It took me soo long to feel confident with my hair. I would straighten it constantly because I didn’t think my natural hair was beautiful and i didn’t know how to manage it. Now everyday is a good hair day. 🌝


bi-racial girly


I’m SO SICK of this idea that if your afro does not touch your shoulders it’s not a good afro or it’s automatically ‘still in progress’. ANY AND ALL AFROS ARE GOOD AND VALID AFROS, REGARDLESS OF SIZE.

AAH I GOT 2000 NEW FOLLOWERS OVER THE PAST COUPLE DAYS! So thank you for 17K!!! Also thank you for all the kind messages about the comic! Sorry I haven’t replied to all of them yet. Just know I saw them and greatly appreciate them

A lot of you were curious as to what I looked like since I’m Japanese/Jamaican. So here’s mah face!

Thank you again! Love you all 💖