Naruto RP Mission Starters

Rank D. Finding someone’s lost/run-away pet.

Rank D. Carrying and distributing water/food/supplies around workers/farmers and giving first-aid help if needed.

Rank D. Taking a violent dog for a walk.

Rank D. Taking care of a garden.

Rank D. Taking care for on old person.

Rank D. Baby-sitting/kids watching.

Rank D. Helping duties at a temple.

Rank D. Gathering herbs.

Rank D. Gathering food/water supply.

Rank D. Delivering mail inside the village or nearby places (within the land).

C rank. Delivering mail in a long distance or to another country.

C rank. Escorting a single person from x to y. Protection from bandits.

C rank. Catching a wild animal that’s destroying supplies/scaring people/attacking people/attacking livestock/a run-away ninja animal.

C rank. Guard duty in the village for a day.

C rank. Guard duty at the gates of the village.

C rank. Be a squad leader for a day to a 3-man academy students team.

C rank. Carrying out a drill.

C rank. Being a teacher at the academy for a day.

B rank. Espionage.

B rank. Investigation.

B rank. Tracking someone down.

B rank. Taking out a single person/ninja.

B rank. Guarding/transporting a group of people.

B rank. The village is under attack. Secure villagers to safety.

B rank. Head of security for a big event.

B rank. Delivering an important message where something more valuable is at stake.

B rank. Catching bandits or minor shinobi/hunting down lesser missing-nin.

B rank. Transporting a dangerous criminal to a prison.

B rank. Guarding a scroll with secret/forbidden techniques.

A rank. Leading a platoon to assault an enemy force.

A rank. Engaging enemy forces/ambushing enemy forces.

A rank. Infiltrating an enemy village in order to gather information for the long-run or shortly in order to get hands on something valuable.

A rank. Stealing a horbidden technique/weapon/treasure.

A rank. Eliminating an important/authoritative/famous/VIP figure.

A rank. Guarding an important/authoritative/famous/VIP figure.

A rank. Hunting down a notorious missing-nin.

A rank. Gather information on a dangerous subject that should remain in secracy.

S rank. Wiping out a whole organisation/mass murder.

S rank. Destroying a village.

S rank. Taking out an S-class criminal.

S rank. Disposing of an authoritative shinobi (examples: kage, village hero, someone of great value to a village)

S rank. Bounty-hunting.

S rank. Designing a forbidden technique in secrecy for a village to use against other villages.

S rank. Hunting down bijuu.

Master+ Update 2/13

Master+ mode!

You now have the option to play songs on Master+ difficulty! Sort of. When you start the game, you now have the option to select a new category for songs “Master+”. Master+ songs don’t cost stamina, but rather consume Master+ tickets that you can earn by completing missions or buying them in the money shop. As a gift, you’ll find 30 in your present box! All songs are not available right away either. They’re organized into albums A, B, and C which cycle through the month. The current album, A, is playable through the 26th.

Additionally, a new Master+ exclusive note-type has been added. The “slide note” (different from the “flick arrow”) must remain held as it moves across the screen. Try it out to see how it changes previous note charts!

Pinya Request

Also with the new update comes DJ Pinya. Pinya will pick a random song for you to play and give bonus rewards if you complete it! You can only play songs you’ve unlocked, and you must be at least level 30. Find it with your regular songs, and select the combination of All, Cute, Cool, or Passion songs (you can pick more than one). Try it out to see what they cook up!

More missions

Four new weekly missions have been added to correspond to the addition of Master+ tickets. The new missions are

  • Play 10 lives - 1 Master+ ticket
  • Play 30 lives - 1 Master+ ticket
  • Play 60 lives - 1 Master+ ticket
  • Play 100 lives - 1 Master+ ticket

More units!

You now have up to 18 unit slots available to you. Tap the arrow circle in the top right of the unit menu to swap between 1-9 and 10-18. You can also select from all of your units before a live!

You’re Not Getting Up (Bucky x Reader)

(f/n)-First Name

You were currently sitting on the couch in your house that you shared with your boyfriend, Bucky. The tv had nothing that interested you now that he wasn’t here. The both of you usually ended up talking instead of watching the tv anyways. He didn’t really like staring at screens since the thing with Hydra.

At the moment you found no entertainment in it though because he was out on a mission. It was classified so you had no idea when he would be back. He’d been gone for three weeks already and you missed him desperately. This was the longest he’d been gone. You’d been alone in your house with nothing but the sound of the tv to keep you company.

You had even asked Fury for a mission to go on just so you wouldn’t have to stay, but he turned you down. He said you weren’t needed for anything and should enjoy your time off. It wasn’t anything to enjoy without Bucky.

You two were like yin and yang. Two peas in a pod. Nothing could separate the two of you…except a mission apparently. That dampened your mood even more. You groaned and turned off the tv angrily. There was no point in having it on if you weren’t going to watch it. You sat on the couch moping for another couple of hours before you eventually fell asleep.

You were awoken to a hand shaking you. You grumbled, thinking it was Steve who had a key to your house. “Not now Steve. Five more minutes.” You grumbled. There was a chuckle that most definitely did not belong to Steve.

“Come on Doll, wake up. I want my hello kisses.” Your eyes flew open and you were immediately up. Bucky was standing over you with a smile on his face. You squealed and launched yourself into his arms. He grunted as you knocked into him but hugged you none the less.

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Laudate Dominum, Omnes Gentes (Ps. 116)
  • Laudate Dominum, Omnes Gentes (Ps. 116)
  • Pierre de la Rue

Psalm 116

Laudate Dominum, omnes gentes, laudate eum, omnes populi. Quoniam confirmata est super nos misericordia ejus, et veritas Domini manet in aeternum.

O praise the Lord, all ye nations: praise him, all ye people. For his mercy is confirmed upon us: and the truth of the Lord remaineth for ever.