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A new update has gone live for Pokémon Shuffle. Sprite sheets for the upcoming update to Pokémon shuffle including alola pokemon, regional variations, Ultra beast and Pikachu forms! This update brings the game to Version 1.4 and includes information to allow for the Alola Pokémon, which were confirmed for later this Spring.


News: Shingeki no Kyojin x Alternative Girls RPG Collaboration

Original Release Date: April 2017
Retail Price: N/A

The Alternative Girls game for iOS & Android has announced an upcoming “Advance of the Black Tea Campaign” collaboration with SnK! Upon login and after defeating Titans that appear in the game, the player can receive or exchange acquired items for bonus character costumes & images. In-game characters like Makoto, Mao, Rei, etc. are featured wearing the uniforms of Eren, Levi, Hanji, Mikasa, & Historia!

anonymous asked:

Where did you get the idea that Green Hill in Sonic Forces is a dream?

It took a bit but I found a tweet where Nakamura Shun said that Green Hill Zone is not Green Hill Zone.

It was Jake Mania who inferred that Nakamura Shun also mentioned that the stage is part of a character’s imagination. This part at the moment is just speculation.

(Linking the video because I do not feel like finding Jake’s tweet)

~Mod Nerd

Big HoneyWorks news!

the first news: a mobile game project is confirmed! No other details about the game except that it’s said as “a mobile game with HoneyWorks songs"

second news: a TV anime special for HoneyWorks’ “Confession Executive Committee Love series” is confirmed! no other details regarding this news yet (not sure if it’s going to be a special anime like an OVA or a full TV anime series)

Aerial view looking northwest of Midtown Manhattan in early 1963. Chrysler and Pan Am Building are in the center. Rockefeller Center’s buildings and new International Style office skyscrapers surrounding it can be visible above, left.

Photo: Fairchild Aerial Surveys.

Source: Peter Hall. “Las grandes ciudades y sus problemas”. Biblioteca para el Hombre Actual (Nueva York, McGraw-Hill, Madrid. Ed. Guadarrama, 1965).


Considering a mobile wallet? Here are 5 things you need to know.

1.  You’ll never leave home without it

According to the Capital One Wallet Survey conducted in November, more people would turn around and drive back home to get their phones (78.1%) than their wallets (70%). Only 62.6% of the nearly 2,000 surveyed would go back to get their driver’s license.

2. Thwarting thieves

The virtual scratch in your mobile wallet is more secure than the cash or cards in your billfold or pocketbook. While stolen cash can’t be recovered (unless you’re insured for just such an occasion), many mobile wallets secure your card transactions by not transmitting the number.

3. Your phone is not your wallet

Losing your phone is a massive bummer, but it’s not the same as losing your wallet. Many smartphones, including those with the Android and iOS operating systems, let you locate, lock or wipe data remotely from your missing phone. Even if you neglected to set up a passcode to unlock your device, your mobile wallet won’t work without a passcode or your fingerprint. Read more

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Rex Tillerson and Russia: 3 things to know about his perceived conflicts of interest

1. Tillerson’s ties to Russia are what helped him ascend to CEO of ExxonMobil

  • But since the late 1990s, Tillerson managed Exxon’s account in Russia — which has an economy largely based on its oil and natural gas riches.
  • Tillerson’s success with the Russian account is what helped him become CEO of the company in 2006.
  • Alexey Pushkov, a member of the Russian parliament, praised Trump’s selection of Tillerson as Secretary of State, saying in a tweet that Tillerson is a “sensation” who has “a lot of experience working with Russia.”

2. Tillerson helped Exxon usher through a deal with a Russian oil company that earned him an award from Putin

  • In 2011, Tillerson helped Exxon work out a partnership deal with Rosneft, an oil company that is majority owned by the Russian government.
  • The deal gave Exxon access to Russia’s oil, while providing Rosneft — and therefore Russia — with access to Exxon’s oil drilling technology in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Putin himself attended the deal signing.

3. Exxon could earn billions if Russian sanctions are lifted, which would boost Tillerson’s stock in the company as well

  • Russia is currently under sanctions by the U.S. and the European Union for its military annexation of Ukraine.
  • The sanctions have stopped some of Exxon’s projects in the country that are valued in the billions, the New York Times reported.
  • In March, Tillerson appeared to be against the sanctions against Russia during a March analyst meeting, saying Exxon was “very anxious to get back to work” in Russia. Read more

Hawaii is turning a fleet of old buses into mobile homeless shelters 

Honolulu is planning on turning five retired city buses into a fleet of mobile shelters for the homeless, potentially providing a stop-gap alternative to sleeping on the sidewalk and waiting in long lines for basic services. A service like this is desperately needed in Hawaii.

Today is Failbetter Games’ 7th birthday!

With such an auspicious date to celebrate, we thought it only right to share some equally exciting news with you—Sunless Sea is coming to iPad this spring!

Zail your ship with a tap of your finger! The game will feature the full version of the original PC game, including all updated content, except for the Zubmariner expansion. Encounter zee-beasts and agonize over cannibalism on the go!

We’ve teamed up with BlitWorks (known for mobile versions of Invisible Inc., Don’t Starve, Broken Age and Bastion, among others) for development and can’t wait to share it with you all!