Mitsukoshi 三越呉服店 “poster representing the condolences” from Meiji to Taisho era 明治から大正へ「弔意を表すポスター」- Japan - 1912 - Tokyo Metropolitan Edo-Tokyo Museum 東京都江戸東京博物館所蔵


This Day in Disney History

October 20, 1982: Although open since Epcot’s opening day, the Japan Pavilion in the World Showcase has a offcial dedication ceremony.

This dedication was followed by a buffet lunch at the Mitsukoshi Restaurant.  Epcot’s Japan Pavilion is just as big as it is beautiful.  With winding pathways, colorful koi fish, and ornate architecture, it’s easy to lose track of the time while you explore.  There are several delicious food options here, and an enormous gift shop where you can find everything from Hello Kitty to freshwater pearls to traditional Japanese kimonos!

September 21, 2016

Ginza is a popular upscale shopping area of Tokyo, with numerous internationally renowned department stores, boutiques, restaurants and coffeehouses located in its vicinity. It is recognized by many as one of the most luxurious shopping districts in the world, attracting visitors and regulars alike from across the globe.

Mitsukoshi still stands today in Ginza.