psa for literally everyone

your political leaning, religion, and beliefs do not make you superior to people who don’t share your opinions

everything wrong with a country or society is not 100% the opposition’s fault

you are going to be wrong sometimes, no matter how right you think our opinion is

the world wouldn’t be better if everyone shared your opinion

your beliefs are not perfect and they may not even be right, so don’t treat them like they’re flawless

and for god’s sake, do NOT shun your children if they have a different opinion than you. that’s fucking awful.


If all of the Australians on your dash are yelling about a vote and you have no idea what they’re talking about, all you need to know is that our current Prime Minister, Tony Abbott (Australia’s Donald Trump) was challenged for his leadership today by a popular, articulate, moderate member of his party, Malcolm Turnbull. 

We find out in a few minutes whether or not he’s about to be axed as Prime Minister. Please cross your fingers for us; WE NEED THIS.


Another brilliant hashtag emerges after the Clinton campaign criticizes Bernie Sanders’ “tone” as a reason why they won’t debate him in Clinton’s home state of New York. Once again, she breaks another promise that she previously made with Sanders back in January which said that she would agree to additional debates if Sanders accepted the New Hampshire debate - which he did (x). 

What’s wrong with a couple more debates Hillary? Are you afraid of informing the people about your major political blunders and ulterior motives?#ToneDownForWhat #HillaryToneDeaf

If any of my non-UK followers are wondering why the election result is such a big issue I’ll put it like this: 

The newly elected government are pretty much the equivalent of the republican party in america. Because of this government our health service is in ruins, disabled people and people on low income are being thrown out of their homes and food bank usage has gone up by 38%. This was with the Liberal Democrats (a more moderate party) in coalition with them, imagine what they’ll do in power on their own. 

They also only received 36% of the votes cast, far from an actual majority. They do not have the mandate to rule as 64% percent of people did not vote for them.
Sweden feminists roar into political arena

They rail against patriarchy and racism, while pushing a platform that includes open immigration, a six-hour work day, and scrapping national defence.

Their rivals dismiss them as radical left-wingers with unrealistic goals and no economic platform. Yet their frontwoman, Gudrun Schyman is a candid, charismatic political veteran whom one columnist calls “totally unbeatable”.

Using the stylised acronym “F!”, the Feminist Initiative rode the slogan “Racists out, Feminists in” to a hard-won seat in the European Parliament in May. The party now hopes to crash the Riksdag, Sweden’s parliament, and be a feminist thorn in the side of any governing coalition formed after the polls.

Schyman, 66, is one of Sweden’s most iconic politicians. She led the Left Party for ten years and fanned outrage by comparing Sweden’s social structures to Taliban-ruled Afghanistan in a 2002 speech. Prior to becoming an MP, she worked as a social worker and often draws examples from her own life into political debates.

During her first round as spokeswoman for F!, she pulled off Sweden’s possibly greatest-ever political PR stunt, burning nearly 100,000 kronor ($15,000) on a barbecue to highlight the income gap between men and women.

This time it appears Schyman is all in on F! and she is clear about its goal. Stating that feminists have traditionally organised themselves in lobby groups to affect those in power, she said: “We don’t want that. We want to enter the rooms of power and take power ourselves.”

But F! and its estimated 18,000 members are still a long way from “taking” anything.

In a July survey by Aftonbladet/United Minds, four percent of respondents said they would vote for F! in Sweden’s general elections - exactly the threshold needed to win seats. However, an August poll by SvD/SIFO gave the party only 2.6 percent.

idk anything about swedish polling orgs but i’d bet the lower number is the more legit one. i do know that aftonbladet is a tabloid.

Nils Holmstrom, a 53-year-old administrator who marched in F!’s May Day demonstration, is among the 17 percent of F! members who are male. In fact, 15 percent of the party’s candidates for parliament are men.

Helene Bergman is a 68-year-old Swedish journalist who has been advocating for women’s rights since the 1970s, when the fight was for a woman’s right to work and access to public child care.

“I’ve lived in Turkey, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh; I’ve seen how far Sweden has come. You can always fight for more, but this should not be done through gender racism,” said Bergman.

F!’s greatest achievement, so far, has been to redirect Sweden’s political dialogue ahead of next month’s vote. It is no exaggeration that hardly any political speech since spring has been made without the mention of gender equality.

Parties already in parliament have jumped on the feminist bandwagon, making competing pledges to improve Sweden’s record.

Liberal Party leader Jan Bjorklund poses on posters that pronounce “Feminism without socialism”. His party is promising to increase financial incentives for a more equal share of parental leave.

The Social Democrats have proposed a ban on sexualised advertising, while the Greens are pushing for free contraceptives for women under 26. The Moderate party presented a five-point economic programme for greater equality.

gender racism and feminism without socialism are two of the funniest things i’ve heard in a while

this is the most condescending, hand-wringiest fucking article about ‘kids today’ i’ve seen on the atlantic since the piece about how millennials must just not //want// cars, careers, and houses - and not that we can’t afford them bc the atlantic generation torpedoed the economy (or, depending on if the atlantic writer is in gen x, got their dotcom money and cashed out before the bubble burst)

there are white kids across the country putting on //actual blackface// at campus parties, a presidential candidate saying that mexicans are rapists and criminals, and black kids being gunned down in the streets on a near daily basis, and all of these things are connected and all of these things reinforce each other

and a whole movement of minority activists who have had enough of that shit are speaking out, and this admin’s response on behalf of white kids whining about their fun being spoiled by the pc brigade is to write a letter saying 'maybe kids wearing costumes based on ethnic stereotypes should be protected as a treasured part of the college experience’ and holding the brave stance that somehow racist costumes are //intellectually challenging//

and ppl are mad about how tone deaf that is and calling that shit out as the white moderate status quo defending bullshit that it is, and saying if you’re going to pretend racism is only klansmen burning crosses, maybe you //shouldn’t// be in a position of authority anymore

and at the end of the day, the complaint isn’t even that racism is okay, but that fighting racism shouldn’t make ppl uncomfortable - well, sorry, but racist white kids, and especially //rich ivy league racist white kids//, need to have their worldviews challenged a hell of a lot more than minority kids need to 'chill out’ and just stoically endure shit like thousands of schools nationwide refusing to change the mascot et al

this is the atlantic, a team of actual professional journalists, crying about reverse racism and 'sjws’ and it’s really god damn embarassing

Move Over Moderate Democrats, Liberals Are Taking Over (IMAGE)

Move Over Moderate Democrats, Liberals Are Taking Over (IMAGE)

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You’ve probably noticed an ideological shift in the Democratic Party over the decade or so. Our party, which has always been pretty liberal, is moving farther to the left. When Hillary Clinton announced her bid for the presidency a lot of the talk surrounding her campaign was whether or not she was “liberal enough” to win the race for the White House. As it turns out, that was a fair question,…

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Sweden: top young Moderates sacked over Nazi salute

Two young members of the youth wing of the Moderate Party have been asked to leave the organization after posting a picture of themselves making the Nazi salute on a personal blog. One of them has also been charged with hate speech.

“We were just doing a morning workout,” the 18-year-old woman said when police questioned her, according to local paper Västerbottens Folkblad.

In a picture published on the woman’s personal blog last spring, she, along with another young man, can be seen standing in front of a German flag in a pose which appears to be a Nazi salute

“This is what we do in Norrland,” reads the caption below the picture.

A local police officer came across the picture by chance and recognized the 18-year-old woman.

The blogger was subsequently brought in for questioning by police and has since been charged with hate speech.

Both the blogger and the other young man in the picture were elected members of the governing board of the local branch of the Moderate youth movement (Moderaternas ungdomsförbund – MUF) in Skellefteå in northern Sweden.

Following the incident, both have been forced to leave their assignments with MUF and the local branch of the Moderate Party has also taken pains to distance itself from the two renegade members. (via The Local)

How Robert Reich Got It Right: The Harsh Reality of Mainstream Media

After the New York Times posted a demeaning article of the mistakes or missteps that the Sanders’ campaign has committed, former Secretary of Labor and professor Robert Reich (who feels the Bern) fought back, saying nothing but the truth about how the NY Times got it all wrong.

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A hipsters progressive manifesto part II

A hipsters political manifesto – Part Two


Since I recevied around 140 likes and shares from last post of the political manifesto it is time for a new part of the manifesto. In this manifesto I shall write down two things. Since the first thing is about the manifestos origins I guess that it would be a good place to start.

My political text are not something that is consisent. It’s the result of years of thinking, developing and changing my beliefs. But as the time has gone by I’ve realised that there is only two things about my political views that are consistent and that is this: I have always been somebody that believe in the individuals rights. Therefor I believe that socialism and anarchism is the way to go. The second consistant thing about my writings is that they over the years will change, and therefor I always have the right to change my mind.

An unconvient truth:

This part of my manifesto will be about my views on politics and how I think that politics shall be conducted. I guess that this will piss some marxist thinkers of, and for them I am sorry. Some people would put my thoughts in the marxists corner but alas they’re wrong. I do not believe in political parties in developed countries. Over the years I have seen how party politics here in Sweden has degenerated into what my girlfriend calls the soapopera of politics. Instead of discussing politics within in the swedish worker party we discuss our leaders. Instead of discussing how we would change the world to a better place, we discuss whetever our leaders have payed there taxes or not. To some people here in Sweden it is important with a leader that has gone to a prestigous university. In the same time we have a system that is about voting for the parties and not the person. We vote for ideas, ideology and ideals. Atleast that what the good swede think’s he’s voting for, but the truth is far from that. During the last years I have also witnessed how the so called liberals have come to stand in the middle but they’re not the only ones. Socialist, green and Christian parties has also choosed to stand in the middle. The only one that goes their own way is the sweden democrats, but on the other they’re just a bunch of low-life fascists.

But how did we come to this? Has the average Sven (a game of word on the enligsh average you) turned out to not care about politics anymore? According to me this is not what has happend. But politics have changed for the worse. I do no longer believe in parties ruled by a few, since their politicians have to follow the party line. At sometimes this has shown to work but for the most it has failed. One example is when the ”Big Brother”-bill of 2008 were passed. A few daring politicians stood up, but the most just sat there. Quiet. Not daring to stand up for their ideals, that they had promised us, the people, to protect. And in bill after bill this have followed and therefor I do not believe in party politics anymore. A party based parliament tend to kill our own elected politicians, that is employed by you and me in order to protect us from society. Yet they stand there and do nothing, which in the end slays the ideologies.

Earlier I wrote about the fact that most marxist thinkers will hate my text. And I guess that I know have to tell you why. Since I am not nearly close too Marx plane of intelligence I am not going to tell that Marx was wrong. In classical Marxistic theory, as first shown in the communist manifesto in the year of 1848, Marx talks about his view of history. The view of history has a continual perspective, society evolves as the result of class struggle. In the begining it was free man and slave. Later it was patrician and pleibel, after that it was lord and peasant. While Marx wrote the manifesto it was workers against the factory owner. I for one concur with that there indeed was a struggle between social classes. I also concur with the fact that the suppressed class (the majority of the population) will come out victorius. But I do not believe in the fact that a communist party will come to rescue us, since politics corrupts.

In the beginning of a social revolution there have to be a massmovement that involves everyone. We have seen this development in England, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, France and Germany. United workers fought side by side and step by step they fought the evil system that used them and then throwed away their empty shalls. But after a few generation when the people got their political rights, the freedom of speech and the right to demonstrate people tended to organize themself less and less. In the end it has prooved that the thing most people do for politics is to vote once a fourth year. Some people get active inside of their local parties and try to change the world for the better. But then it happens, the party whip goes through the air and the few idealistic people disappear. All that is left is a bunch of people without any true ideals that just wants to make a career. If there are anyone that still have ideals left they’re brutally silenced or forced to leave office.

I for one does not believe that this society, a society based of parliament or a statebearing party can provide a democratic platform. This may sound dull, buring and depressing but for me there ways around this. Do we really need a party in order to represent our own views? Why can not you and me express ourselfs in subjects that matters to us? I for one, along with many others in my generation, believes that there are a way around this system. Most people have a opionion about something and if enough with people who has the same idea would work for it they could enlight other people. I am not talking about party politics, but I am talking about the fact that we all believe in something. Why do we have to have a system where politicians vote in subjects that they do not know anything about? Therefor I propose this modell:

  • Lobbies. Where talking about a group of people that has an intrest in a specific question. This people should come together and discuss.

  • After that this group of people have agreed on the same thing, for example that it is wrong to kill pandas in order to get their skin they can send a proposition to a local parliament.

  • The local parliament would then vote about it. But the local parliament is not something that is exlusively for just politicians. Every citizen should have one vote, in any question. This is a direct democraty, build upon suggestion instead of parties.

  • Just like with regular president election we to can have it. Therefor the representation question is already solved.

This is just a sketch, and I know that it is a stupid dream. Greed and money would surely corrupt the system. But it is a intresting dream.

anonymous asked:

Who do you hang out with

[1933 Human AU

After 1929, the economic situation of the Weimar Republic was quite bad and particularly the population in rural areas were fit hard by unemployment. Germany hadn’t been a democracy for long, many people were still skeptical of the concept, so even openly “democracy-critical” parties were popular. 

NSDAP (Nationalsozialiste Deutsche Arbeiterpartei) - the Nazi party
Center Party - a Catholic centrist party from empire times that was among the bigger parties 
DDP (Deutsche Demokratische Partei) - a moderate party that was in steady decline from 1919 but was among the core parties; most popular with the middle class]


Firstly, any sending of anonymous hate on ANYONE’S behalf is unacceptable. Secondly, it has been brought to mine and the moderators attention that there are people feeling threatened and otherwise unsafe at the ball. Please note that no ANONYMOUS HATE OF ANYKIND SHOULD BE SENT ON THE BEHALF OF MODERATORS OR PARTY-GOERS.

It is unacceptable and disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself. I’ve had someone contact me directly on behalf of two of their friends leaving the party overall because they felt generally unsafe. No matter what issue arises during the ball, you should NEVER send anonymous hate to ANYONE. 

Moderators, Party Go-ers and the Hostess can take care of themselves. We don’t need anyone sending anything on our behalf. Period. 

If you feel threatened or otherwise at this event, please let us know. We’re here to have fun, not endanger others.