• Sakuma: If you bite it and you die, it's poisonous. If it bites you and you die, it's venomous.
  • Hatano: What if I bite it and it dies?
  • Sakuma: That means you're poisonous.
  • Miyoshi: What if it bites itself and it dies?
  • Sakuma: That's voodoo.
  • Tazaki: What if it bites me and someone else dies?
  • Sakuma: That's correlation, no causation.
  • Kaminaga: What if we bite each other and neither of us dies?
  • Amari: That's kinky.
Joker Game Tarot

The same lovely user who submitted this has also submitted this. This was submitted a while ago and I apologise for the delay, but this was an interesting read and feel free to add your own thoughts.

While some are quite clear to understand from the name, I’ve added a few words associated with the card’s meaning to all just in case they might seem confusing.

Card No.0: The Fool - Kaminaga

Beginnings, innocence, spontaneity, a free spirit, unlimited potential.

Card No.1: The Magician -  Lieutenant Colonel Yuuki

Power, skill, concentration, action, resourcefulness.

Card No.2:  The High Priestess - Jitsui

Intuition, Higher powers, mystery, subconscious mind.

Card No.3: The Empress - Nogami Yuriko

Femininity, beauty, nature, abundance,  harmony, luxury, beauty and grace. 

Card No.4: The Emperor - Lieutenant ColonelWolff

Authority, father-figure, structure, solid foundation.

Card No.5: The Hierophant - Gamou Jirou

Group identification, conformity, tradition, beliefs.

Card No.6: The Lovers - Aaron & Ellen Price

Love, union, relationships, values alignment, choices.

Card No.7: The Chariot - Hatano

Control, will power, victory, assertion, determination.

Card No.8: Strength - Synthia Grane

Strength, courage, patience, control, compassion.

Card No.9: The Hermit - Fukumoto

Soul-searching, introspection, being alone, inner guidance.

Card No.10: Wheel of Fortune - Amari

Good luck, karma, life cycles, destiny, a turning point.

Card No.11: Justice - Honma Eiji

Justice, fairness, truth, cause and effect, law.

Card No.12: The Hanged Man - Sakuma

Suspension, restriction, letting go, sacrifice.

Card No.13: Death - Miyoshi

Endings, beginnings, change, transformation, transition.

Card No.14: Temperance - Tazaki

Balance, moderation, patience, purpose, meaning.

Card No.15: The Devil - Oikawa

Addiction, sexuality, materialism, detachment, breaking free, power reclaimed.

Card No.16: The Tower - Lieutenant Colonel Kazato

Disaster, upheaval, sudden change, revelation. 

Card No.17: The Star - Alan Lernier

Hope, spirituality, renewal, inspiration, serenity.

Card No.18: The Moon - Odagiri

Illusion, fear, anxiety, insecurity, subconscious, confusion.

Card No.19: The Sun - Emma Grane

Fun, warmth, success, positivity, vitality.

Card No.20: Judgement - “Coffin”

Judgement, rebirth, inner calling, absolution.

Card No.21: The World - D-Agency

Completion, integration, accomplishment, travel.

( Ah… How nice would it be if someone draws Joker Game tarot cards…) I would very much love to see that as well

Joker Game Cookie Time

Favorite cookies alongside a good cup of coffee or tea!

Sakuma - Marzipan-Stuffed Almond Cookies - A crunchy shell covering a soft and pure heart.

Miyoshi - White Chocolate, Macadamia and Cranberry Cookie - to be savored slowly~ melting in one’s mouth with a sweet burst of fruity passion.

Tazaki - Blueberry Cream Cheese Cookie - soft and chewy with a gentle and refreshing taste of wild berries.

Hatano - Double Chocolate Chip and Fudge Cookie - the ultimate sin for a sin, unexpected death by chocolate. You had been warned.

Kaminaga - M&M cookie - Surprise! A colorful, delicious crunch! Ever had it along with Baileys?

Amari - Caramel-Glazed White Chocolate and Macadamia Nut Cookie - elegant and warm in taste, a charming seduction~

Jitsui - Salted Caramel Cookie - Sweet and warm, then sharp and salty! A strangely addictive contrast!

Fukumoto - Apple Crisp Oatmeal Cookie - healthy and energizing, guaranteeing a day full of success an good health!

Odagiri - Soft Vanilla Malted Cookie - gentle sweetness leaving a long-lasting, pleasant taste in one’s mouth.

Jirou Gamou - Toffee Pecan Cookie - sweet and creamy without losing its bite.

Emma Grane - Strawberries and Cream Cookie - A cheerful, fruity and warm mix to brighten your day!

Alain Lernier - Creme Brulée Macarons - For the very special occasion! A unique and memorable encounter lasting a lifetime!

Johann Bauer - Buttery Lemon Cookie - A refreshing blonde with a bit of buttery warmth.

Col. Wolff - Gingerbread Cookie - Strong in taste with just the right spices, perfect on snowy winter days.

Lt. Col. Yuuki - Dark Chocolate Mint Cookie - mysterious and bitter, yet refreshing in taste. A challenge for gourmets only!