Mixtape Comics

“I’m free once again, so let’s celebrate! All criminals invited to my house at 8. We’ll sit around frothing a bank job or two, and I’ll teach you how to waddle like The Penguin do!” 

A rather interesting track that Burgess recorded (as The Penguin) in 1966 ~ 

The only fan page solely dedicated to Burgess Meredith // Lovingly ran by his grandniece in attempt to keep his legacy alive.


I’m on a roll hahaa

Once I saw @fireandlifeincarnate,@aromanticgcallen@rennskye text post parody of Guns and Ships I fell in love and just had to draw it. All credit goes to http://fireandlifeincarnate.tumblr.com/post/132066871012/fireandlifeincarnate-fireandlifeincarnate