So they produced a Miyoshi & Yuuki postcard that will be sold with these teacups…

Can’t help but think this picture resembles this one…

Only while in this one there was a certain confident atmosphere from both parties, in the new one… I don’t know, I get a melancholic vibe, as if it was meant to remind us that Miyoshi is going to die… ;_;

It looks as if Miyoshi is going to disappear the next time the wind will blow from the window… as if he were a ghost or something… and the view makes me think of Berlin so… Yuuki too seems sad/pensitive…

Oh well, on the positive side now I know which colour was Miyoshi’s coat.

Contrasts nicely with both Yuuki and Sakuma’s coats, which are black.

On a sidenote… well, at least they gave him a coat. He had none in Coffin so that even Miwa Shiro joked about it in one of his strips…

  • Sakuma: If you bite it and you die, it's poisonous. If it bites you and you die, it's venomous.
  • Hatano: What if I bite it and it dies?
  • Sakuma: That means you're poisonous.
  • Miyoshi: What if it bites itself and it dies?
  • Sakuma: That's voodoo.
  • Tazaki: What if it bites me and someone else dies?
  • Sakuma: That's correlation, no causation.
  • Kaminaga: What if we bite each other and neither of us dies?
  • Amari: That's kinky.

華やかな金&レッド、シックなプラチナ&ブラックのペアで1セットです。 品質に曇りのない、メイド・イン・ジャパンです。 持ち手や縁の繊細なラインは、日本の職人が、一本一本、手塗りで丹精に仕上げています。 特典として、この製品のために描き下ろされた、特別なポストカードが付きます。煙草を燻らせる結城中佐のそばに、 おだやかな表情でたたずむ三好が印象的な、ポストカードです。

Miwa Shiro made a pretty draw of our Sakuma! YAY!

Translation courtesy of Google translate:

いつでも腹を斬る覚悟が有ります。 …ただ、 #jga

I’m prepared to slash my belly at any time. … but just #jga

I’ve the feeling this one is meant to match the Miyoshi draw he posted previously…

as the comment back then was:


If you step in, if you do not have evidence what are you going to do?

It’s awesome to see that despite the series having ended gadgets and draws are still produced…

And Miwa Shiro is still talking about Joker Game… though I’m not sure what he’s trying to say… but he’s quoting a sentence from Ep 5…

Meanwhile Nito Subaru is retwitting the old draws he made when Joker Game was being aired for the first time…


“He looked more alive in death”
⇨ Happy birthday dear old kimberly ✲゚*


For the one year Joker Game anniversary Miwa Shirō gifted us with some new pictures…

Translation courtesy of Google translate:


If you step in, if you do not have evidence what are you going to do?

アニメ ジョーカー・ゲーム放送からちょうど1周年ですね…

It is just the first anniversary from the animated joker · game broadcast …

…while Nitō Subaru gave us a Gamō picture as it seems Gamō is going to be on the colour cover of the next Joker Game chapter… (and if you look carefully you can see Jitsui as well!)

Joker Game Tarot

The same lovely user who submitted this has also submitted this. This was submitted a while ago and I apologise for the delay, but this was an interesting read and feel free to add your own thoughts.

While some are quite clear to understand from the name, I’ve added a few words associated with the card’s meaning to all just in case they might seem confusing.

Card No.0: The Fool - Kaminaga

Beginnings, innocence, spontaneity, a free spirit, unlimited potential.

Card No.1: The Magician -  Lieutenant Colonel Yuuki

Power, skill, concentration, action, resourcefulness.

Card No.2:  The High Priestess - Jitsui

Intuition, Higher powers, mystery, subconscious mind.

Card No.3: The Empress - Nogami Yuriko

Femininity, beauty, nature, abundance,  harmony, luxury, beauty and grace. 

Card No.4: The Emperor - Lieutenant ColonelWolff

Authority, father-figure, structure, solid foundation.

Card No.5: The Hierophant - Gamou Jirou

Group identification, conformity, tradition, beliefs.

Card No.6: The Lovers - Aaron & Ellen Price

Love, union, relationships, values alignment, choices.

Card No.7: The Chariot - Hatano

Control, will power, victory, assertion, determination.

Card No.8: Strength - Synthia Grane

Strength, courage, patience, control, compassion.

Card No.9: The Hermit - Fukumoto

Soul-searching, introspection, being alone, inner guidance.

Card No.10: Wheel of Fortune - Amari

Good luck, karma, life cycles, destiny, a turning point.

Card No.11: Justice - Honma Eiji

Justice, fairness, truth, cause and effect, law.

Card No.12: The Hanged Man - Sakuma

Suspension, restriction, letting go, sacrifice.

Card No.13: Death - Miyoshi

Endings, beginnings, change, transformation, transition.

Card No.14: Temperance - Tazaki

Balance, moderation, patience, purpose, meaning.

Card No.15: The Devil - Oikawa

Addiction, sexuality, materialism, detachment, breaking free, power reclaimed.

Card No.16: The Tower - Lieutenant Colonel Kazato

Disaster, upheaval, sudden change, revelation. 

Card No.17: The Star - Alan Lernier

Hope, spirituality, renewal, inspiration, serenity.

Card No.18: The Moon - Odagiri

Illusion, fear, anxiety, insecurity, subconscious, confusion.

Card No.19: The Sun - Emma Grane

Fun, warmth, success, positivity, vitality.

Card No.20: Judgement - “Coffin”

Judgement, rebirth, inner calling, absolution.

Card No.21: The World - D-Agency

Completion, integration, accomplishment, travel.

( Ah… How nice would it be if someone draws Joker Game tarot cards…) I would very much love to see that as well