Greatest Mod Glitch Ever

Maker, this is a good one.

One of the mods I’ve used for a long time is Darth Parametric’s Inquisitor Leather Trousers. It’s a good mod, and I love it, and it’s never caused any problems.

Well, while I was troubleshooting various issues with mods, Patch 7, and the Black Emporium, I loaded my awesome Arkaan Adaar. Take a moment to admire him, folks:

Mmmm…. Where was I?

Oh, yes. Mod glitch. So anyway, I thought I had all my problems all squared away mod-wise, and I was going through all my Inquisitors as a final testing measure. Arkaan was the last one I checked. When I loaded him at Skyhold to check to make sure his pajamas mod worked, I noticed stuff was wrong right away. For one, I couldn’t SEE Arkaan. He was invisible, and was moving at about three feet off the ground (and for a Qunari, that is HIGH). Then I left the Skyhold main hall and saw this:

and this:

oh, and then this topper:

Poooor Lord Trifles Minutiae.

I started freaking out, thinking one of my favorite Inquisitors had corrupted saves. I went back three weeks worth of saves, the same result. WTF???

So I tore into my mods, and the culprit turned out to be the Trouser mod I mentioned at the top of the post. A TROUSER RECOLOUR/RETEXTURE mod caused this devastation? And why only to male Qunari?? (My female Qunari was just fine, thank you) I mean LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED UP THERE! THIS MOD WAS A MORE EFFICIENT ENEMY THAN CORYPHETITS!

And that’s just downright embarrassing.

Still, I figured it out, and now I can admire Arkaan some more. Like now:

Mmmmmm, unf. And he even approves of me figuring out the problem. What a gentleman.

Anyway, so just a warning for those who are using that mod - talk about unexpected, unintended consequences. 


Horrifyingly glorious.

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