ASTRO As Your Brother’s Best Friend

- He is a little shit
- Makes huge messes w/ your brother and blames it on you
- Your mom always believes him
- Calls you big sis when you’re mad at him
- Kind of irritating but you love him anyway
- Once tried to prank you in your sleep - hasn’t tried again.

- Not so subtlety in love with you
- Literally always at your house, even for family game night
- Your mom asks what he wants for dinner
- Does his family miss him? Does he have a family?
- Always “dropping hints” that he likes you. Everyone knows.
- Kind of like an annoying family dog

- He’s always at your house but you never see him
- You know he’s there because the fridge is empty
- Like a ghost, except sometimes you hear him laughing
- Kinda freaks you out, to be honest
- Pretty sure he’s only friends with your brother bc your house basement is huge
- Your brother told you he uses it to film dance videos

- Your entire family is still confused on why he’s friends with your brother
- He helps your mom cook dinner and wash the dishes
- He lives across the road, but nobody has ever met his parents
- You have a huge crush on him (and your brother teases you constantly)
- Your younger siblings are convinced he’s an anime prince
- Literally the sweetest guy (always tells you that you look great)

- He’s your brother’s friend but he’s more like the barbeque uncle
- The ‘where’s my hug?’ guy, but nobody actually minds hugging him
- Asks you to listen to his mixtape
- Offers to beat people up when they make you cry
- Has 7 Hawaiian shirts - one for each day of the week.
- Brings literally everyone a keychain when he goes out of town

- Is your brother’s best friend, but also kind of your best friend
- Likes to roast your brother with you
- Asks everyone in your family to watch him dance and judge it
- Sometimes hits your window with rocks when he means to wake up your brother
- Eats all the food you don’t want to eat
- Actually only at your house a few days a week, but you all love him

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Dear Cali Arohas, please don’t do anything stupid to the boys. Like I understand this is a big deal, and I’d be super excited if they were near me too. But, let’s please remember they are HUMAN BEINGS just like us. No sane person want their hair pulled, or to be bum rushed, or to have their privacy invaded. Tbh, I really have no idea how you’re supposed to approach an idol group, just remember to be KIND ! If you try to approach them and the staff or whoever is around them say it isn’t allowed, be respectful. They’re only doing if for the boys safety, and a TRUE fan wants nothing more than their idols’ to be Happy, Healthy, and SAFE ! Okay, rant over.

[160729 ASTRO Twitter Update]
우하하 !!!!♡♡😆
날씨 너무좋아요!!! LA의 유명한 맛집를 찾아왔는데 어디일까용??ㅎㅎ
#아스트로 #LA다 #첫해외 #헤헷

Ooh haha !!!!♡♡😆
The weather is so good!!!
LA where are the famous restaurants?? Haha
#Astro #LA #FirstTimeOverseas #Heheh

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Funny story behind that suit. It was worn by the photographer shooting this album cover. Michael didn’t like anything in the wardrobe dept., but he liked this suit. The photographer was the same size and let him wear it for the cover…and the rest is history. Michael had an instinct about everything and he was right about this. He looked so debonair in a white suit.

Tell me I'm dreaming and that Conrad Murray isn't on the next season of I'm A Celebrity

With all the BS stories he’s spewing atm I’m genuinely scared of what crap he’ll share that the British public will believe… Holy sh**!! He’s not even a MF celebrity; he’s famous for the murder of a legend!!!