Republicans despondent that Trump threw away final debate
"Down-ticket Republicans lost," one GOP pollster said. "They needed some help and got absolutely none."

‘Down-ticket Republicans lost,’ one GOP pollster said. ‘They needed some help and got absolutely none.’

Awww. Let me get out my teeny tiny violin, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.

Parapines Headcanons

Hey, finally going to contribute more to this tag! Not just Parapines, but also just Paranorman/Gravity Falls crossover headcanons

  • Norman’s first ghostly encounter at the Mystery Shack is rather unexpected; Paper Jam Dipper. He actually mistook PJ for Dipper until he turned around and then it was ‘OH DEAR GOD WHAT IS THAT’. Dipper soon explains this and he has to deal with PJ trying to talk to him, which was painful for everyone involved, what with “NYEGHNYEGHNYEGHNYEGH!” being the only think PJ could say.
  • Mabel is extremely suspicious of Norman and the Paranorman crew at first for some reason that she can’t explain (HMMMMMMM CLAYMATION REFERENCE) but gets over it eventually.
  • Wendy is a HUGE Parapines shipper; even before they got together. She teased the crap out of both of them about it, because she’s the best big sister ever.
  • Tambry and Courtney become instant BFF’s. They have not exchanged a single IRL word to each other, but they love sending each other petty teenage bullshit back and forth.
  • Wendy and Mitch are also basically instant best friends. Mitch might be not the brightest, but he’s a great guy, and he’s pretty damn cool. Plus, Wendy kind of likes having a guy friend to discuss other guys with; it’s fun. They’re like total bro’s.
  • Norman and Dipper are giant horror novel dorks, and Mabel has given up trying to sleep when they’re reading them, because they spend all night theorizing about what they just read, and shouting out their realizations like; “OH MY GOD, Norman!” “Yeah?!” “The pearl! I just realized that it’s actually the crystal ball that they’re looking for!” “It was there all along!” “That means that *together* He’s actually the villain!” “Guys! Some people are trying to sleep!” “*both* Sorry Mabel…”
  • Dipper has tried to figure out Norman’s bizzare physics defying hair. No success so far.