The fact the members of the Democratic establishment are considering allowing the Supreme Court to repeal Roe v. Wade should tell you all you need to know because that’s what this is. How do we stand for these people while constantly worrying that they’ll stab us in the back?

The Democratic leadership is still living in the early 90s and believes in the “rational center” and “hearing both sides” against all evidence showing that leads to humiliating powerlessness.

psa for literally everyone

your political leaning, religion, and beliefs do not make you superior to people who don’t share your opinions

everything wrong with a country or society is not 100% the opposition’s fault

you are going to be wrong sometimes, no matter how right you think our opinion is

the world wouldn’t be better if everyone shared your opinion

your beliefs are not perfect and they may not even be right, so don’t treat them like they’re flawless

and for god’s sake, do NOT shun your children if they have a different opinion than you. that’s fucking awful.

For my newly politically aware friends:

I’m seeing a lot of outrage from folks who hold beliefs similar to mine. And a lot of that outrage is directed at President Trump. I do believe that he is a singular threat to our republic for a variety of reasons, many of which I have tried to highlight here for those who don’t follow what we tend to lump dismissively under the heading of “politics.”

But I think it is worth noting that since the inauguration, the specific actions that seem to be causing the most outrage are ones which likely would have been taken by any Republican president empowered with majorities in the House and Senate.

Climate denialism and opposition to the EPA? Border security including walls? Privatization of schools? Dismantling the Affordable Care Act? Defunding Planned Parenthood? Those are all concepts central to the modern Republican party. Would “moderate Republicans” like Jeb Bush or John Kasich have been ignorant, uninformed, and lazy enough to nominate Betsy DeVos? No. But would their nominee have likely believed 95% of what she does? Yup.

So why does this matter? Well, for one, if you are finding it hard to understand why your friend, or father, or boyfriend, isn’t as upset about the Trump presidency as you are, it’s probably worth considering if it’s because while they may find his style distasteful, his actions actually align with what they value. And by extension, if you are upset about what’s going on, and the things that are upsetting you include the things above, you really should consider being as motivated about electing Democrats in the upcoming midterms as you are about hoping for the unlikely event that the Republican House and Senate will impeach a Republican President that is making every dream they ever had come true.

A House Republican clearly lays out why AHCA is flailing
The day before the House of Representatives plans to vote on the Republican bill to replace Obamacare, one Congress member crystallized exactly why his party is stuck in a Catch-22. Collins is talking about the internal ideological rift within the House’s Republican caucus: The party’s far-right contingent, the Freedom Caucus, is panning the bill for not being conservative enough, while party moderates concerned with loss of health care coverage (Vox’s Andrew Prokop calls them the Coverage Caucus) decry any rightward shifts. If the AHCA doesn’t pass Thursday, Collins said, it’s not going to pass. Read more
The Solstice Festival

Tonight the walls of Castle Lunar were awash with music, idle chatter and occasional laughter. The entire City has been decorated to the point where it looked like a galaxy surrounding the castle core, with ponies trotting around and generally enjoying the moderate winter weather.

The party inside was held in a surprisingly similar informal manner, on advice from the Consort. While Nightmare Moon always felt that protocol gave life a certain sense of order, she couldn’t deny that occasionally relaxing the harsh rules was surprisingly effective in raising morale of her subjects. However, she decided to uphold the tradition of greeting the guests personally at least.

The only thing that soured Nightmare’s mood was the fact her dear Luna once again ignored the invitation.

Holiday Chapter 10

Author: @appleblossomgirl0305

Rated: M

A/N: Whew, two updates in one week! If it hadn’t been for this glorious prompt and some seriously motivating messages, I wouldn’t have attempted it. I am not a fast writer, y'all. And as @xerxia31 can attest, I may have stopped using actual words at some point last night. Continued and eternal gratitude to xerxia for all of her assistance in sorting it out and her general all-around awesomeness. And thanks again to the fantastic moderators for throwing this party!

Since my last D12drabbles post, there have been two updates on this story (Chapter 8.5 can be found here  and Chapter 9 can be found here. Happy Friday!

Peachy-yellow, pre-dawn light was filtering through the window as I woke up on Friday morning. The realization settled in my stomach like a stone. Friday: our last full day in Hawaii. Tomorrow we headed home. Tonight would mark one week since Katniss and I had stumbled out of Abernathy’s, each with an arm slung around Marvel. I remembered focusing on the part of my forearm that touched hers as we walked. That was as close to her as I’d ever been. Now, as I took in her sex-rumpled, sleeping perfection outlined against the white sheet beside me, it was hard to believe we had come so far in a week. It was even harder to imagine that it was almost over. And that I didn’t know what would happen when we got home. I was desperate to broach the subject again, but equally desperate to make this last day magical, without introducing anything that would make her feel pushed or uncomfortable.

I had started to reimagine Marvel as my fairy-god-drunk in this story and I remembered that I needed to do something life-changing to thank him for handing this opportunity to me on a golden platter.

I was starting to get jittery. This always happened to me when I’d get nervous or recognize an important event was on the immediate horizon. I tended to get really amped in these moments, to be “on” and channel my most twinkly, charming self. But I knew that wasn’t going to work with Katniss. False bravado would just make her roll her eyes. I needed to do something grand today, but I had to hold it together. I could already feel my leg starting to bounce under the sheet with my anxiety, so I carefully got up, slipped on a shirt, some running shorts and shoes and headed out for a jog.

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If all of the Australians on your dash are yelling about a vote and you have no idea what they’re talking about, all you need to know is that our current Prime Minister, Tony Abbott (Australia’s Donald Trump) was challenged for his leadership today by a popular, articulate, moderate member of his party, Malcolm Turnbull. 

We find out in a few minutes whether or not he’s about to be axed as Prime Minister. Please cross your fingers for us; WE NEED THIS.

If any of my non-UK followers are wondering why the election result is such a big issue I’ll put it like this: 

The newly elected government are pretty much the equivalent of the republican party in america. Because of this government our health service is in ruins, disabled people and people on low income are being thrown out of their homes and food bank usage has gone up by 38%. This was with the Liberal Democrats (a more moderate party) in coalition with them, imagine what they’ll do in power on their own. 

They also only received 36% of the votes cast, far from an actual majority. They do not have the mandate to rule as 64% percent of people did not vote for them.

this is the most condescending, hand-wringiest fucking article about ‘kids today’ i’ve seen on the atlantic since the piece about how millennials must just not //want// cars, careers, and houses - and not that we can’t afford them bc the atlantic generation torpedoed the economy (or, depending on if the atlantic writer is in gen x, got their dotcom money and cashed out before the bubble burst)

there are white kids across the country putting on //actual blackface// at campus parties, a presidential candidate saying that mexicans are rapists and criminals, and black kids being gunned down in the streets on a near daily basis, and all of these things are connected and all of these things reinforce each other

and a whole movement of minority activists who have had enough of that shit are speaking out, and this admin’s response on behalf of white kids whining about their fun being spoiled by the pc brigade is to write a letter saying 'maybe kids wearing costumes based on ethnic stereotypes should be protected as a treasured part of the college experience’ and holding the brave stance that somehow racist costumes are //intellectually challenging//

and ppl are mad about how tone deaf that is and calling that shit out as the white moderate status quo defending bullshit that it is, and saying if you’re going to pretend racism is only klansmen burning crosses, maybe you //shouldn’t// be in a position of authority anymore

and at the end of the day, the complaint isn’t even that racism is okay, but that fighting racism shouldn’t make ppl uncomfortable - well, sorry, but racist white kids, and especially //rich ivy league racist white kids//, need to have their worldviews challenged a hell of a lot more than minority kids need to 'chill out’ and just stoically endure shit like thousands of schools nationwide refusing to change the mascot et al

this is the atlantic, a team of actual professional journalists, crying about reverse racism and 'sjws’ and it’s really god damn embarassing

A hipsters progressive manifesto part II

A hipsters political manifesto – Part Two


Since I recevied around 140 likes and shares from last post of the political manifesto it is time for a new part of the manifesto. In this manifesto I shall write down two things. Since the first thing is about the manifestos origins I guess that it would be a good place to start.

My political text are not something that is consisent. It’s the result of years of thinking, developing and changing my beliefs. But as the time has gone by I’ve realised that there is only two things about my political views that are consistent and that is this: I have always been somebody that believe in the individuals rights. Therefor I believe that socialism and anarchism is the way to go. The second consistant thing about my writings is that they over the years will change, and therefor I always have the right to change my mind.

An unconvient truth:

This part of my manifesto will be about my views on politics and how I think that politics shall be conducted. I guess that this will piss some marxist thinkers of, and for them I am sorry. Some people would put my thoughts in the marxists corner but alas they’re wrong. I do not believe in political parties in developed countries. Over the years I have seen how party politics here in Sweden has degenerated into what my girlfriend calls the soapopera of politics. Instead of discussing politics within in the swedish worker party we discuss our leaders. Instead of discussing how we would change the world to a better place, we discuss whetever our leaders have payed there taxes or not. To some people here in Sweden it is important with a leader that has gone to a prestigous university. In the same time we have a system that is about voting for the parties and not the person. We vote for ideas, ideology and ideals. Atleast that what the good swede think’s he’s voting for, but the truth is far from that. During the last years I have also witnessed how the so called liberals have come to stand in the middle but they’re not the only ones. Socialist, green and Christian parties has also choosed to stand in the middle. The only one that goes their own way is the sweden democrats, but on the other they’re just a bunch of low-life fascists.

But how did we come to this? Has the average Sven (a game of word on the enligsh average you) turned out to not care about politics anymore? According to me this is not what has happend. But politics have changed for the worse. I do no longer believe in parties ruled by a few, since their politicians have to follow the party line. At sometimes this has shown to work but for the most it has failed. One example is when the ”Big Brother”-bill of 2008 were passed. A few daring politicians stood up, but the most just sat there. Quiet. Not daring to stand up for their ideals, that they had promised us, the people, to protect. And in bill after bill this have followed and therefor I do not believe in party politics anymore. A party based parliament tend to kill our own elected politicians, that is employed by you and me in order to protect us from society. Yet they stand there and do nothing, which in the end slays the ideologies.

Earlier I wrote about the fact that most marxist thinkers will hate my text. And I guess that I know have to tell you why. Since I am not nearly close too Marx plane of intelligence I am not going to tell that Marx was wrong. In classical Marxistic theory, as first shown in the communist manifesto in the year of 1848, Marx talks about his view of history. The view of history has a continual perspective, society evolves as the result of class struggle. In the begining it was free man and slave. Later it was patrician and pleibel, after that it was lord and peasant. While Marx wrote the manifesto it was workers against the factory owner. I for one concur with that there indeed was a struggle between social classes. I also concur with the fact that the suppressed class (the majority of the population) will come out victorius. But I do not believe in the fact that a communist party will come to rescue us, since politics corrupts.

In the beginning of a social revolution there have to be a massmovement that involves everyone. We have seen this development in England, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, France and Germany. United workers fought side by side and step by step they fought the evil system that used them and then throwed away their empty shalls. But after a few generation when the people got their political rights, the freedom of speech and the right to demonstrate people tended to organize themself less and less. In the end it has prooved that the thing most people do for politics is to vote once a fourth year. Some people get active inside of their local parties and try to change the world for the better. But then it happens, the party whip goes through the air and the few idealistic people disappear. All that is left is a bunch of people without any true ideals that just wants to make a career. If there are anyone that still have ideals left they’re brutally silenced or forced to leave office.

I for one does not believe that this society, a society based of parliament or a statebearing party can provide a democratic platform. This may sound dull, buring and depressing but for me there ways around this. Do we really need a party in order to represent our own views? Why can not you and me express ourselfs in subjects that matters to us? I for one, along with many others in my generation, believes that there are a way around this system. Most people have a opionion about something and if enough with people who has the same idea would work for it they could enlight other people. I am not talking about party politics, but I am talking about the fact that we all believe in something. Why do we have to have a system where politicians vote in subjects that they do not know anything about? Therefor I propose this modell:

  • Lobbies. Where talking about a group of people that has an intrest in a specific question. This people should come together and discuss.

  • After that this group of people have agreed on the same thing, for example that it is wrong to kill pandas in order to get their skin they can send a proposition to a local parliament.

  • The local parliament would then vote about it. But the local parliament is not something that is exlusively for just politicians. Every citizen should have one vote, in any question. This is a direct democraty, build upon suggestion instead of parties.

  • Just like with regular president election we to can have it. Therefor the representation question is already solved.

This is just a sketch, and I know that it is a stupid dream. Greed and money would surely corrupt the system. But it is a intresting dream.

On why voting third party is a terrible, bad, no-good idea

just in case the americans who want to vote for a third party candidate need an example to look at: a few years ago during a federal election, the canadian left split their vote between the liberal party (your run-of-the-mill moderate leftist party, like hillary clinton), and the new democratic party (less popular progressive socialist party, like bernie sanders) because the leader and the platform of the current liberal party kind of sucked (once again, like hillary clinton) so even though we knew they would never win, many of us voted ndp.

 as a result, the majority of votes went to the conservative party (like republicans) and we ended up with stephen harper for 10 horrible years, whose conservative government implemented a truck load of terrible policies such as:

  • closing offices dedicated to furthering the status of women, and voting against an anti-wage gap bill
  • making gun control more relaxed
  • encouraging canadians to spy on their neighbours and report them to the government for “suspicious behaviour” (aka terrorist activity aka getting your muslim neighbours arrested on terrorist charges because you don’t like them)
  • allowing “preventative arrest” at airports (aka arresting muslims who look a little suspicious, as above)
  • ignoring the massive amount of missing and murdered indigenous women
  • among many other truly awful things

in the last election, canadians finally had enough and the left coordinated a massive strategic vote to ensure that stephen harper was kicked out and the liberal party got a majority government. and you know what our reward was for uniting the left and actually voting smart? this guy as our prime minister:

and in case you haven’t made the connection yet, the stephen harper example is exactly what’s going to happen to the united states if too many of you throw away your vote on a third party candidate. for 4, or possibly even 8 years, the rights of women, lgbt people, poc, immigrants, poor people, and everyone who isn’t a straight cis able-bodied upper class white man are going to regress so far it will be like you’re back in the dark ages. 

if you unite your vote behind hillary clinton, you may not end up with a president as awesome as justin trudeau or bernie sanders, but at least you’ll have a president who hasn’t promised to build a fucking wall between the us and mexico.

so to sum up the point of this post:


it’s like all the self righteous ‘moderates’ in the labour party who cling to the centre ground so hard they haven’t even noticed they’ve been moved to somewhere comfortably on the right wing. jeremy corbyn’s ideas are literally keynesian liberalism. when you think fucking keynes is some radical leftist perhaps it’s time to have a look at where you are.

The presidential debate format is broken — but fixable

Trump and Clinton have yet to debate one-on-one, but there’s already plenty of debate over the format of the debates. Should there be real-time fact checking? Should there be a moderator? Should third-party candidates participate? The future of the presidential debate is under real scrutiny in this election — largely thanks to one NBC soft hitter.