Axonometric Drawings by the Playfully Subversive MOS Architects

MOS, a New York-based studio participating in the upcoming Chicago Architectural Biennial this fall, works on a range of projects, including houses, institutions, housing, stores, installations, furniture, writing, software experiments, and films. Their critical spirit and experimental attitude, however, may be best encapsulated by their “About” page, which begins “If given the choice between staring blankly into space or reading architect’s office statements on their website, we choose the first. They all say the same thing: we’re sustainable, responsible with budgets, experienced, award-winning, etc…” Instead, MOS describes itself as working “through playful experimentation and serious research” on a “range of design experiments—make-believe of architectural fantasies, problems, and thoughts about what we would be building in the future.” MOS’ style of architectural representation, which mixes a whimsical palette with the rigidity of the axonometric, reflects this approach. The projects shown above, from the top, are School No. 1 (Krabbesholm), an art, architecture, photography, and design school campus; a project for the Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream exhibition at MoMA; and House No. 1, a single family home in upstate New York.

Someone on FB just criticized DC, claiming that they should stick to the source material and stop trying to make a character like Aquaman dark and brooding when he is supposed to be “fun and jovial”

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