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Hi~ I was wondering if I could send in an Ask for Bokuto, Azumane, Kageyama, (from Haikyuu) Okamura, Hayakawa, and Kasamatsu (KnB)... the scenario being their reactions to having their crush sit on their lap for a long car ride due to lack of seating... (not necessarily nsfw reactions, I imagine their reactions would be pretty amusing though XD) Please and thank you. :3

Hello there! Thank you so much for adhering to my request for a different genre of ask. It’s only the second one I’ve received so I appreciate it. This made me grin and I really hope I hit their personalities well in this. 

“Hey, ______-chan, sorry for the lack of space, we miscounted the seats. But I’m sure _______ won’t mind you sitting in his lap!”

Bokuto: Tenses up his ridiculously firm thighs as you sit down; how could Akaashi do this to him?! His eyes are wide, nerves very apparent on his face since this precious owl doesn’t hide his emotions at all. He can only be thankful that you’re facing away from him.

Azumane: If he hasn’t passed out after initial contact of your cute (he’s noticed, so sue him) butt to his legs, having to wrap his arms around you as the car goes over a large bump to keep you from sliding to the floor almost does him in. He quickly releases, flustered and apologizing for touching you while you try to calm him down; he was just being protective after all.

Kageyama: “Here, you can just have my seat, I’ll take the floor,” he says more firmly than he meant to, still irritated by Hinata’s completely inappropriate suggestion. As he crouches next to the sliding door of the van, the miniature middle blocker whispers, “That was your big chance, Bakageyama!”  He glares at him. “Shut up dumb ass!”

Okamura: Torn between elation and embarrassment, Okamura awkwardly pats his lap in invitation to Tatsuya’s suggestion. As you take a seat, he makes sure to keep his hands firmly gripping the seat lest he accidentally touch you inappropriately given the size of his hands.

Hayakawa: He’s talking so fast and mixing up his words so you can’t understand him. Does he want you to sit on his lap or not? Finally, a whack to the back of his head from his captain gets him to shut up after which he tugs you onto his lap. Well, apparently he’s fine with it.  

Kasamatsu: Turns three shades of red, almost fainting when you reply, “Oh good, thanks Kasamatsu-san!” Once your comfortably in his lap, he has to remind himself to breathe. Can this van not go any faster?!


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