Hundreds of unique pieces assembled into a self-organizing form. Similar to the way a tailor crafts a suit of clothing, the aluminum skin was digitally rolled and unrolled, then cut by a CNC machine and finally attached to a complex metal substructure made of straight lines, leaving a space between the white aluminum panels of exactly one and three/forth inches.

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open bar ring by luvminimal

luvminimal sells a lot of minimalist-style jewelry … go figure ;) i am loving the unique, asymmetric style of this particular gold open ring, and it’d look great as a solo piece or stacked, as pictured. also available in silver tone.


Wynter hadn’t been living with Kouen long, in all honesty, it had been maybe two weeks since she sold her apartment and moved in. Seeing him sitting on the couch, very deep in thought over whatever he was reading she smiled. Maybe now what the time to put to use what she had learned.

Walking over behind him, she moved her arms around him, kissing his neck a little before putting her lips close to her ear and speaking.

“ 你在做什么 ?” she asked in Chinese.


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Mosaic Mural at Tottenham Court Road Station, London by Eduardo Paolozzi.

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