“People ask how people can play on the console version of Skyrim. Though, like always, I’m the opposite, how can people play on PC version of Skyrim???? Sitting in a chair, whilst being able to get every item at a touch of a button? Having weird mods that change the look of the game? I don’t get it..“

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"One of my mods (not sure which) has edited the Bannered Mare’s bedroom floor.  Because of this, Hulda always falls through the floor when taking me to my room.  She doesn’t go around it or jump over the small gap, but keeps falling and then she comes back up and falls again.  This cycle is the funniest thing to watch, and it doesn’t stop until I’ve slept or left the inn.  Sometimes when life is stressful I rent the room and watch Hulda fall."

All element-specific attacks cause side effects outside of battle and certain kinds of collateral damage to the surroundings, which becomes more and more exaggerated the more powerful the dragon using them is.

  • Light and Shadow attacks will brighten or darken an area, depending on the strength of the attack, and both can cause sight-related problems for days afterwards on any dragon save those who are the element of the attack used themselves.
  • Ice attacks cause frostbite, and fire (obviously) causes burns; both scorch and kill surrounding plants or animals and even the earth itself, and when both are used in the same area they can cause snow and ash clouds which hang around for up to a week.
  • Nature’s various poisons can turn any place into a beautiful garden - where the plants are poisonous and want to kill and eat you and melt your bones into fertilizer.
  • Plague attacks have a mutagenic effect both on the landscape and the dragons its used against, so besides just making you sick they’ll turn you into a grotesque inside-out mess provided the attack is strong enough, and the same happens to anything else around.
  • Arcane abilities actually have a somewhat similar effect to Plague, causing growths, mutations and illness, like radiation sickness on steroids, in addition to scattering fallout and radioactive sludge and scouring the area of any halfway natural life.
  • Lightning can cause brain damage, scorching and seizures, and can create craters of burnt earth and sharp glass.
  • Wind destabilizes weather patterns for months, creating absolutely chaotic days where it can be clear one second and ripping the trees from the ground into the air the next, and can cause the giddy but painful and potentially brain damaging effect of hyperventilation in dragons.
  • Earth can turn gentle rolling hills and green fields into jaggedly torn cliff faces and deep ravines, and can inflict a case of gembond so swift and severe that a dragon’s internal organs can be encased in stone. 
  • Multiple elements, such as Nature, Shadow and Arcane, can cause hallucinations, and Light, Shadow, Arcane and Water can all cause insanity in their own ways.

(Anybody wanna add more for their Flight’s element? I know I missed some. :D )


Fururistic Glitchkin for Anonymous

Style Notes: I took this in a little bit of a more general futuristic direction and added in a few alien elements, but I hope the neon metallics, neons and geometric patterns will help to create a glitch-inspired statement that is truly one-of-a-kind. 

❤ || Arm Bands || $19 || Crop Top || $54 || Rainbow Leggings || $22 || Robot Leggings || $19 || Silver Leggings || $32 || Test Pattern Earrings || $16 || TV Necklace || $20 || Robot Shirt || $26 || Alien Shirt || $44 || ❤


The Glitch Mob - Live - Love Death Immortality Tour

The crowd waited anxiously before a ginormous black shroud that covered the band’s instruments and equipment. A roar swelled as the stage crew removed the shroud revealing 3 pairs of drum kits that looked more like the turbine engines of a plane, as well as 3 black rigs whose sleek and angular lines were suggestive of space ships, angled downwards towards the audience, aggressive and imposing. Splayed across the top of each one were several touch screen controller interfaces arranged in panels that only added to the sci-fi appearance.

As The Glitch Mob took to the stage, the lower half of their faces covered in metal-studded masks, and their fingers started to dance deftly across the interfaces that lit up underneath their fingertips, I began to question: Were they really human or were they instead aliens in disguise who came here to conquer us through sonic hypnosis and aural suggestion….

This is probably the first concert I went to where I could feel the music as much as hear it. The bass resonated so loudly and deeply that I felt as if my eardrums were phased out of reality briefly, vibrating out of my body, and ending up in a bloody mess on the floor. I still seemed to manage well despite this.

Love Death Immortality is The Glitch Mob’s second album. The tone of their first album, Drink the Sea, was introverted and introspective. You might imagine the growth of cities, the rise and fall of civilizations, or ponder the hidden complexities of nature while listening to it.

In contrast, Love Death Immortality is extroverted and energetic, straightforward and in your face, with synth sounds that rip through you like chainsaws. You might imagine facing off with augmented villains, traveling through rain-soaked cityscapes, chases through darkened alleyways, being in situations where you’re not sure you will live or die, and the searing joy and celebration when you manage to come out on top despite the odds.

I don’t really think their sound is moving in a different direction. It’s just another side to The Glitch Mob. One that was always there.

I enjoy both equally.

Normally I’m an avid documentor of the action, but I found this difficult to do as I just couldn’t stand still enough to get a good shot. By the time I Need My Memory Back was playing, I’d abandoned my camera as pointless and traded my filming for violent thrashing and jumping around. So had everyone else around me.

They were here to conquer us alright, and without a doubt, all our base belonged to them.