Harry and Lucas’ Giveaway!

So, Harry and I decided to do a giveaway as per requested by our followers. We were thinking of doing a band giveaway but then, an anon requested that we make a tv series giveaway. So, here it is.


American Horror Story

AHS (Voodoo doll) Shirt

AHS iPhone 4s&5 Case

(3) AHS (Black, red&white, red) Shirt

AHS Necklace (With characters’ pictures)

Doctor Who

DW Night Slippers

DW Figurines (Complete set)

DW Robe

DW Underwear

(2) DW (Black, blue) Shirt (Telephone booth designed)

DW Mug (Telephone booth designed)

DW Notebook (Telephone booth designed)

DW Poster


G Bag

G (Red, black)Cap

G Note book

G CD’s (Complete set)

(6) G (White, black, green, gray) Shirt

G Sweat pants

G Watch

G Life-sized Poster (Signed)


M Figurines (Complete set)

M Shirt

M Videogames (For wii&xbox)

M Life-sized Merlin&Arthur Poster (Merlin&Arthur-signed)


S Messenger Bag

S Game Board

(3)S (Black, blue) Shirt


S Castiel Shirt (Signed)

S Game Board

S Necklace

S Video Games (For wii and xbox)

S Watch

S Castiel Life-sized Poster (Signed by Castiel)

Teen Wolf

TW iPhone (4s&5) Case

TW Jackets (Stilinski, McCall, Argent, Lahey, Hale)

TW Mug

TW Pendant (Alpha, Derek’s, Scott’s sign)

TW Life-sized Individual Posters (Signed; Stiles, Allison, Derek, Scott, Isaac, Lydia)

Harry Potter

HP Jacket

HP Bludger

HP Books and CDs (Complete set)

HP Extendable Ears (These really suck because the ears looks so real)

HP Figurines (Complete set)

HP I’d get sleazy for Ron Weasley Shirt

HP Keep calm and carry a wand Shirt

HP Marauder’s Map

HP Admission Letter to Hogwarts

HP Glasses

HP Gryffindor Scarf

HP Muggle Wallet

HP (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw) Necktie

HP (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw) Shoes (High-cut)

HP Stuffed Toys (Snitch, Hedgewig, Fawkes, Book of Monsters)

HP Wand (11 inches)

HP Life-sized Poster (All characters included; Signed)

Hunger Games

HG Pillow (Katniss and Peeta)

(7) HG Shirt

HG District 12 Bag

HG Bonnet

HG Arena Jacket

HG Notebook

HG Pencils

HG Arena Bag

HG (3) (Silver, Gold) Mocking jay Pin, Watch, (2) (Silver, Gold) Necklace, Earrings, Headphones, Bag

HG Slippers

HG (Red, Black) Shoes

(2) iPhone (4s&5) Case

HG Bra 

HG Figurines (They’re small tho; Complete set)


Must be following Lucas and Harry.

We will be checking if the winner is following the both of us.

Reblog. Likes do not count.

The more times you reblog will not guarantee you a win but it will help.

I will be using a randomiser so please, no bribing.

The date for picking the winner is not yet set (We’re still thinking about it).


We do not own the pictures (Just the game boards, and the video game CDs, posters, and most of the Harry Potter and Hunger Games stuff), they are from the sellers we are buying them from.

We ship worldwide and we’ll be the one paying the fees.

We do not memorise all of the tv series fandoms on Tumblr so if you still have suggestions/if you want to request something (Add some more fandoms/request the stuff you want), feel free to shoot us an ask.

And that ends it.

Good Luck EVERYONE and we love you all. We are SO SORRY we can not give something to each of you.