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Can I request the Kaijou dorks getting a kiss on the cheek from their crush on Valentines Day? Thank you, and good luck with the blog! <3

Sorry I’m not including too many characters, these are the only ones I feel that I understand enough to write about!! And sorry this is so late ><”

KASAMATSU: “Happy Valentine’s day!” you chirped as you trotted up next to your close friend, Kasamatsu, before pressing a light kiss to his cheek. He had been drinking a soda at that moment and when he felt your soft lips against his cheek, he choked, the carbonated drink going down the wrong pipe. As he coughed and spluttered, you gently patted his back, a sympathetic look on your face. “Sorry?” you tried as he finally recovered and wiped his lips on his arm. Red faced, he tried to muster his fiercest glare and turned towards you. “N-next time give me a warning, you idiot!!”

KISE: “Happy Valentine’s day!” you cheered as you skipped towards your long time best friend, Kise. He grinned when he saw you and turned to face you. “Thank you, _____-chan!” he said, opening his arms up for a hug. You laughed before returning his hug and before you pulled away, you stretched up on your tippy toes and kissed his cheek. “______-chan!” he exclaimed as you stepped back and smiled. His cheeks were slowly turning red and he buried his face in his hands. “That wasn’t fair!” “Just a special gift for you, Kise~”

MORIYAMA: “Happy Valentine’s day,” you said as you approached Moriyama, a small box of chocolates in your hand. “This is for you!” You offered up the box of chocolates and he took it with a slight grin. “I can’t believe I just got chocolates from ____-chan…” he said in a daze. Chuckling, you stretched up on your toes and kissed his cheek. “You’d better believe it, cause it just happened, Moriyama-kun.”

HAYAKAWA: “Haaappy Valentine’s day!” you squealed as you ran up to Hayakawa. He stared at you, eyes wide as you placed a box of chocolates in his hand before kissing his cheek. “Please accept these~” A slight blush tinted his cheeks and he wasn’t able to form a coherent sentence. He stumbled over his words before finally squeaking out his thanks as you giggled quietly, finding it adorable how flustered he was.


Countdown to Kuroko no Basket S3 || 5 Days
↳ Wearing their traditional blue, these national-level veterans have come from the highly competitive Kanagawa prefecture! They had flawless offense and defense before, but now they’ve added a member of the Generation of Miracles, Kise Ryouta, to become a truly perfect team! The Blue Elites, Kaijou High School!

Fiiiiiinally back with more genderbent basuke woman-musclemeat, this time featuring:

Captain Eren Jaeger girl

Blond keet girl

The one who likes girls girl

Intense eyebrow-game Eren Jaeger girl

The one whose name I don’t know girl

[But seriously who is the fifth Kaijou player like do they even have a name the world may never know]


KnB Birthdays || Kaijō High School  海常高校 
↳“Kaijō High is a basketball team from Kanagawa. They are a very strong team who regulary make appearances in the Interhigh. They have one of the Generation of Miracles, Ryōta Kise which makes them even stronger than before. Their captain is Yukio Kasamatsu. [x]