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How to Dress Like Zooey! The ‘New Girl’ Wardrobe Explained…

Quirky, fun and totally enviable, Zooey Deschanel is our style icon for the week. She’s pretty fearless when it comes to bold prints and bright colors, so we’re excited to show you the style picks that get us inspired.

Click through on each link or photo to see where to get it from!

The Dress

Fit & Flare dresses that are cinched at the waist and then flare out to the knee are Zooey’s favorite. ModCloth is your best bet.

1) ModCloth Scooner Said Than Done Dress in Stripes (too cute!)

2) ModCloth Traveling Cupcake Truck Dress in Black (halter neckline is a must for summer and with sizes up to 3X)

The Skirts

Skater skirts or full A-line skirts work best with a tucked in top.

3) Topshop Denim Flippy Skirt (wear it with slip-on sneakers or sandals)

4) Topshop Paint Floral Print Flippy Skirt (go bright!)

The Glasses

Thick, dark-rimmed glasses are a signature quirky style must-have. The bigger, the better!

5) Wildfox Le Femme Spectacle Glasses (We <3 Nerds)

The Hair

Flowers in her hair, cute hair clips and headbands take any outfit from nay to YAY!

6) Eugenia Kim Genie Floral Print Turban Headband (not as expensive as you think!)

Check out our brand new Zooey Deschanel style feature on Wantering…you’ll want to know which 3 fashion brands are your best bet to match her style!


Wantering Editors

Well this photo came out kinda crappy and I think I cropped it to a weird size but I felt like shit and did not want to re-take it.  So here you are.

[Image description: one full-body photo of a young woman (me) with dark red hair that is braided into pigtails.  I am holding a metallic pink cane in my left hand.  I have on a bright (but not neon) green T-shirt that says, “My other disability is a bad attitude” on it in plain, black letters.  It is tucked into a plain black A-line skirt that ends a few inches above my knees.  I’m also wearing green socks that have vegetables like carrots, onions, mushrooms, etc. on them.  I have on my black, lace-up oxfords.  I’m wearing square blue earrings and black lipstick.  As always, I have on my round silver glasses.]


COOKIE BAG: ALDO  SKIRT: Modcloth BLOUSE: ShopRuche  COAT: Forever21 SHOES: Anne Klein

Maybe it’s just that autumn speaks to my soul the most, but I’ve been feeling even more nostalgic lately. There was a certain time in my life that I felt endless. It was whimsical, ethereal, and lonely yet so beautiful. Alone, yet surrounded by all these little things that made me happy. My bedroom, and my small collections. My journals and books and films. The wind. Pressed flowers. Lace dresses and paper cranes hung up around my room.  I created so many things. I explored what was around me, and at the time had a very close friend (we had a massive falling out) that’d adventure with me. I miss that kindred spirit kind of closeness. It happens only so often.

I’ve been looking at, or trying to find, a lot of the fashion bloggers I used to be inspired by back then. This was like in 2010-2012. Most of them have removed their things and gone in other more private directions. The community seemed closer, and like the average girl or guy could really belong. You didn’t need a certain lifetsyle, it felt much freer. I’m dancing between becoming more artistic with these outfit posts, are dialing it back (as a more casual approach will allow me to post more often). 

Who knows. I’m homesick for a lot of things and people. But there’s a lot of my life I wish to never go back to or relive at those times. Right now, I don’t fight any of those battles. It’s kind of like the Beatles song “In My Life”. I sang a solo verse of it for my high school graduation. As I get older, the more that song makes sense. 


I sadly ordered up but should have ordered down. I’m normally a 3 X and I think I could have ordered the 2X. The pattern, length & fabric are all perfect I’ll just alter the waist band. In this photo I have it cinched with a belt.Find me at

Store:ModclothBrand:convivial curtsy skirt