Inna Modja in the streets of Paris. 30/04/2015

Inna Modja is a french-african singer and model. This gorgeous woman is a source of inspiration for many french black girls. Proud to wear kinky hair and about her silky dark skin. This beauty of Mali is the muse of Mizani, the afro haircare brand by L’Oréal

Like the devil, shrinkage is a lie...

I had a hairstylist do my hair yesterday because I seriously needed my ends trimmed. I can achieve the same look when I do it at home. I have a Ceramic Tools flatiron at home, I bought it on Amazon for less than $30. Izunami flatiron works perfectly on my hair as well. My stylist used Mizani products and I have that at home too.
A lot of people ask what do I use to make my hair grow faster. The solution is in your diet & exercise. Eat a lot of fruit and drink plenty of water. Exercise to keep everything stimulated and flowing.
I don’t take Biotin, or HairFinity. I barely use heat in my hair. My hair grows healthier without hair color.
I cut my hair very short last year in April and started growing it out last June.
I hope this post helps <3

Put Down The Petroleum!!!!!

Oh goody gosh. One of the first thing I learnt from my hair journey is about how petroleum is bad for you hair and whenever people ask me about hair products it’s one of the first things I say.


This is only a half truth actually because the Mizani H2O treatment that I loved so much has petroleum in it as the second ingredients (naught naughty Mizani!) but I’m not going to be getting it any more because it now costs £20 for that small little tub! Get outta here! I’m not paying £20 for something I have to replenish to often or have to be careful about overusing.

Now as I have said many times I don’t like spreading hair myths or going to extra unnecessary hassle to exclude products that aren’t actually bad for my hair. I know some people are perfectly happy using petroleum based products on their hair journeys but I say this because I have actually noticed a difference in using petroleum based based to those without petroleum in it. My hair feels weighed down and just greasy when I use that stuff rather than actually moisturised.

It would literally be like me putting a tub of vaseline on my hair

See that is pure petroleum and you know when you put this stuff on your lips or on your skin it just sits there and it will just clog your pores and attract dirt bleurgh. I guess its good that I’ve been forced to kick the Mizani. There’s a big tub of Dax in my bathroom that I really wanna get rid of without throwing it away and I look at it and think how did I ever put that stuff on my hair! The same goes for the Organic Root Stimulator Tea Tree Oil, ORS Jojoba Oil and ORS Soybean Oil that come in the tubs … I’m pretty sure those tubs still live in my house somewhere but I won’t let anybody touch them!!!

I don’t think petroleum is so bad in all senses. In my hair basket I’m sure there are other things with petroleum in them but I hardly ever use them! Like seriously I may use them once every few months to help slick my edges or something because petroleum is so heavy. I also used to have Dabur Amla Oil (which I really don’t like that much) and that had mineral oil in it as the first ingredient I think but I used to use that as a prepoo i.e. I would let it sit on my hair for an hour and then I’d shampoo it out so it wouldn’t really be as bad as say using it in a everyday moisturiser and building it up on my scalp and hair every day so my hair couldn’t breathe and be blocked away from any other true moisture. Then again maybe the petroleum in it is why I didn’t really want to get it again because I didn’t like it that much. Yuck just yuck (sorry no offence to anyone who like this stuff but could you imagine putting vaseline on your hair everyday and only washing your skin once a week! would it be as bad if you used something like E45 and did the same??? I THINK NOT! But please readers shower every day! Anything else is yuck)

I think it’s really sad that you walk into black hair shops nowadays and at least 75% of the products have petroleum or mineral oil in them and many of them have it as the first ingredient. These products are supposedly supposed to moisturise our hair and help our hair issues when really they just create a seal blocking real moisture from entering our hair shaft and scalp and make the issues worse so you go running back to the shop where the can steal your money selling you other bad stuff.

This rant is all because I was talking to one of my friends who was greasing her scalp!!! AHHHHHHH STOP THAT!!! I don’t know why our parents did that and who advised them to do such! NO DAX! NO BLUE MAGIC! NO WHATEVER!!!! If you want to put something on your scalp put a natural oil on it, something like Pure Jojoba Oil which is really good because it is very similar in composition to your natural hair sebum (y) YUM not yuck

Ahhh I’ve run out of steam now :). But serious question time … I want to clear out any hair stuff with petroleum  or mineral oil in it out of my house today so does anybody know of a good uses for mineral oil???