a tight space and being utterly naked, running hands over each other and combing fingers through each other’s wet hair. However, it needs to be saved exclusively for the weekends because they’d always be late for work otherwise, they’ll stay in there for an hour if left to their own devices. 
  • Caleb’s bookstore is the cosiest place ever and it always smells of coffee and old books and warm sunlight. There’s a special chair that’s kept just for Molly that has the plushest cushions and the softest blanket. When he’s pregnant and really misses Caleb not being around the flat and not having work to occupy him, Molly will curl up in that chair and rest a decaf tea from Caduceus’ cafe on his bump and read or nap or wolf whistle every time Caleb bends over to grab something, making him laugh 
WLStS Side Stories: Perfect Imperfections

Also available on AO3.

Cards on the table, we’re both showing hearts
Risking it all, though it’s hard
‘Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections.

-“All of Me” by John Legend

Loghain hated this part of his job.

Gwaren had done well under his tenure, and even better after he had married Theadosia and she had taken on the responsibilities of teyrna, but there were still days he silently rued Maric for granting him control of the teyrnir. This was one of those days. He had been working all day on a particularly complex and annoyingly detailed piece of legislation revolving around right of way in Gwaren’s ports, and he knew he was probably going to be working on it for hours yet to come. Theadosia had offered to take over, but he knew she had her own headaches to deal with and had been on and off the phone all day with the main Seawolf and Steed office in Denerim.

Loghain sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to focus on the screen in front of him. His wife had seemed more distracted than usual that evening when they had both managed to step away from their desks for an all too brief meal. Not doing so was not an option: if he did not keep an eye on her, Theadosia was like as not to simply work through every meal of the day. But tonight, she had been oddly quiet, and every time he had met her eyes she had almost seemed sad, which was worrisome. After they had eaten he had migrated from his office in the administrative wing of Castle Gwaren to his office in their private wing, and he had not seen Theadosia since.

I really should check on her, he chided himself, but as though summoned by his thoughts there was a quiet knock at his office door, and Theadosia stepped in, already dressed for bed. She came and stood behind him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and leaning her head forward to rest on his.

“Loghain. Love. Come to bed, please?”

He reached a hand up to rest on hers, pressing a kiss to the goosebumps forming on her arms. “I will, Sweetheart, I promise. I just need to get this finished.”

She was silent for a moment, and then he felt the slightest whisper of a sigh against his cheek. “Alright,” she murmured, then turned to leave. Loghain caught her hand in his and pulled her gently back into his arms. She settled onto his lap, leaning her head against his with another soft exhale.

“Theadosia.” He reached up a hand to stroke her hair. “You’ve been quiet all evening. What’s wrong?”

Theadosia leaned back so that she could meet his eyes, and he saw uncertainty reflected there. “I had hoped we could spend the day together, Loghain. Just us, away from work and stress and everything. I didn’t need anything special, just… just time, I suppose. And you.”

Loghain frowned slightly. Am I missing something, here? “Theadosia, I know we have both been busy, but we will have time later this week. I will make it up to you, and we can spend some time together.”

His wife slipped out of his lap, shaking her head slightly. “I know, Loghain.” She stared at him for a moment, and he could have sworn he saw a shadow of disappointment flit briefly across them before she leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to his temple. “Please, come to bed soon.”

He gave her hand one final squeeze. “I will, Theadosia. As soon as I wrap this up.”

And with that, she turned and slipped quietly out of the room.

Finally, after countless revisions, too much time referencing other works, and more than a few swear words, Loghain saved his work, shut down his computer, and stood up with a deep stretch. He snapped off his desk lamp, and was momentarily confused when the room was not immediately thrown into darkness. With a growing sense of dread, he approached the window.

Damn it. Daylight.

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Sunday Six

Here is to hockey season my friends. Because the Wild beat the Hawks, the Gophers beat the Bulldogs, and high school starts soon. October!!!

Minnesota, State Of…

They rounded a corner and all of the sudden he was there, walking down the long grey hallway. His hair looked like he’d ran his fingers through it several times, and his tie was just a little loose, but Sansa did a full stop, appreciating just how handsome he was. He looked up and when he spotted her, a wide smile came across his face. He took several steps closer, before spotting Jeyne and pausing in confusion.

“Hi,” she called, and behind her she heard Jeyne whisper under her breath,

“Holy shit.”

“Hey,” he said loudly, resuming walking towards them.

“This is my roommate — and best friend — Jeyne,” Sansa explained, once they were close enough for introductions.

“Jeyne Poole, longest and truest best friend,” Jeyne stuck her hand out and Sandor took it, chuckling.
Quantum Veil Theory - Chapter 22 - Viscariafields - Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

“I thought you might want to travel through the eluvians, not just reorganize them.”

Lahlas nodded without looking at him, focused on her task. She hid her irritation as she dragged another mirror into place. “Plenty of time for exploring, love.”

“Then may I ask what you are trying to accomplish?”

She nodded, satisfied with the new configuration. A morning of physical labor generally helped clear her head. And the revelation of the eluvians required a lot of clearing. “Do you have any other fruit with you? Something smaller than a pineapple perhaps?”

Solas pulled an orange out his pack and handed it to her. She tossed it and caught it in her hand a few times, testing the weight. She took a deep breath, then lunged forward and launched it through a mirror. It passed through seven eluvians before emerging from the one directly behind Solas and beaming him in the back.

Before he could ask her why, she rounded on him. “You stupid elf.”

He rubbed the spot where the orange hit him, eyes wide with confusion.

“Do you think so little of me? You bring me here as if it’s a fun little secret for you?”

“I thought—”

“My people fought wars over these mirrors! We bled and we died for them. And you just…” She sat down on a rock and rubbed her forehead. She felt her whole future melting around her. What she thought her life would be, what she thought it had been. It hurt, even as she felt new possibilities blossom around her. “You just know where they are. And how to unlock them. Like it’s nothing.”


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