160730 Epilogue in Manila at SM MOA Arena

Gaaaah!!! Finally got to watch BTS live! Just some points that stuck with me:

- Jin has a really stable voice? I never noticed this in their live performance videos before. I know he’s not the strongest singer so I wasn’t expecting to be blown away but I was pleasantly surprised to find that he sings great live.

- V learned the most Tagalog. “Kilala niyo ako?” LOL Too cute for mah life.

- J-hope’s English though! 💯 Also his dancing wtf 💯💯💯

- Band version of all the songs!!!! Imma crei. Never thought I’d be able to experience it live but there it was.

- *edit* ALSO NAMJOON’S WHAT AM I TO YOU. Gah he was so intense. This was one of the songs I was really looking forward to live and Nams delivered. Yas boi. (Can’t believe I forgot to put that here.)

To be honest so many little events happened (as it always does in every kpop concert) but these were the ones that stayed with me. (Not even Jimin’s ab flash because lbr everyone expected that. 😏)

This was such a great show. The energy coming from the members was amazing. PH ARMYs sang all the way through with the boys and there was this super sweet moment before they performed I Need U. The boys let the audience sing the first verse until the chorus and everyone knew the words and it was so heartwarming. I hope they enjoyed themselves because it seemed everyone else in the Arena sure did.

#EPILOGUEinManila 07/30/16

Di ko alam kung saan ako magsisimula. Basta ang alam ko, masaya ako. Sobrang saya ko ngayon.

Pumunta kami ng maaga sa MOA para makahingi sana ng banner pero hindi kami pinalad makakuha. Napagod lang ako hay.

Nung medyo mga 4:30-5:00 na, nagsimula na kami pumila para makapasok. Syempre tatayo nanaman ng matagal huhu nangalay ako!

Pero worth it lahat pagpasok ko sa loob. Nung makita kong nagpplay yung music videos sa screen, grabe, ngayon makikita ko na sila sa personal.

Nung nagstart na yung con, nauna yung Run tapos wala na kong boses agad 😂😂  Ang sakit na ng lalamunan ko unang kanta pa lang.

Nag-iisip pa ko kung magvivideo ba ako o magwawala na lang sa loob ng concert. Pareho ko namang ginawa. Nagwala, tsaka nagvideo. Di nakuha yung monopod ko kaya ginamit ko hahaha pero hindi ko pa sure kung maayos yung nakunan ko kasi minsan nanginginig yung kamay ko hahahaha.

Mabalik sa con, ayon ang gwapo nilang lahat. Si Namjoon? Packing tape nakakawala ng ulirat. I’m so Namjoon-ed last night :((((( Si Yoongi, na-inlove ako lalo 😭 💕  Hiyaw ako ng hiyaw kada labas niya. Sobrang lit ng Cypher pt. 3! Sana naambunan din ako nung tubig na tinapon niya pero ang layo ko sa kanya eh huhu. Si Jin, isa pa ‘yan! Di ko kinaya nung nagsuot siya ng eyeglass sa encore. Tas ang gwapo niya sa personal!!!! kahit na ang layo ko paker talaga ang pogi huhu nabaliw ako. Si Hoseok, PACKING TAPE KA HOSEOK ANG GWAPO MO RIN NAKAKAINIS KA HUHUH WAG KANG BIAS WRECKER!!! Si Jimin, Jungkook at Taehyung, JUSKO ETO PANG TATLONG TO NALOLOKA AKO SOBRA GRABE KAYO MANG-SEDUCE! Yung isa yung abs niya! Yung isa yung body rolls! Tapos yung isa naman yung titig niya taena eh. Effective!

Nung medyo kalahati na ng concert, hindi na ko masyado nagvideo kasi wala lang. May mag-aupload naman niyan sa youtube, dun ko na lang titignan ulit hahahahaa pero nakakabaliw sobra! Pagod yung buong katawan ko, tapos nagtatalon ako kada kanta. Hindi ko tuloy nakuhanan yung No more dream dance break pati yung kumanta ng i need u yung armys. Epic sobra.

Yung katabi kong isa naiyak siya. Gusto ko rin sana maiyak kaso sobrang saya ko talaga eh haha. Minsan natutulala na lang ako habang tinitignan sila. Grabe.

Nung encore na, huhu yung fave ko lahat magkasunod na kinanta 😭  Young Forever, Whalien 52, Miss Right, I Need U. All out si ate gurl kanina. Tinawagan ko pa si Shayne kasi wala lang 😂  Nainggit ako sa nga bolang binabato nila na may pirma nila huhu hindi abot ng upper box eh 😭

Nung natapos na yung con, di ako makapaniwala 😂  Nanginginig pa rin ako pero hindi ako nilalamig. Ang sakit ng lalamunan, katawan, paa, puso, utak.. Lahat na.

Pagkarating ko sa bahay, tsaka pa lang ako naiyak. Nakakalungkot kasi tapos na. Nakakalungkot kasi hindi ko alam kung kailan ko ulit sila makikita. Nakakalungkot kasi alam ko pagod sila pero may schedule pa sila sa LA bukas. Nakakalungkot kasi sabi ng tatay ko last ko na raw na concert yon kasi pinagbigyan niya na ko ng dalawang beses. Nakakalungkot kasi balik school na ko sa Lunes.

Pero kahit na ganon, ang saya ko pa rin talaga. Sana maulit. Sana sa susunod mas makita ko na sila ng nalapitan. Sana sa susunod pwede ko rin silang mahawakan. Sana pwede pa.

So close and yet so far. Why do we love the things we can’t have? 💔

On the side note, the concert was AMAZING! The boys have grown so much and I just feel so proud (as a fan) to see them become the artists they are meant to be. 😊💕 #BTS #EpilogueinManila

Thanks to my parents for giving the opportunity to watch them again. 😄✌🏻️ (at MOA Arena, Mall Of Asia)

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Another AGENTS OF SHIELD Trailer!!!


African migrants risk all in the Mediterranean Sea

Over the past 20 years, it is estimated that somewhere in the region of 25,000 migrants and refugees have lost their lives crossing the Mediterranean Sea to reach the shores of Europe.

In 2014, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), about 200,000 people, including 15,000 unaccompanied children, made the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean. The majority arrived from ports in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt. This was a dramatic increase from the 60,000 that were estimated to have arrived in Italy in 2013.

In November 2013, one month after a tragedy in which 366 migrants died when just one boat sank off the Italian island of Lampedusa, Italian authorities set up the lifesaving Mare Nostrum operation. It lasted exactly one year before being disbanded because of EU and Italian government pressure. Now a combination of Italian coast guard and EU Frontex boats patrol the waters and continue to pluck migrants from the sea.

Many of these migrants are shipped from the northern Libyan ports of Tripoli, Benghazi and Misrata and ferried over by highly organized smuggling operations whose communication tentacles spread deep into the African continent and beyond into Syria, Gaza and other parts of the Middle East.

In these winter months the number of voyages lessens, as many migrants refuse to pay for the journey during the rough weather despite ever-growing unrest in Libya. In September 2014, Getty Images Reportage photographer Giles Clarke spent a month in the region traveling from Lampedusa to Malta, Sicily, and through mainland Italy up to Vienna, 1,000 miles to the north. Over the month, he met some people who have escaped war-torn countries and talked to a few of those closely involved with providing aid and much-needed humanitarian help.

According to Giovanna Di Benedetto, the media officer for ‘Save the Children’ in Sicily, more than 140,000 people were rescued and brought to the shores of Sicily and southern Italy in 2014. About 22,700 were minors, and half of those traveled alone. Many escaped from Eritrea and Somalia and spent months crossing the Sahara in very dangerous conditions.

During what was the deadliest year on Mediterranean migration records, around 4,800 people died or went missing at sea in 2014.

Many of the 12,000 or so per month who arrived in Sicily were processed in the ports of Syracuse and Augusta. The migrants arrive with nothing but the clothes they are wearing — the smuggling gangs don’t permit them to bring more. Each passenger pays upwards of $700 for a place on the overloaded boats. Paperwork or IDs are rarely found on the incoming migrants.

Current estimates by UNHCR have put the number of migrants waiting to cross the Mediterranean from Libya as high as 800,000. How many of these are minors is impossible to tell. Now that the Mare Nostrum operation has ended and rescue funds are diminishing, it will be even more difficult for those seeking to escape the horrors of wars and violence.

Some people, however, will continue to help the seemingly endless flow of migrants who leave the shores of Libya daily, such as the American-Italian couple Chris and Regina Catrambone and their Malta-based rescue operation, the Migrant Offshore Aid Station. This couple self-funded the purchase of a 40-meter former coaster and employed a crew of 18 during the summer of 2014. They rescued more than 3,000 people found drifting in cramped boats in the waters off Malta and Libya.

“We do not see the migration and trafficking ending anytime soon. It is a multibillion-dollar business that is only getting bigger, and we cannot sit by and watch thousands drown every year,” said Chris Catrambone.

Now, as the spring of 2015 approaches and the North African smuggling operations ramp up again, the already overstretched coast guard and rescue services await an impending influx that may well exceed the numbers that arrived in 2014.

(Text and Photography by Giles Clarke/Getty Images Reportage)

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