C: not long ago i was watching first dates hotel and there was this one dumbass mixed girl who came to the show and said “now i really think this is the time for mixed race girls” and it seriously pissed me the fuck off. It’s such an ignorant statement. When the fuck has it never been the time for mixed/lightskins. She’s so fucking stupid. I watched this a few months back and it still gives me a migrane jfc what a fucking idiot. Im praying for her brain.

It’s tricky to nail down exactly what makes someone feel like a “racial impostor.” For one Code Switch follower, it’s the feeling she gets from whipping out “broken but strangely colloquial Arabic” in front of other Middle Easterners.

For another — a white-passing, Native American woman — it’s being treated like “just another tourist” when she shows up at powwows. And one woman described watching her white, black and Korean-American toddler bump along to the new Kendrick and wondering, “Is this allowed?”

In this week’s podcast, we go deep into what we’re calling Racial Impostor Syndrome — the feeling, the science and a giant festival this weekend in Los Angeles that’s, in some ways, all about this.

‘Racial Impostor Syndrome’: Here Are Your Stories

Illustration: Kristen Uroda for NPR