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  • Agender Pride
  • Androgynous Pride
  • Androphilia Pride
  • Aromantic Pride(New!)
  • Asexual Pride
  • Autosexual Pride
  • Bisexual Pride
  • Gay Pride
  • Gender Binary Pride
  • Genderfluid Pride
  • Genderqueer Pride
  • Gynephilia Pride
  • Demiboy Pride (New!)
  • Demigirl Pride (New!)
  • DemiFluid Pride (New!)
  • DemiFlux Pride(New!)
  • Demisexual Pride(New!)
  • Heterosexual Pride
  • Intersexual Pride
  • Lesbian Pride
  • Lipstick Lesbian Pride
  • Neutrois Pride
  • Non-Binary Pride
  • Pansexual Pride
  • Polyamorous Pride
  • Polysexual Pride
  • Skoliosexual Pride
  • Straight Ally Pride
  • Transsexual Pride
  • Transgender Pride

If there’s a button flag missing that you’d like to see or think we should include, please let us know! Send us a message with a source with the flag details. We are always expanding our flag sets :).

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Request:  28) “I wish you were here right now.” with Bobby

It was another one of those nights where you sat alone in your room, contemplating on what to do with your life.  Your roommate had left to go home for the holidays so you got the entire apartment to yourself.  Your boyfriend, who also happened to be none other than Bobby of IKON, has been away for IKON’s tour.  You missed him so much so you decided to go watch some old performances from IKON.  You head over to youtube and begin watching video after video.  You even watch some old videos from WIN and Mix&Match.  You became so absorbed into the videos that you didn’t even notice your phone vibrating on the side of your desk.  The bright screen shining brightly in the dim room.  You reach over to pick it up and a smile form as you see who was requesting to video call you.  “Hey there.”  You haven’t heard his voice in so long and it was like pure music to your ears.  “What are you doing?”  You told him that you were watching some of his old performances from back in the days because you just missed him so much.  You could see Bobby get all embarrassed (cue the glorious eye smile of his) and it was so cute.  “Yah Y/N, why would you look at the old ones?  I’m so much cooler in the recent ones aren’t I?” he said as he tried to strike a pose to which, you could hear BI laughing at him in the back and Junhoe sassing him out for.  Soon later, all the other members of IKON greeted you to on the other side of the phone screen and you waved and said your hellos, telling them how much you missed hanging out with them.  “Not as much as you miss hanging out with Bobby though!” yelled Jinhwan and you and Bobby blushed instantly.  “Y/N, I wish you were here right now.  But just a few more weeks, I’ll be back and we are going to catch up on a lot of dates and hugs and fun things!”  You smiled hearing his comforting words and laughed hearing the EWWWWWS from the boys in the back.  “I love you Y/N.”  “I love you too Bobby.”  Yes, long distance was tough and the fact you were dating an idol was even tougher.  But at the end of the day, something in you knew that all of this would be worth the fight in the long run.  

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Ok fasdfs es uno de los grupos que más me cuesta ordenar. Los tres primeros siempre se cambian el lugar y luego está Hongseok que aunque esté en el medio tiene el lugar más especial en mi corazón porque lo conocí en Mix&Match y llevaba esperando su debut desde entonces ;; 

  1. Kino
  2. Yuto
  3. E’Dawn
  4. Yanan
  5. Hongseok
  6. Yeo One
  7. Wooseok
  8. Hui
  9. Shinwon
  10. Jinho


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[ENG] Wait For Me 


[ENG] 140911 Mix & Match Episode 1

Tablo's Daughter Haru Prefers Bobby over G-Dragon on "MIX & MATCH"?

Tablo’s Daughter Haru Prefers Bobby over G-Dragon on “MIX & MATCH”?

Tablo‘s daughter Haru will be making a surprise appearance on Mnet’s survival show “MIX & MATCH” that will determine the member line-up of YG Entertainment‘s new male group.

On October 9, YG revealed, “Today’s episode of ‘MIX & MATCH’ will show the members moving to a new dormitory. Epik High‘s Tablo happens to live in the same apartment building, and the members will visit Tablo’s home and gift…

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YG Entertainment's New Group to be Named iKON, Three Team B Members Already Confirmed

YG Entertainment’s New Group to be Named iKON, Three Team B Members Already Confirmed

External image

The press conference for YG Entertainment and Mnet‘s new survival program, “Mix & Match,” took place today, during which YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk revealed the details for the agency’s highly anticipated new boy group.

Yang Hyun Suk announced that the new boy group will be called iKON. According to Yang Hyun Suk, the “c” in “icon” was replaced with a “k” to signify the intent to spread Korea’s culture.

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Team B Opens Up about Their Possible Last Official Schedule as 6 Members in "MIX & MATCH"

Team B Opens Up about Their Possible Last Official Schedule as 6 Members in “MIX & MATCH”

Finals for Mnet‘s survival program “MIX & MATCH” is just around the corner, and with them comes the possible disbandment of the six original members of YG Entertainment‘s Team B.

In the upcoming fourth episode of the program, the six original members attended their last official schedule as Team B in the YG Family Seoul Concert. The group shared the stage with other YG artists and performed songs…

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