Space Missions Come Together in Colorado

Our leadership hit the road to visit our commercial partners Lockheed Martin, Sierra Nevada Corp. and Ball Aerospace in Colorado. They were able to check the status of flight hardware, mission operations and even test virtual reality simulations that help these companies build spacecraft parts.

Let’s take a look at all the cool technology they got to see…

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is the prime contractor building our Orion crew vehicle, the only spacecraft designed to take humans into deep space farther than they’ve ever gone before.

Acting NASA Deputy Administrator Lesa Roe and Acting NASA Administrator Robert Lightfoot are seen inside the CHIL…the Collaborative Human Immersive Laboratory at Lockheed Martin Space Systems in Littleton, Colo. Lockheed Martin’s CHIL enables collaboration between spacecraft design and manufacturing teams before physically producing hardware.

Cool shades! The ability to visualize engineering designs in virtual reality offers tremendous savings in time and money compared to using physical prototypes. Technicians can practice how to assemble and install components, the shop floor can validate tooling and work platform designs, and engineers can visualize performance characteristics like thermal, stress and aerodynamics, just like they are looking at the real thing.

This heat shield, which was used as a test article for the Mars Curiosity Rover, will now be used as the flight heat shield for the Mars 2020 rover mission.

Fun fact: Lockheed Martin has built every Mars heat shield and aeroshell for us since the Viking missions in 1976.

Here you can see Lockheed Martin’s Mission Support Area. Engineers in this room support six of our robotic planetary spacecraft: Mars Odyssey, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, MAVEN, Juno, OSIRIS-REx and Spitzer, which recently revealed the first known system of seven Earth-size planets around a single star, TRAPPIST-1. They work with NASA centers and the mission science teams to develop and send commands and monitor the health of the spacecraft.

See all the pictures from the Lockheed Martin visit HERE

Sierra Nevada Corporation

Next, Lightfoot and Roe went to Sierra Nevada Corporation in Louisville, Colo. to get an update about its Dream Chaser vehicle. This spacecraft will take cargo to and from the International Space Station as part of our commercial cargo program.

Here, Sierra Nevada Corporation’s Vice President of Space Exploration Systems Steve Lindsey (who is also a former test pilot and astronaut!) speaks with Lightfoot and Roe about the Dream Chaser Space System simulator.

Lightfoot climbed inside the Dream Chaser simulator where he “flew” the crew version of the spacecraft to a safe landing. This mock-up facility enables approach-and-landing simulations as well as other real-life situations. 

See all the images from the Sierra Nevada visit HERE.

Ball Aerospace

Lightfoot and Roe went over to Ball Aerospace to tour its facility. Ball is another one of our commercial aerospace partners and helps builds instruments that are on NASA spacecraft throughout the universe, including the Hubble Space Telescope and the New Horizons mission to Pluto. Ball designed and built the advanced optical technology and lightweight mirror system that will enable the James Webb Space Telescope to look 13.5 billion years back in time. 

Looking into the clean room at Ball Aerospace’s facility in Boulder, Colo., the team can see the Ozone Mapping Profiler Suite. These sensors are used on spacecraft to track ozone measurements.

Here, the group stands in front of a thermal vacuum chamber used to test satellite optics. The Operation Land Imager-2 is being built for Landsat 9, a collaboration between NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey that will continue the Landsat Program’s 40-year data record monitoring the Earth’s landscapes from space.

See all the pictures from the Ball Aerospace visit HERE

We recently marked a decade since a new era began in commercial spaceflight development for low-Earth orbit transportation. We inked agreements in 2006 to develop rockets and spacecraft capable of carrying cargo such as experiments and supplies to and from the International Space Station. Learn more about commercial space HERE.

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Next Weeks Songs

ZICO - Boys and Girls
Mino feat. Taeyang - Fear
Simon D. One, G2 BewhY - Who You
iKON - Rhythm Ta

BoA - Amazing Kiss
Jung Seunghwan - If It Is You
BLACKPINK - Playing With Fire
BTS - Spring Day
I.O.I - Downpour

Flo Rida - Right Round
Jason Derulo - Get Ugly
N’Sync - Pop
Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You

Concepts for evaluation:
Showtime - nu disco
I know you know - synth pop/funk
열어줘 - Future edm
Never - deep house
Oh little girl - hip hop

Naruto RP Mission Starters

Rank D. Finding someone’s lost/run-away pet.

Rank D. Carrying and distributing water/food/supplies around workers/farmers and giving first-aid help if needed.

Rank D. Taking a violent dog for a walk.

Rank D. Taking care of a garden.

Rank D. Taking care for on old person.

Rank D. Baby-sitting/kids watching.

Rank D. Helping duties at a temple.

Rank D. Gathering herbs.

Rank D. Gathering food/water supply.

Rank D. Delivering mail inside the village or nearby places (within the land).

C rank. Delivering mail in a long distance or to another country.

C rank. Escorting a single person from x to y. Protection from bandits.

C rank. Catching a wild animal that’s destroying supplies/scaring people/attacking people/attacking livestock/a run-away ninja animal.

C rank. Guard duty in the village for a day.

C rank. Guard duty at the gates of the village.

C rank. Be a squad leader for a day to a 3-man academy students team.

C rank. Carrying out a drill.

C rank. Being a teacher at the academy for a day.

B rank. Espionage.

B rank. Investigation.

B rank. Tracking someone down.

B rank. Taking out a single person/ninja.

B rank. Guarding/transporting a group of people.

B rank. The village is under attack. Secure villagers to safety.

B rank. Head of security for a big event.

B rank. Delivering an important message where something more valuable is at stake.

B rank. Catching bandits or minor shinobi/hunting down lesser missing-nin.

B rank. Transporting a dangerous criminal to a prison.

B rank. Guarding a scroll with secret/forbidden techniques.

A rank. Leading a platoon to assault an enemy force.

A rank. Engaging enemy forces/ambushing enemy forces.

A rank. Infiltrating an enemy village in order to gather information for the long-run or shortly in order to get hands on something valuable.

A rank. Stealing a horbidden technique/weapon/treasure.

A rank. Eliminating an important/authoritative/famous/VIP figure.

A rank. Guarding an important/authoritative/famous/VIP figure.

A rank. Hunting down a notorious missing-nin.

A rank. Gather information on a dangerous subject that should remain in secracy.

S rank. Wiping out a whole organisation/mass murder.

S rank. Destroying a village.

S rank. Taking out an S-class criminal.

S rank. Disposing of an authoritative shinobi (examples: kage, village hero, someone of great value to a village)

S rank. Bounty-hunting.

S rank. Designing a forbidden technique in secrecy for a village to use against other villages.

S rank. Hunting down bijuu.


Extra Missions for 5☆ Characters
Duration: 3/24 (Fri) 5:00~

Extra Missions will be added that can be cleared for various rewards, such as gald and exp books, with a final reward of a 5☆ character of your choice. Each mission is cleared by clearing all Daily Missions.

The rewards for each Extra Mission are:
1 Time  = 30,000 gald
2 Times = 40 4☆ exp books
3 Times = 50,000 gald
4 Times = 20 3☆ arte exp books
5 Times = 100,000 gald
6 Times = 3☆ limit break gem
7 Times = choice of 5☆

※ As of right now, you can only choose one character to summon. Additional missions/characters may be added in the future.

For new players and players returning after a long period of inactivity, all quests will cost ½ AP for 14 days.

Character details under the cut.

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Two New Missions to Explore the Early Solar System

We’ve got big science news…!

We’ve just added two more science missions to our lineup! The two selected missions have the potential to open new windows on one of the earliest eras in the history of our solar system – a time less than 10 millions years after the birth of our sun.

The missions, known as Lucy and Psyche, were chosen from five finalists and will proceed to mission formulation.

Let’s take a dive into each mission…


Lucy, a robotic spacecraft, will visit a target-rich environment of Jupiter’s mysterious Trojan asteroids. Scheduled to launch in October 2021, the spacecraft is slated to arrive at its first destination, a main asteroid belt, in 2025. 

Then, from 2027 to 2033, Lucy will explore six Jupiter Trojan asteroids. These asteroids are trapped by Jupiter’s gravity in two swarms that share the planet’s orbit, one leading and one trailing Jupiter in its 12-year circuit around the sun. The Trojans are thought to be relics of a much earlier era in the history of the solar system, and may have formed far beyond Jupiter’s current orbit.

Studying these Trojan asteroids will give us valuable clues to deciphering the history of the early solar system.


The Psyche mission will explore one of the most intriguing targets in the main asteroid belt – a giant metal asteroid, known as 16 Psyche, about three times farther away from the sun than is the Earth. The asteroid measures about 130 miles in diameter and, unlike most other asteroids that are rocky or icy bodies, it is thought to be comprised of mostly metallic iron and nickel, similar to Earth’s core.

Scientists wonder whether psyche could be an exposed core of an early planet that could have been as large as Mars, but which lost its rocky outer layers due to a number of violent collisions billions of years ago.

The mission will help scientists understand how planets and other bodies separated into their layers early in their histories. The Psyche robotic mission is targeted to launch in October of 2023, arriving at the asteroid in 2030, following an Earth gravity assist spacecraft maneuver in 2024 and a Mars flyby in 2025.

Get even more information about these two new science missions HERE

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To The Irons

“Miss Harrow,

 I hope this letter finds you well. When last we spoke, we’d discussed a business contract for a search and return voyage of one Iron Boar. Over the course of a few months, I’ve been able to retrieve a great deal of information on his current predicament in the hopes that it will assist you on the endeavor.

 Several months ago, Mister Boar took a contract with a ‘Fisherman’ who needed extra protection on a journey out west. This man, Hugo Morrison, Captain of the Whistling Lady, had the necessary crew and sought out Iron Boar’s mercenary specialties. It was set to be a short trip, with only a month or so in mind. The truth of the matter, was far less simple. Rumors have it that Mister Morrison’s intentions were not that of fish, but of illegal cargo to be shipped from the far western lands. Last contact was made four months ago, and the coordinates are marked on a map I’ve supplied with this missive. I’ve also taken the liberty of marking the route I procured, that I believed them to be taking. In all likely hood, Iron Boar is within the remainder of that route, given that they remained on course.

 I’d like confirmation of Iron Boar’s status, be it dead or alive. The people he’s close to, deserve closure, and if the man is lost at sea, he deserves to be returned home. Compensation for this can be discussed further down the line. As I said before, I’m willing to work within reason.



* * *

“S’gonna beh un’ah those hot daehs where ya jus’wanna laeh wit’yer buns out inna sun eh?” Golden grinned with steps taken two at a time up onto the quarterdeck.  Attempts had been made since first bell but even her comical wiggle and shimmy up to the midlander wasn’t enough to draw a smile from the pensive captain. With a defeated sigh, Golden pressed her form against the railing companionably close to Elldys and rolled her vision over the parchment in Captain Harrow’s hands. “Whoosat from? Yoo been stewin’ ovah dah contents all mornin ya moodeh sod.”

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anonymous asked:

I actually went to Catholic school and immersed myself in the faith for a number of years. I was you, before I realized how brainwashed I was and how oppressive the faith was. It pains me to see people like you brought in and essentially being the human I once was. Prayers you soon see the truth.

You are right I haven’t seen the truth, I never have seen God the Father, or the Spirit in my life.

But you are very wrong. I experience Jesus every day. I eat his body and drink his blood that he gave to me for the forgiveness of my sins.
I give myself to Jesus every day of my own free will and choice. I have made a vow to love Jesus all the days of my life, in poverty, sickness and health, good or for bad. When I suffer, I have God. When I am happy God is happy with me. 

I have lived the Truth. Jesus is with me when I give the poor a bottle of Poland Spring Water, Jesus is with me when I gave out winter hats this winter in NYC. Jesus is with me when I do my volunteer work at a thrift store and I make the money for the poor of the community. Jesus is with me when I give poor children a bag of nice clothes. Jesus was with me with a gave a stuffed animal to a poor indian girl, in one of the poorest communities in New York. I see Jesus in their faces, and they see Jesus in my kindness.

I pray that you find Jesus in your community, in your good works, in your prayer life, and in the quiet moments of the day,
God Bless you and your family.

people keep acting like i’m some sort of hero
because i stepped out of the luxuries
of america into a more simplistic society
somewhere beyond the ocean blue.
they see me as something to aspire to
just because i’m giving a few months of
my life to alleged strangers.
but let me be the first to tell you —
i’m no hero. it’s true,
i’m no jonah, running from God’s voice
in the opposite direction until
i am swallowed by a fish in one big gulp.
but i’m no paul either, tiptoeing along
the lines of martyrdom every second of
every day. i’m not saying what i’m doing
is insignificant because it’s not. i know
God called me here and has purpose in
each minute. there are people who are dying
for the sake of the Gospel but i… i am not
one of them. i’m not locked behind bars
because i casually mentioned Jesus in conversation.
i’m not being beaten until i’m black and blue
because i chose to read my Bible in public.
i’m not carrying a cross on my back with
thorns on my head as i walk past the
very people i created who do nothing
to defend me. so please remember
that i am overwhelmingly human
and while i’m in a distant land loving
those i meet as best i can, this was
never my idea. He flipped the lightbulb
on in my brain and i just chose to follow
the glow because it seemed promising.
it was a hesitant compliance but i’m
finding my reliance on this Light is
stronger than ever before. i might be
in the great unknown but i know this;
i will chase this Light right off a cliff
if i have to.
—  saving the world is His mantra, not mine
Making outreach safe and simple

hedied4me-ilive4him asked: Hey, I was wondering if you could drop some knowledge. My aunt started this organization to help feed the homeless. And I’ve been helping her by going down to Detroit, in the bad parts. Things were going well up until last week. Things got a little dangerous and we only had one guy with us. And there was a guy that kept trying to call out to me. It’s mainly a bunch of women feeding the homeless. Do you have any tips?

Unka Glen answered: Sure do, but first let me take the time to say how much you rock and how much your Auntie rocks. Homeless ministry is not the easiest place to start (as opposed to prison ministry, crisis pregnancy centers, drop-in centers, tutoring programs, and so on). So let’s draw up a few simple parameters…

First, it may sound cynical, but it’s true: to the extent that people can take advantage of you, they will. That means getting familiar with the word “no”, that means drawing strict boundaries. That means being neither angry with, or tempted by, manipulation. And it means bringing several very large Christian brothers with you wherever you go.

Second, quality inner city ministries don’t take senseless risks. Sure it’s a crazy environment, and anything can happen, but there’s a smart and safe way to do everything. If people see you take a dumb risk, they might think that you’re, well… dumb. 

Third, dial in this mix: no judgment, lots of love, and ease with confrontation. “I know you’ve got your ways, and Lord knows I don’t have the right to judge any of it, but I care about you, and it breaks my heart to see you out here like this, and so now I’m gonna bug you about getting your narrow butt into a shelter!”

Finally, figure out how to sort your challenges. Some homeless people are just down on their luck and need to find a shelter; some of them don’t want to be in a shelter. You can’t help all of these people all the time, so start with whoever is ready to go to a shelter.

Some of these people could afford to pay rent if they had work, so grab them and find out who’s hiring (don’t just dump job center information on them). Some are veterans, and the VA can do a lot to help them if you’re willing to spend some time with them on paperwork. You’re dealing with lots of people who are caught up in addiction, and some of them are actually willing to go to a 12 step program if you can help them find one.

The point is, do everything you can to integrate with other programs that do things you can’t (that’s exactly what we do) and put your focus on people who are ready to move forward today. They’ll keep you plenty busy until the rest come around.

Tonight in the missions class I’m taking, the speaker flat out said what I’ve already known for several years. If you really want to be a long-term missionary, your eligible dating pool has just shrunk down to about 0.01%. So that’s hilarious. But in all seriousness, he’s right. Maybe I’m too severe, but that’s why I don’t even entertain any stranger who asks for my number. Because a Christian guy considering long-term missions would never do that. So what’s the point in wasting someone else’s, and my time? It’s definitely an interesting situation to be in. But if anything, it only confirms that I have to trust the dating area of my life to God. Because it’s too impossible to figure out on my own.