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Hopefully I don’t get too waisted.

Do you think that they have batman comics within the batman universe? Maybe not even professional comics, but underground stuff, like zines. It’s all original artwork and stories based on real life happenings of Gotham.

They’d have a huge cult following, even the rogues would get into it. Imagine Riddler collecting every single comic he appears in, and then critiquing and rewriting them so they portray him properly. Harley would cut out all the illustrations of her and Ivy, making a giant collage in her bedroom. One time, Scarecrow was asked to sign a comic by one of his former students, he obliged only to gas them with fear toxin afterwards. And occasionally artists drop their hand drawn comics (wrapped in plastic for protection) down the sewer for Killer Croc. Knowing that he’s an inspiration to so many artists warms his cold heart.

…and opening the library she took a book, and read these words, in letters of gold:

Welcome Beauty, banish fear,
You are queen and mistress here.
Speak your wishes, speak your will,
Swift obedience meets them still.

Beauty and the Beast AU.

I’d recommend you to look over not only Disney animation but aiso the original novel(both of Beaumont’s and Villeneuve’s)  and the film created by Jean Cocteau. You’d find each of them having interesting parallel with Reylo.


Reclaim your veggies, you lil shit!

I finally did it!!! Man does it feel good. I even managed to beat Noctis without Ravus and everything went just…. so fine? xD Huge tip is indeed to reserve on your curatives and use the brief heal function in the beginning of the fight. And make good use of that counter! Also when he is in stasis mode, spam that clarity at his ass all the way! And last but not least USE HIGH JUMP when he pulls that armiger up. Like spam that button when he summons that circus dancing sword festival. 

Idea: a line of dress suits inspired by the Gotham rogues

  • Riddler’s suit glitters with green sequins and gold highlights
  • Scarecrow’s suit patched together from old scraps of fabric
  • Catwoman’s suit is black and purple with real diamond accents
  • Bane’s suit has glowing green “venom” LED stripes.
  • Ivy’s suit features a plant pattern and is made from eco-friendly fabrics
  • Two-Face’s suit is is black and white split down the middle
  • Freeze’s suit sparkles like freshly fallen snow
  • Croc’s suit is made of authentic looking faux scales
  • Harley’s red and black suit is reversible and can be worn two ways
Thank You Mistress

Genre: Smut 

Length: 3,700+ words

Kink(s): Mistress/Dom Reader, Sub/Baby boy Wonho, brat taming, sub training(????), oral sex

Originally posted by minpoong

You looked over your precious baby boy as he snuggled you close in his strong arms. “Baby..” You said softly, grabbing his hand only to trace little hearts up his forearm with your fingernails. 

“Yes, my love?” He replied instantly, his full attention on you just as you taught him. You looked up at him, only to be greeted by those dazzling eyes of his; god, they could the stars to shame. 

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It is difficult to believe that Ardyn was ever a true hero, even in his glory days. While it is a sure thing that he was seen as a savior at the time, curing people of the new Starscourge by taking it within himself, everything about him has always been theatrics and grandeur. In the artworks of him riding on his black chocobo down the streets, his body language screams that he is eating up all the praise, that this is what he lives and thrives on. The way he talks about the past is dripping with the venomous green of jealousy, and all of his revenge motives are rooted in it.

He believed that he alone deserved to ascend for his deeds and sacrifices, and he plays the part of the victim who got chased out. The problem, however, is that he never made sacrifices. Everything he did was for his own gain. He wanted the glory, wanted to be worshipped. His goal had never been the salvation of humanity, it was godhood. Even had he not been tainted with Starscourge, he could never have ascended as the King of Light. The Crystal lacked the power to purge the Starscourge for 2000 years, so it begs the question, how could it ever have been Ardyn?

 The answer is simple: Ardyn was never the King of Light. His words are lies twisted by his own self-importance and greed. He claims to have been pushed aside and hidden away by a jealous Izunia, by one “not yet Chosen by the Crystal.” However, it is clear that he himself had never been Chosen, else things would have been far different. He appointed himself to that role because he felt he was the only one who deserved it, and by holding himself in too high of esteem, he was set up for his fall.

He had always been selfish, and when he didn’t get what he felt was owed to him, he set out to destroy it in its entirety. Moreover, he plans his revenge in a way to lift himself up ever further, even beyond his coveted godhood. Had his revenge been born of grief and rage at being denied ascension after his sacrifices, his methods would have been more simple. He could have easily just killed off all of his kin. The Astrals slept, and so had he killed all of the Lucis Caelum and Nox Fleuret bloodline, he would have won.

That wasn’t what he wanted. He was after the recognition, to be seen as a god. Because he was denied ascension as one of Light, he chose to become one of Darkness. That is why he sends Noctis on the path to reach the Crystal, while making sure he suffers every step of the way. He wants Noctis to become the most powerful that he can and to have no reason to hold back, so that he may tear apart the Astrals’ Chosen King in all of his glory, all to prove himself better.

This is made clear as Noctis defeats him, and the only thing Ardyn is concerned with is if he’ll be erased from history again.

Everything that Ardyn says and does is very deliberately engineered. He twists and manipulates with words and magic to further his goals while painting himself as victim. But he is the one who chose to spread the Starscourge. He chose to take control of his darkness, he chose to terrorize and kill much of humanity to reach fame however he could.

He used the Empire as breeding grounds for his weapons, never once caring about the casualties left in his wake. His goals were always the only thing that mattered to him. Were he truly a selfless hero, if he was ever the victim he claims to be, he never would have done all that he did. He would have continued using his magic to heal people even though it meant taking in more of the darkness that cost him his ascension. He would never have given the Empire access to the Magitek technology. He would never have orchestrated everything to make Noctis suffer in his journey.

The taint of the Starscourge cannot be the primary cause of his character. The Starscourge creates rage, and Ardyn’s anger is far too carefully controlled. He has his wits perfectly in order. He has not been turned by the Darkness, he controls it. He always has, and that is why he has never been worthy.

Do you think the Gotham Rogues get pizza delivered to Arkham? Maybe in an ideal world, Bruce Wayne does this. He takes note of their favorite foods when he visits, and then has them delivered to each rogue on their birthday.

Bruce also makes sure the food in-house is palatable and worth eating. He personally pays for high-quality cuisine to be shipped to the asylum. After all, it’s hard to heal on an empty stomach.

I just like a Bruce Wayne who goes above and beyond for the rogues.

The crown and the hairpin

Just something I noticed (and my thoughts) about the crown of Regis and the hairpin of Lunafreya and wanted to share with all of you. 

Having taken a closer look at the crown and hairpin, I couldn’t stop thinking that the hairpin really has some resemblance to the crown. I mostly point out the overal design (the swirly hooks etc) and tells us something about the Lucian royal jewellery style in general. 

Regis send one of his glaives (Crowe Altius) on a secret mission to Tenebrae, to send her in what I think a personal blessing/wedding gift in the form of this Lucian royal hairpin. But we know Crowe never made it to Tenebrae and was killed by men of Drautos/Glauca, and got a tracer implemented  into it. 

I think that the meaning of the gift, Regis send Luna was to give her his blessing along with his final words (which almost sounds like a personal letter to her) we hear at the end of the game, which was addressed to Luna. 

And in the end scene she wears it once more before resting:

Rumour/hint: The possibility of driving to Insomnia with the Regalia

Someone managed to unlock some new dialogue (through a glitch) between the bros as the older party driving in the Regalia. Check out this video here. The bros say the following:

Dialogue 1:

Noctis: “Unbelievable. She looks just as nice as the day I first drove her.”

Gladiolus: “Keep her looking that way.”

Noctis: “Relax, she’s in good hands.”

Dialogue 2:

Noctis: “This feels just like the good old days.”

Ignis: “Indeed.”

Dialogue 3:

Ignis: “Sorry for the trouble.”

Noctis: “No trouble at all. Besides, you hold your own in battle.”

Ignis: “The heightened sensory perception serves me well in the field, but does little for me on the road.”

Noctis: “On the bright side, you can brag that you were driven around by the King himself.”

Ignis: “If I live to tell the tale.”

This is up for speculation about the possible return of the Regalia in the upcoming royal pack expansion (Insomnia ruins expansion to be exact). I am personally really stoked for this possibility, since I always wanted to enter Insomnia by the main bridge and of course road. 

Perhaps the bros decided to repair the regalia after Noct’s disappearance into the crystal with perhaps Cindy’s help? (its all speculation though, but they must have gotten back somehow)

What are your thoughts on this?

My favorite part of Scarecrows original origin story was the fact that fear wasn’t even his prime motivation. It was books. His fellow professors nicknamed him the scarecrow on campus because he spent his salary on books instead of a nice suit, and this got Crane thinking: “They judge human values by money–If I had money they’d respect me–and I could buy more books! Yes if only I had more money.”

And I just find that so amusing.
He did get a new suit at least, one made of burlap.