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Can we talk about Leslie Jones in the front row at Christian Siriano’s show for New York Fashion Week?

For anyone who may have forgotten, Leslie Jones met Siriano when he volunteered over twitter to dress her for the Ghostbusters 2016 premiere when she was struggling to find a dress as no designer had offered to work with her. This was also amid Leslie’s twitter harassment issues.

Siriano’s show included women of all sizes & skin tones as well as Avie Acosta, who is trans woman and the first trans person in any of Siriano’s NY fashion week shows. As well as being inclusive of gender identity, Siriano included two gender non conforming androgynous male models in the show.

Leslie has said of Siriano that “he’s so normal, he’s so down to earth, and he does love all women. That’s what I love about him. He loves all women.”

So in the words of Siriano himself, “people are people,” & “we all grow in the same garden.”


first nigerian-korean model han hyunmin.

han hyunmin (16, nigerian-korean) grew up in korea and has started to receive a lot of attention since his appearance during seoul fashion week. he has been working hard to defeat the racism that still exsist in the modeling industry (specifically in asian countries). he speaks only korean, and hopes to work in japan one day. han hyunmin cherishes his diversity from others in the asian modeling industry.


It’s like in anything. You should never have to compromise yourself for your job. You should never be put in an unsafe position.

#Stand In Your Power


I was always confident, but I shed my tears. They told me I was too dark for TV. But I came to accept myself. And a lot of that had to do with Alek Wek, the way she was embraced by the modeling industry. Oprah telling her how beautiful she was. I was like, “What is going on here?” It was very powerful. Something in my subconscious shifted. That’s why this conversation is so important—because it burns possibility into people’s minds.


AKULA Ballistic - Concept Design ~ EDONGURAZIU

Concept Design of a futuristic weapon platform using case-less ammunition, heavy CHF-B (cold hammer forged barrel), NRPC (nylon reinforced polymer chassis), ergonomic extendable stock with integrated monopo. Modular for either Human and Non-Human use. Chassis can be attached to frames of choice with the rail-track on the bottom side. Using EOI (External Optic Interface) it can be suited to fulfil multiple roles with few adjustments of optics, barrel and ammunition.

Don’t be afraid of rejection. Even if you make it big, you’re not going to get the job every single time. You might really badly want to do a campaign, or a show, or a shoot, but chances are - especially when you’re starting out - you’re not gonna get it. So be ready for rejection.
—  Thomas Barry-Armstrong

With Gigi Hadid’s recent photoshoot at Kennedy Space Center, spaceflight once again is the backdrop for fashion photography. Photographers in that industry have found the allure of space technology irresistible since the dawn of the space age in the 1950s.

Famous fashion photographer Richard Avendon photographed world-renowned supermodels such as Domiva, Isabella Albanico and Jean Shrimpton in front of rockets, sights around Cape Canaveral, and even a Mercury-era spacesuit during the late 1950s and 1960s.

Gigi’s shoot occurred around Kennedy Space Center’s Visitor Complex in the rocket garden, Moon theatre and other locations.

All the photos above - including Richard Avendon’s from the early space race era - were shot for Harper’s Baazar.

The models and photographers from above:

Domiva in front of an Atlas-Able rocket by Richard Avendon, 1950s.

Isabella Albanico by Richard Avendon, 1959.

Jean Shrimpton by Richard Avendon, 1965.

Gigi Hadid by Mariano Vivanco, 2017.

How to become a model + model requirements

First of all, please remember that the thing with Victoria’s Secret is they only hire models who are already signed with prominent agencies and have had a successful career in other parts of modelling. This means that aiming to be a Victoria’s Secret model is pointless unless you are willing to put in the effort to preferably become a successful high fashion model first or a commercial model. You cannot just walk into a Victoria’s Secret casting you must be invited so prioritise your goals because you will not get Victoria’s Secret overnight. 

Industry Requirements

Commercial Modeling:

5’6 to 5’11

Editorial / Fashion modelling:

5’8 to 6’0

90lb- 120lb or 41 to 55 kg

(This can vary due to fat and muscle weighing different amounts)

Plus-Size modeling:

5’8 to 6’2

Size 10-18 (USA)

Size 14-22 (AUS and UK)

Size 42-50 (EUROPEAN)

How to become a model

Look the part

- Fit into the requirements above

- Have clear skin, clean and shinny hair, be well groomed

- Work out- this will help keep your body and mind in check.

- Eat well- this will help keep your body and skin in check

Educate yourself

- Have realistic priority’s and understand just because you are tall and pretty does not mean you will cut it.

- Know about the industry, know who people are, know who your favourite models are, know about designers and fashion week. People will ask you questions, so know how to answer them

- Be confident, know yourself and know what you want without being stuck up or rude. Make your personality a selling point

Portfolio’s and Agency’s

- Take some head, profile and body shots of you in natural lighting wearing plain, fitted clothes against a plain background and wear no makeup. These will be your polaroids

- Consider getting some professional photo’s taken and put them in a book with your polaroids and take it with you to casting’s and interviews with agency’s

Know your Measurements and Stats

- Measure your height, bust, waist and hips

- Know your shoe and clothing size

- Weigh yourself

- Know personal stats e.g. hair colour, eye colour, skin tone

- Be truthful about your measurements. Your agency will tell you if you need to change them and you will embarrass yourself and an agency if you lie

Manners Matter

- Be courteous, polite, well mannered and grateful. If someone has booked you for a job they are paying your bills and putting food on your table so to put this roughly, don’t be a bitch

- Be punctual

- Develop professional relationships with people because you never know when you might need a favour

- Take modelling seriously, do not waste anyone’s time even if you don’t plan to do it for the rest of your life

Practice, Practice, Practice

Being a model is hard work so to be the very best you can be practice. Practice your runway walk. Practice talking to people. Practice your best angles.

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Relationship: Tom Holland x reader

Request: anon: ok first i wanted to say that your writing is amazing and second i was wondering if you could do an imagine were the reader is a well known model an has a calvin klein photoshoot with tom holland and it gets steamy between the two and it ends with smut? i’m sorry if i was too specific

Warnings: S M U T (18+)

Word Count: 1.9k

A/N: so. many. sins.

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