3 key takeaways from the GOP’s big night in Georgia’s 6th

  • Democrat Jon Ossoff lost to his Republican opponent, Karen Handel, in Tuesday night’s special election for Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price’s vacated seat in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District.
  • 1. It’s a blow to Democrats — but hardly a mortal one. As FiveThirtyEight noted, special elections are hardly a reliable bellwether for future races like the 2018 midterms. It’s possible the narrative that Democrats simply can’t win will take hold, but recent history is rife with examples of supposedly predictive special elections that ended up resulting in the opposite. 
  • 2. It’s breathing room for the GOP at a time the party should be reversing course. Republicans will walk away from this race having put down three successive Democratic attempts to steal safe red seats, which is sure to help wipe some sweat off the brows of moderate members of the party concerned Trump’s plummeting approval ratings would tank their candidates. 
  • 3. Republican voters are still sticking with their party. Handel won in large part because Republicans did not peel off to vote for Ossoff, which would be necessary for a Democratic victory even if he won over a large share of independents. That the party faithfully stuck with Handel proves that the GOP playbook, weathered or not, is still largely working. Read more (6/21/17)

Be careful y'all

What with the whole email thing I switched my email acct to a Yahoo one to prevent me from losing access to my account. But when I tried to reblog a few political posts afterwards I only got error messages saying I couldn’t reblog or that I had restricted access (specifically posts criticizing the right and moderate right and political parties). I can “like” them but can’t reblog.

But I can reblog fanart just fine.

Idk what this new thing is but I am thinking it may be time to find something new… Seems like Tumblr is done for. I get the feeling we are not going to be able to speak freely very shortly.

Democrats start out with advantage in Virginia’s general election
We witnessed a highly competitive race in last night’s gubernatorial primaries — but it wasn’t on the closely watched Democratic side, where Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam beat former Rep. Tom Perriello by 12 points, 56%-44%. Instead, it was the Republican contest that turned out to be the nail-biter, with GOP frontrunner Ed Gillespie edging Prince William County Chair Corey Stewart by just 4,000 votes, 44%-43%. What was especially stunning is that Gillespie had the money, the establishment support, the higher name ID, and was facing a highly flawed challenger in Stewart (who had made protecting Confederate monuments a pillar of his campaign) — and he barely won.

Democrats start out with the advantage in this fall’s Northam-vs.-Gillespie general election. One, turnout suggests Democrats have enthusiasm on their side: There were more than 540,000 votes in the two-person Dem race, while the three-person GOP contest had 366,000 votes. (That turnout disparity looks like New Jersey, not Virginia.) Two, Democrats today hold a unity event with Northam and Perriello, while Republicans aren’t unified. “There is one word you will never hear from me, and that’s ‘unity,’” Stewart told supporters, per the Washington Post. And three, President Trump’s job approval rating in Virginia is in the 30s. Add them all up, and you’d rather be Ralph Northam than Ed Gillespie, although we still have five months to go.

Virginia is no longer a purple state

One way to look at the closer-than-expected Gillespie-vs.-Stewart race is that Trump’s wing of the party is one the rise; this is no longer your Bush 43 party in which Gillespie served. The other way is that GOP moderates fled the party, with Northern Virginia Republicans voting in the Democratic contest (Virginia voters can pick which primary they want to participate in). “There’s a new name for the voters most people thought of as VA’s moderate Republicans a few years ago: Democrats,” observed the Cook Political Report’s David Wasserman. “VA is not a swing state,” he added. Indeed, Republicans have now gone 1-9 in major Virginia statewide races (for president, governor, U.S. Senate) since 2004.

In the previous post, I wrote:
When your neighbor needs help, you should help cover the costs of the help they seek and any care they receive. That’s the truth. That’s the right thing. And if we did this, all of us, everyday, the need for corporate interference in care would be greatly diminished, even in capitalism. Care would be cheap and it would be good.

This seems a simple idea; however, in capitalism, it’s more complex. The capitalist imposition of rugged individualism as a way of life is present for the working class. Self-help, a seemingly common sense idea, only applies to the working class. The capitalist class has never been and will never be self-sufficient, independent, individualist, and rugged. It depends as a class on labor and were we to participate in direct democracy with diy values, they’d quickly become isolated, money-less, and likely land poor. Were we to begin to care for ourselves to fund our healthcare needs independent of the insurance industry, you can bet the government would very quickly impose mandatory nationalized healthcare that would radically transform the insurance industry in order to save it. 

In the United States, right now, we have a right wing system with two right wing parties: a reactionary party that seeks to privatize every social relation for the specific benefit of owners and a moderate party that seeks to convince its base that all relations should be consumer relations, though more fairly composed relations than the other party seeks. It’s not a good place for us to be, that’s for sure.

We’d like to think a more self-sufficient working class would be something capitalists would enjoy, but they want an utterly dependent group of needy, helpless people who merely seek self-sufficiency. The fiction our social order creates–people in the working class are weak and haven’t earned while wealthy people are strong earners–serves an important purpose. The police and military are certainly present to keep social order should the fiction be challenged too vociferously, I guess, but it’s important to remember a strong capitalist class does not exist. They are entirely dependent on us. They compose a large amount of precarity into our daily lives for their protection.


Does this map of what’s become of the party over the last 8+ years look like establishment leaders know what to do to lead a new surge of victories? Or perhaps they don’t care about regaining power across the country as long as they have institutional power over the party…

living, breathing proof that you can have a healthy looking figure while partying (in moderation) and eating whatever you want (in moderation). workout and eat healthy because it makes you feel good, NEVER because you feel like you have to. in 20 years i promise you won’t look back and say “damn, i’m really glad i didn’t go bar hopping with my friends so i could go to the gym”, or “i’m really glad i didn’t make home made cookies that one night so i wasn’t bloated the next day”.

psa for literally everyone

your political leaning, religion, and beliefs do not make you superior to people who don’t share your opinions

everything wrong with a country or society is not 100% the opposition’s fault

you are going to be wrong sometimes, no matter how right you think our opinion is

the world wouldn’t be better if everyone shared your opinion

your beliefs are not perfect and they may not even be right, so don’t treat them like they’re flawless

and for god’s sake, do NOT shun your children if they have a different opinion than you. that’s fucking awful.

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Who do you hang out with

[1933 Human AU

After 1929, the economic situation of the Weimar Republic was quite bad and particularly the population in rural areas were fit hard by unemployment. Germany hadn’t been a democracy for long, many people were still skeptical of the concept, so even openly “democracy-critical” parties were popular. 

NSDAP (Nationalsozialiste Deutsche Arbeiterpartei) - the Nazi party
Center Party - a Catholic centrist party from empire times that was among the bigger parties 
DDP (Deutsche Demokratische Partei) - a moderate party that was in steady decline from 1919 but was among the core parties; most popular with the middle class]

Thinking about the DUP thing though, if I’m understanding this right at least two of the major northern Irish parties are legally incapable of joining a government. (I’m not sure about the moderate parties.)  Sure, Northern Ireland can elect people, but their MPs are legally incapable of participating in a government.  That is fucked up.

“Maybe there’s some symbolism here… I know it doesn’t look like it but that bird is really a dove asking us for world peace! No more wars!” #BirdieSanders


Takeaways so far for the establishment plan: The message for us to win back power is deficit reduction and data center centralization (I guess?) and if you disagree you’re racist and sexist because Jon Ossoff is a Black woman now (I guess???)

We gotta stop centrists from weaponizing identity politics to fit their own ends because they’ve completely lost the plot now.

For my newly politically aware friends:

I’m seeing a lot of outrage from folks who hold beliefs similar to mine. And a lot of that outrage is directed at President Trump. I do believe that he is a singular threat to our republic for a variety of reasons, many of which I have tried to highlight here for those who don’t follow what we tend to lump dismissively under the heading of “politics.”

But I think it is worth noting that since the inauguration, the specific actions that seem to be causing the most outrage are ones which likely would have been taken by any Republican president empowered with majorities in the House and Senate.

Climate denialism and opposition to the EPA? Border security including walls? Privatization of schools? Dismantling the Affordable Care Act? Defunding Planned Parenthood? Those are all concepts central to the modern Republican party. Would “moderate Republicans” like Jeb Bush or John Kasich have been ignorant, uninformed, and lazy enough to nominate Betsy DeVos? No. But would their nominee have likely believed 95% of what she does? Yup.

So why does this matter? Well, for one, if you are finding it hard to understand why your friend, or father, or boyfriend, isn’t as upset about the Trump presidency as you are, it’s probably worth considering if it’s because while they may find his style distasteful, his actions actually align with what they value. And by extension, if you are upset about what’s going on, and the things that are upsetting you include the things above, you really should consider being as motivated about electing Democrats in the upcoming midterms as you are about hoping for the unlikely event that the Republican House and Senate will impeach a Republican President that is making every dream they ever had come true.

Sheer top layer? Check.
Drop earrings, accentuating a 40s-era variant moderate side part? Check.
Mauve “party damask” hoop skirt? Check.
Reversible olive and midnight-blue satin shawl? Check and CHECK.

When Gillian’s children misbehave, I’d like to think she dresses up in this getup and threatens to throw them in her underwater pastel timeshare prison that she co-owns with her evil stepsister Ursula from The Little Mermaid. 

Holiday Chapter 10

Author: @appleblossomgirl0305

Rated: M

A/N: Whew, two updates in one week! If it hadn’t been for this glorious prompt and some seriously motivating messages, I wouldn’t have attempted it. I am not a fast writer, y'all. And as @xerxia31 can attest, I may have stopped using actual words at some point last night. Continued and eternal gratitude to xerxia for all of her assistance in sorting it out and her general all-around awesomeness. And thanks again to the fantastic moderators for throwing this party!

Since my last D12drabbles post, there have been two updates on this story (Chapter 8.5 can be found here  and Chapter 9 can be found here. Happy Friday!

Peachy-yellow, pre-dawn light was filtering through the window as I woke up on Friday morning. The realization settled in my stomach like a stone. Friday: our last full day in Hawaii. Tomorrow we headed home. Tonight would mark one week since Katniss and I had stumbled out of Abernathy’s, each with an arm slung around Marvel. I remembered focusing on the part of my forearm that touched hers as we walked. That was as close to her as I’d ever been. Now, as I took in her sex-rumpled, sleeping perfection outlined against the white sheet beside me, it was hard to believe we had come so far in a week. It was even harder to imagine that it was almost over. And that I didn’t know what would happen when we got home. I was desperate to broach the subject again, but equally desperate to make this last day magical, without introducing anything that would make her feel pushed or uncomfortable.

I had started to reimagine Marvel as my fairy-god-drunk in this story and I remembered that I needed to do something life-changing to thank him for handing this opportunity to me on a golden platter.

I was starting to get jittery. This always happened to me when I’d get nervous or recognize an important event was on the immediate horizon. I tended to get really amped in these moments, to be “on” and channel my most twinkly, charming self. But I knew that wasn’t going to work with Katniss. False bravado would just make her roll her eyes. I needed to do something grand today, but I had to hold it together. I could already feel my leg starting to bounce under the sheet with my anxiety, so I carefully got up, slipped on a shirt, some running shorts and shoes and headed out for a jog.

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Swedish police responding to a bomb threat in Stockholm, Sweden. June 19, 2014.

A man who had threatened to set off explosives in the heart of Stockholm on Thursday, prompting an hours-long lockdown in the Swedish capital, finally gave himself up to police. Police sealed off large parts of the city and evacuated buildings as they negotiated with the man holed up inside a building near the headquarters of the main ruling political party, the Moderates, saying he was carrying explosives.


If all of the Australians on your dash are yelling about a vote and you have no idea what they’re talking about, all you need to know is that our current Prime Minister, Tony Abbott (Australia’s Donald Trump) was challenged for his leadership today by a popular, articulate, moderate member of his party, Malcolm Turnbull. 

We find out in a few minutes whether or not he’s about to be axed as Prime Minister. Please cross your fingers for us; WE NEED THIS.

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Racism, sexism, and discrimination are definitely problems in the world today, but hasn't the fight against fascism already been won? Hitler and Mussolini are dead. Neo-nazi groups hold very little to no power in government. Or am I wrong?

Great question!  Though Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Pinochet and other fascist heads of state are dead, the threat of fascism did not die with them.  There are fascist political parties currently active in over three dozen countries.  Many countries have multiple fascist groups vying for power.

Fascists have won council seats in the UK.  There are currently fascists sitting in the parliaments of Ukraine and the European Union.  In Greece, the fascist Golden Dawn party forms the official opposition in parliament, in addition to governing in 14 municipalities and 26 regions.  In France, the Front National has two seats in the National Assembly, two in the Senate, and has elected representatives to over 1500 municipal councils and 118 regional councils.  In Hungary, the fascist Jobbik party holds 23 seats in the National Assembly, three seats in the European Parliament, and 81 seats on county assemblies.  In Austria in 2000, the fascist FPÖ party actually formed a coalition government with the ÖVP.  

In parts of Syria and Iraq, the so-called “caliphate” controlled and governed by ISIS/ISIL/Daesh has practically all the characteristics of a fascist regime.

Even when fascists do not win or seize power, their central tenets - ultra-nationalism, authoritarianism, anti-immigration, strict law-and-order policies, homophobia, so-called “traditional” roles for women, etc. - can be adopted by more moderate conservative parties in an effort to attract the votes of fascist supporters.  This typically happens when fascists seem to be gaining support and threatening to split the conservative vote.   

Finally, let us not forget the lessons of history.  Hitler was not elected to govern Germany; he used the Nazis’ minority of seats in the Reichstag as a staging ground to politick his way into being appointed Chancellor, then exploited the Reichstag arson to seize total power.  

No matter how insignificant they may seem now, any fascist running for or holding an elected position is a threat to everyone.