Cooking Cinemagraphs by Dasha & Olya

Moscow-based friends, photographer Daria Khoroshavina (Dasha) and prop and food styler Olga Kolesnikova (Olya) partnered up to create mouth-watering cinemagraphs. Titled, Kitchen Ghosts, so far the pair has produced stunning and delicious animations of them preparing French toast, breakfast, a pear and walnut strudel, and a pasta dish with chicken and honey orange sauce. Their mission is to make food photography beautiful, appetizing and exciting.

To find out what they’re cooking next, visit Kitchen Ghosts!

anonymous asked:

Imagine Bucky not knowing what foods he likes and being really curious so he sets out to try EVERYTHING.

the team is more than willing to help him; the stark tower bonus room is already furnished with a hefty stack of takeout menus from everyone’s favorite restaurants, and bucky doesn’t feel quite up to eating out (being seen in public with steve - or any of the avengers - means more attention than he’s willing to face just yet) so they decide to start by obtaining a takeout menu for every single restaurant within delivery radius and trying them all.

not all at once, of course; every time the team orders takeout, they pick a place they haven’t tried yet. it’s an adventure for all of them. sometimes they find new favorites, and sometimes….well, not so much.

natasha, methodical as ever, eventually makes up a big spreadsheet of all the places they’ve tried and each person’s rating (ranging from ‘hell yeah’ to 'you couldn’t fucking pay me’). tony makes fun of her for it, for about ten seconds before she gives him one of the scariest looks he’s ever seen and that shuts him right up.

“you should appreciate this,” she comments to bruce once tony has fled the room. “it’s for science. this is a science.” bruce has, in fact, seen scientific papers that were less thorough.

bucky, for his part, is just happy that there’s a thai place around the block that delivers until 3 am.

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imagine bucky and clint bonding after sitting for hours in their sniper's perch

“hey, you want some scooby doo gummies?”

“what the fuck is a scooby doo and why would i wanna eat it’s gummies?”