TV-Power Season 3 Episode 10 FULL HD

Can someone show me where the male gaze is used in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman? I keep trying to thing of where it might be hiding, but I just can’t find it.

Like, take Lois’ bathtub scene, right? She’s curled up into a ball (after all that stress I don’t blame her) and the most we see of her above the water are her shoulders and collarbone area (along with her knees). Not once does the camera or Clark try to sneak a peak: they both focus on Lois’ face. We don’t even get a POV shot from behind her head to show her looking up at Clark. It would have been an easy way to show more of her bare back, but that never happens.

There’s no male gaze at play there, so where is it? Can someone tell me?


Batman v Superman 

S u n - g o d and warrior in the shadows
I m p o s s i b l e  S a v i o r and mysterious avenger.
One believes in the b e s t in us and the other plans for the worst in us.
They are as different as  d a y  and night,  w i t  and might,  h o p e  and fright. [X]

Clueing for looks - bbc Sherlock Cosplay

As today is Sherlock Cosplay day (refering to Sherlock), I think it’s the perfect time to post my ALL TIME FAVOURITE shot of my Sherlock Cosplay.
Thanks a bunch to L0KI for taking this picture, I love it!!

And to all of you, thanks for watching!
More pics of my Sherlock Cosplay.

Lot’s of love. x