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The Doctor is left emotionally reeling after the events with the Truth Monks, but he had to put a mask on for Bill. What he needs more than anything before he ventures into the vault to talk to Missy, is comfort from an old friend.

(If you haven’t read the whole story, but like a good bit of hurt-comfort and ahem, kissing, then this works well as a stand alone)

Missy is before Simms!Master

My friend and I were talking today. Missy is before Simms! Master. Hear me out. We reckon she’s around the time maybe even before Delgado! Master. The Master has had well over 13 regeneration’s. The Timelords brought him back to basically fight in the Time War. Anyway. we quickly see John Simm emerge as the new Master. After The End of Time Simms!Master should have been dead. It’s not likely at all that the Timelords resurrected him.

So, Missy. She’s loopy but not as loopy as Simms. The whole thing with Simms was the drums. I believe that all incarnations of The Master heard the drums but not as intensely. The more he regenerated the worse they got because he was nearing the end of his regenerations and less stable. Missy hasn’t really made any comments about the drums very much like Delgado and those after him in Classic Who. I think she still hears the drums but not to the same extent as Simms!Master did. There are other reasons we think she is before Simms!Master but that is the basic premise.

She doesn’t hear the drums as badly as Simms!Master and if you believe that The Master has always heard the drums this is very strange. You’d think she’d be even worse with the drums. Simms!Master was effectively killed off. He had his redemption. It wouldn’t make sense to have Missy be after him. If she doesn’t hear the drums as badly she must be before and given what happened in The End of Time for it made sense.

I’m going to watch back all of the episodes including The Master so I’ll be able to comment a bit better on this in the future. There are rough notes but I think it’s a cool idea.

hatchmeister-deactivated2014032  asked:

Do each of the mods have a favourite song by Sam? or maybe album?

Yes! Here, have a list:

Bruce “Non-metal GG” ggcosplay: Gaping Whole

Allie “The Boom” allieboomer: I Am Mountain

Cindy “Cindyloo” cindyloo2: Movie Monsters

Erika “2pacula” thedivineservice: Earwig

Missy “Lil Arms” mightythesaurusrex: Dear Internet

Jo “Coyote North” goat-herder-of-meh: The Blob

Tiff “Lusy Loose Hatchet” lusyndt: (she hasn’t answered yet, but she probably will eventually)

What’s your favorite? :3