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How would an "i'm just kidding unless you're actually down with it" narry fic go, ideally? Asking for a friend.

Hmmm I don’t think I’ve thought about this long enough or hard enough to be fully qualified to answer but ideally:

- I think Harry would read the situation wrong first. Niall’s good fun and cute and always laughing at the silly things Harry does. He’s good natured and he’s his best mate and Harry feels completely at ease with him. There’s maybe too much platonic hand holding and unnecessary cuddling at inopportune moments but neither of them are secretly pining or anything.  

- There has to be an initial rouse - like Harry’s dancing on stage going a step too far, slippery straying hands in the pool at a nameless sunbleached hotel, hungover cuddles in close proximity, Harry’s been told he needs to work on his [insert body part] licking technique and Niall’s the perfect candidate to practice on. Maybe, if we’re really going there, there’s the proposition of a threesome that Harry doesn’t think Niall would accept but does?!

- Niall would be all laughy and ‘what are you doing?!’ and then be like 'well, actually, fuck it’ 'cause Harry is a ridiculously good kisser and his hands are on Niall’s bum right now, the perfect pressure. What is there to lose? He’d be surprisingly confident and Harry would find this incredibly encouraging.

- Some giggly, friendly, extremely at ease and intensely hot sexy times ensues.

- And then because in my ideal fic world there is never enough nice long fic and I normally have Niall be the piner, Harry would maybe pine a little bit while Niall slips right back into friendly handsy banter. Harry’d go back to holding hands with him as they walk down hotel corridors and across the stage but now he can’t quite get the image of Niall’s fingers around his dick out of his mind. They’d play chicken in the pool but now that Harry’s had Niall’s knees by his ears in a completely other sense, they have an oddly erotic quality to them and they lose the title of Undefeated Champions 2k14 (much to Niall’s dismay) (Harry also sets about destroying every set of Niall’s ripped jeans because he’s a little tease in them) Until another such rouse presents itself where Harry can get his hands (and mouth) all over him again.

- Feelin’s and stuff??? 

I happened to catch Haruna’s birthday was May 24th while looking up some things, and that was all the excuse I needed to draw this cutie!
Happy birthday ya big dork~! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

Φάκελος “mobility”

Καθώς προχωρούμε στην τελευταία περίοδο του 2011, το τοπίο φαίνεται ότι ξεκαθαρίζει αναφορικά με τις ισορροπίες στην αγορά του mobile computing. Οι τάσεις κινούνται σε δύο παράλληλα επίπεδα: στο ένα βρίσκουμε τα smartphones, τα οποία, χάρη στην απίστευτη δυναμικότητα του Android, έχουν διεισδύσει σε όλο το αγοραστικό φάσμα, από τις “high-performance” συσκευές, μέχρι τις πιο οικονομικές προτάσεις. Όταν πλέον μπορεί κανείς, με μια μέτρια επιδότηση, να αποκτήσει ένα αξιοπρεπές Android smartphone και να έχει πρόσβαση στην πλουσιώτατη πηγή εφαρμογών του Android Market, καθίσταται τρομερά ελκυστικό, ακόμη και στον καταναλωτή που δεν γνώριζε τον κόσμο των mobile εφαρμογών.

Στο άλλο πεδίο, εκείνο των φορητών υπολογιστών, τα νούμερα μιλάνε από μόνα τους: τα netbooks υποχωρούν διαρκώς, παρά τις πολύ χαμηλές τιμές τους και δεν μπορούν να αντιμετωπίσουν την πρακτικότητα και τις ευρημετικές λύσεις που εισάγουν τα tablets. Αν το 2009 ήταν η χρονιά τους, το 2011 θα αποτελέσει σίγουρα τη χρονιά εδραίωσης των tablets. Οι ετήσιες πωλήσεις των netbooks δεν ξεπέρασαν ποτέ τα 35 εκατομμύρια παγκοσμίως, ενώ οι εκτιμήσεις θέλουν να πωλούνται περίπου 45 εκατομμύρια tablets μέσα στο τρέχον έτος.

Δυστυχώς αυτή εικόνα θα επιταθεί, όχι από τις προτιμήσεις του κοινού, αλλά από τις ίδιες τις εταιρείες, οι οποίες θα ρίξουν το βάρος της παραγωγής στα tablets, μειώνοντας σταδιακά τις επιλογές που έχει κανείς στην κατηγορία των netbooks. Κατά τη γνώμη μου τα netbooks έχουν και πρέπει να έχουν τις κατάλληλες προοπτικές για ύπαρξη και καλή πορεία στην αγορά. Πρέπει να παραμείνουν η εναλλακτική οικονομική πρόταση, με ανανεωμένα χαρακτηριστικά και hardware καλών επιδόσεων. Άλλωστε ο διπύρηνος Atom N570 ή ο εξαιρετικός AMD E-350 (που αναμένεται σύντομα να αντικατασταθεί με νέο μοντέλο) αποδεικνύουν ότι υπάρχουν προοπτικές εκμοντερνισμού και βελτίωσης του σημείου εκείνου όπου τα netbooks έπασχαν ανέκαθεν, στις επιδόσεις.

Στο μέλλον προβλέπω ότι τα netbooks θα υποχωρήσουν οριστικά και τη θέση τους θα πάρουν φτηνά Android tablets που θα προσαρμόζονται σε πληκτρολόγιο, ακριβώς όπως το πάρα πολύ καλό Asus Eee Pad Transformer. Σε κάποιο σημείο μάλιστα, μπορεί ακόμη και σε 2-3 χρόνια, οι διαφορές μεταξύ ενός desktop και mobile λειτουργικού να είναι πλέον πολύ μικρές και να μην έχουμε σημαντικές εμπειρίες χρήσης είτε στο γραφείο είτε εν κινήσει, δρόμο που δείχνουν τόσο τα Windows 8, όσο και το Mac OS X Lion.

At the auction for Nortel Networks’ wireless patents this week, Google’s bids were mystifying, such as $1,902,160,540 and $2,614,972,128.

Math whizzes might recognize these numbers as Brun’s constant and Meissel-Mertens constant, but it puzzled many of the people involved in the auction, according to three people with direct knowledge of the situation on Friday.

“Google was bidding with numbers that were not even numbers,” one of the sources said.

“It became clear that they were bidding with the distance between the earth and the sun. One was the sum of a famous mathematical constant, and then when it got to $3 billion, they bid pi,” the source said, adding the bid was $3.14159 billion.

“Either they were supremely confident or they were bored.”

Learn everything you want to learn about Android, for free! “These Are The Droids You’re Looking For: An Android Guide”, by author Matt Smith, is the latest free manual from Outlining the ins and outs of Android, this guide covers basic everything from basic usage to rooting your phone, and is a must-have if you use Google’s smartphone OS.

Android is among the most influential operating systems crafted this century. Along with iOS, it has paved the way for mobile devices that offer an unprecedented level of functionality. Currently Android is the most common mobile operating system — and there’s no sign that its popularity will wane anytime soon.

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Darren Murph makes a great point:

For some people and their technology needs, a tablet just isn’t the right choice. As he explains on Engadget, some of the perceived functionality is lost in actual application. Also, the sky is blue. Who knew?

I agree with a lot of what he has to say, but that lot applies to a busy business-person whose sphere of computing needs doesn’t factor in other users. If you live in a household with other people and one less computer than people, a tablet is great for web access, simple (read: no attachments, business guy) email, and gaming. Yes, a smartphone handles those things just fine, but they’re better on a tablet. Sometimes I get sick of pecking away on a tiny little keyboard. Plus Facebook stalking is so much better when you get to see your victim…err, your friend’s pictures on a nice big screen. 


A lot of people don’t need a full file management system either. In fact, when given a chance to mess with their file management system, many people screw them up somehow or lose things. You know that relative of yours with the full-to-the-brim hard drive who can’t hind any of their photos? Guilty. This person probably uses Internet Explorer with seven “toolbars” taking up half their browser window too, the cretin. 

*Exasperated sigh*

The family member mentioned above would do great with a tablet, and be less likely to cause one of the dreaded virus-filled computer explosions we hear so much about on the news. RIP cousin James. Never Forget.