Perfect Simplicity Orgone EMF Protection Plug-in for Cell Phone
“Nearly all of you are smart enough to know you do not get a free phone with this listing just because there is one in one of the pictures :) But I must state that just in case. Also the information below about orgone and gemstone properties has not been evaluated by the FDA.

Perfect Simplicity Orgone is a blend of crushed stones, metal and resin to convert negative energies to positive and keep you clear of cell phone and other radiation. […] The Perfect Simplicty blend goes past the minimum requirements for effective orgone. Pyrite, Shungite and Black Tourmaline, some of the most powerful stones for clearing negativity, are added to the mix. This Orgone is made into a EMF protector that plugs into your phone that protects you from EMF’s cell phone and other kinds of radiation, and all kinds of negative energies.“