Chapter 143-The loyal warrior

Mizari demonstrated his loyalty towards Kouren and his strong belief in Kouren s strength.

Ki ja wished to save Mizari…

a) because the anti-war fraction (It is really ironic, if you think about it) wanted to erase Mizari s little existence.

b) because Ki ja understood Mizari s loyalty. He saved him in order to serve his master.

After all, who understands loyalty better than Kija?

I want Zeno to mess with Mizari’s mind using his devotion to Kouren. Like, “Okay, kid, you can have a piece of me. You’ll gain everything I have. However, do you really want it? If you only want this to protect her, you will succeed, if only for so long as she lives. Then she’ll die. And you’ll remain here, in a world without your master forever and ever. You’ll have no reason to live, yet you won’t be able to die. No matter how hard you try. You won’t be able to be with her in heaven.”

*narrows eyes at Shin-ah explicitly saying his sword hand is the only part of him that’s paralyzed* hmmmmm

some thoughts about Mizari

Mizari is another case where it feels like there might have been a different plan for him than what ended up being written. His fascination with the dragons felt like it should have led to something–maybe a ‘redemption arc,’ maybe something else–but absolutely nothing came of it. He didn’t get to see Shinah’s powers or the dragons’ shield. He didn’t even seem to notice that Gobi had captured them.

I don’t mind that he died, or even really the way he died–it was pointless, but his whole character kind of represented the result of Kouren’s pro-war stance, so a pointless death is a fitting end. It just felt like way too much time was spent developing his interest in the dragons, if it was never going to matter. And–I can say a pointless death is fitting because it was always going to come to that, but 'how would Mizari serve a Kouren who has chosen peace’ is still an interesting question, so…

And then there’s the fact that both Kouren and Tao seem to have forgotten that he literally tried to murder Tao in her sleep. I’m left wondering if there was some sort of history between them, that Tao would still cry at his death after that.

Anyway, Mizari’s treatment is one of my disappointments in an arc that I otherwise mostly liked.

Yona ch.139 spoilers

Akatsuki no Yona chapter 139 “In the mud” summary with pics

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Chapter 143- a certain contrast: loyalty and free decision

If I had to  name the chapters…I would have given this one the name

“True loyalty”

The chapter starts with Kouren holding the head of “the important soldier” in her arms. Then she spotted Neguro, who was except for a few new wounds on his face pretty safe and sound in contrast to the other soldiers.

Kouren is so happy, so out of herself seeing Neguro still alive that she throws her arms around him.

Neguro could see a Kouren most people don t know that well, that sensitive young girl. That image burned itself in his soul and he decides to dedicate his life to that woman.

And he really does give his life for her by his own decision.

The whole chapter is a demonstration of loyalty…

Of course the same applies to Hak, who throws himself over Yona.

Despite her belief that he just protects her for her father s sake, it is rather his own decision to risk his life for her sake.

Tao also has her two protectors…wishing her to stay alive.

The Dragon Warriors- a certain contrast

Kija rescued Mizari also out of free will, but…

It was not for Yona s sake! This was not an act of loyalty or whatever…

I think what is most surprising is, that the mangaka herself points that out.

Using Shin ha s words:

“We didn t put up a fight for Yona s sake, but…

I have a bad feeling about this.

It s alright for us to move now, right?”

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