Our grading: explained.

   Feeling unsure what to choose? Let us help…

Brand New = Brand New in sealed box! It will have full manufacturer    warranty and come with all original accessories. Hurrah!
   A+ = In box,    with original accessories and our 60 day warranty. The phone    will be pristine.
   A = The item    will be pristine and come with our 60 day warranty. A cable    will be provided for free (except Apple lightning cables*). It comes in our    own branded box. (As above)
   B = Used but    in excellent condition, will show a    few light marks. It comes in our own branded box with free    cable where applicable* and our 60 day warranty.
   C = We think of this as average condition, it will show signs of use. Ideal    for kids who are likely to bump and scratch the phone anyway,    or clumsy adults! It’s worth remembering that what we describe as average,    other retailers describe as ‘good’ – we grade a bit more stringently! If    you’re not happy with the condition you can always return it for free using    our 10 day no quibble returns policy. As with grades A and B it comes with    a free cable where applicable*, in our own branded box and with our 60 day    warranty!

 All of our phones (except brand new) are thoroughly tested    and working but, just in case, we do offer the 60 day warranty.  Our    10 day no quibble returns policy gives you peace of mind.

   If you’ve treated yourself to a ‘brand new’ phone please make sure you want    it before you open it as we can’t accept returns on opened, unwanted,    ‘brand new’ items.
   *At checkout you’ll be offered a chance to purchase an official Apple    Lightning Cable for £6.99 (RRP £15). Using an official Apple cable will    help preserve the battery life of your product and maximise compatibility.    Please note: used lightning cables cannot be returned for a refund.
   Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our stock.



1. 與手機共眠,容易降低睡眠品質,因為手機所發出的訊號會讓大腦產生應該要清醒的訊號,建議最好在睡前兩小時就不要再使用手機。

2. 雖然並沒有真正的數據顯示長時間使用手機會引發癌症,不過根據 IARC 國際癌症研究中心的研究指出,手機所帶來的輻射確實會對人體產生傷害,建議最好是不要把手機放在枕頭下或床頭入睡,如果真的無法離開手機,那就放在地板上吧!



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