Mister Spock

This ecstatically awesome portrait of Mister Spock riding a winged unicorn over a star-spangled rainbow was created by Brooklyn-based artist and illustrator Tim O'Brien for an issue of Men’s Health. As soon as we saw it we felt better about pretty much everything. We also love the fact that, despite the fantastic circumstances, the expression on Spock’s face is as stoic as ever.

[via Neatorama]


I think I’m having an existential crisis… 
I was cross-stitching it for two years. And then I finished it… well, nothing happened. But not only this. While I was working on this I had a constant thought “It would look better then I’ll finish it”. And now I have no such hope. It’s already finished and it’s surely wouldn’t get any better =\ 
And now I’m like “why did I even thought it was a good idea? why I was spending my time and money for this? nobody wanted or needed this except for me. and, at the end, even I don’t feel like it was the thing I wanted and needed”.
So I’m just sitting, looking at it and thinking “wait… so what was the point of all of this?”. 


“He’s a traitor, you know. Your father. For marrying her. That human whore.”

“You don’t feel anything. It must not even compute for you. You never loved her.”

“I want you to know why I couldn’t let you die. Why I went back for you.”
“Because you are my friend.”

“Emotions run deep within our race. In many ways more deeply than in humans.”