Here’s a classic big city dilemma (sorry suburban folks): It’s late at night, the weather is bad, and you’re hungry. Your favorite restaurant is less than a mile away, but you don’t want to leave the house, and you don’t want to pay a $5 delivery fee — plus tip — for a $10 meal.

So, what do you do?

Back in the old days, you would have braved the elements — or learned to plan ahead. But those days are coming to an end, at least in Washington, D.C.

A fleet of about 20 autonomous, knee-high robots recently has appeared on the sidewalks of the nation’s capital, and they’re out to revolutionize hyper-local delivery in big cities. Their mission? Bring takeout food from restaurants to hungry customers at home — while keeping the delivery cost to around a dollar.

Hungry? Call Your Neighborhood Delivery Robot

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Second day back at it and feelin pretty good. I forgot how much I have to eat though in order to lift and I started feeling lightheaded at the end of my workout. No good. So tomorrow’s mission: eat more food!

1/22/17 Workout:

Bent over barbell row: 3x12 30#
Barbell bicep curls: 3x8 30#
Hip thrusts: 4x10 90#
Glute cable pull throughs: 4x10 90#
Rope bicep curls: 4x8 40#
Seated row: 3x6 40#
Rope lat push downs: 3x12 20#
Glute isolators: 4x8 40#

FR 1 month lore writing challenge

Once again, this challenge is mostly for my own use ( soujun-fr ), but feel free to do it as well. This challenge was written with my own Clan in mind, so you might have to tweak it to fit your own.

Write about :

  1. the clan leader is thinking about quitting his job.
  2. the best fighter in the clan broke a leg/wing whatever and the beastclan are coming to attack.
  3. the ambassador never returned from his mission in […] flight.
  4. some food was stolen and probably eaten. Who’s the culprit ?
  5. it’s […] birthday ! Let’s celebrate.
  6. it’s […] festival. What are we doing for the occasion ?
  7. […] sneezed and destroyed a full area of the lair
  8. the diva of the clan is having a hard time and don’t see themselves as fabulous anymore.
  9. the newcomer is trying to rise in power
  10. ambassadors from another clan are coming to visit
  11. the clan founder is having a breakdown and thinks that founding the clan was a terrible idea.
  12. the clan is going to attack another clan
  13. a hitman was hired to hunt down one of the clan member.
  14. […] & […] are going to get married !
  15. the scientist of the clan created a gigantic robot and starts to lose control on it.
  16. a typical day in the clan
  17. how […] & […] met
  18. […] is banished from the clan.
  19.  family bonding time
  20. something happened and the clan have to move out.
  21. the best singer in the clan lost its voice
  22. love declaration. but the dragon gets rejected
  23. the familiar lover of the clan comes back home with a new (dangerous) “friend”
  24. the whole clan comes together to help the snapper fly
  25. the weakest member of the clan is training with the strongest.
  26. the artist of the clan can’t draw anything at the moment and is being over dramatic
  27. the gloomy kid of the clan is suddenly joyful.
  28. a new “sexy” dragon in town is trying to get in between the lovey dovey couple
  29. a disease is spreading
  30. […] decided to not worship your flight deity anymore.
  31. the highest ranked warriors decided to see who’s the strongest.
Villain Tip #15

Make sure you contribute to your evil group whatever you do best. Some people are really good at fighting, so they do a bunch of missions. Some people can hack so they stay at the computer all day. Some are just really good at picking out budget-worthy snacks.

Why can I contribute?

There is a reason I work alone.

The Art of Deception - missbecky - Kingsman (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works


Rating: Explicit

Summary:  To prevent video of what happened at South Glade Mission Church from going viral, Eggsy lets himself be blackmailed into stealing from Harry. He should have known, though, that Harry would find out. Now they have to work together to stop the blackmailer, even as they are privately falling apart.

Tags: Angst, Action/Adventure, Mission Fic, Blackmail, Food Porn, PTSD

Chapter 10:  “You’re persistent, old man,” Charlie says. “I’ll give you that.” He taps the tabletop, his fingers inches from the USB drive. “But come on. I was never going to give it to you.”

Chapter 11/Epilogue:  And he also knows this: Eggsy’s love for him, his love for Eggsy, doesn’t make him helpless. It never did. That kind of love can only make a person stronger.

Thank you so much to everyone who has read this, who has taken the time to leave a kudos or comment, who liked or reblogged these posts. I appreciate you all so much. <3

This is one of the first photos I ever took while on assignment outside the US. Even after all these years (more than 30!) I still love it. It was taken in an extremely remote Tonga village in the Zambezi River Valley of Zimbabwe. Outsiders were rare, and these boys were curious, bold and brave! I was there during a time of severe drought. Water sources dried up, cattle were dying, and the people were eating grass to survive. I accompanied a humanitarian aid mission, bringing much needed food and supples to the desperate villagers.

SURPRISE!! You've been eating vegan food!!

Popular store foods that are actually vegan:
Newmans light and Kraft creamy italian dressing
Jello pudding
Duncan Hines frosting and cake
Pillsbury crescent rolls
Ritz crackers
Doritos spicy chili
Sarah Lee apple pie
SuperPretzel soft pretzel
Hersheys chocolate syrup
Nabisco gram crackers
Thomas New York style bagels
Teddy Grams chocolate chip
Ghiradelli double chocolate brownie mix
Mission Foods taco shells
Aunt Jemima Pancake/Waffle Mix
Healthy Choice Asian Potstickers
Luigi’s Real Italian Ice
Smucker’s Uncrustables
Lays Kettle Cooked chips

Blow Pops
Cry Baby
Dum Dums
Hubba Bubba
Jolly Rancher
Now and Later
Sour Patch
Swedish Fish

You have NO REASON AT ALL to say “vegan food is gross and weird” because I bet my butt most of yall out there eat oreos, Hersheys syrup and Smuckers uncrustables and Kool-aid and LOOK AT ALL THE CANDY.


Turning Food Into Something Unexpected with @seriousdesign

To see more of Matija’s unusual mashups, follow @seriousdesign on Instagram.

It was the steak flip-flops that gave Matija Erceg (@seriousdesign) the idea. He was a little bored with his day-to-day job as a web developer, and when he saw a picture of a pair of flip-flops with soles made out of steak, inspiration struck him.

“I imagined what it would be like to wear them,” says Matija, who is based in Vancouver, Canada. “I wanted to evoke the same reaction of delightful disgust in other people, so I set off on a mission to pair food and everyday objects into ‘serious designs.’”

Matija started with some shrimp headphones. “Imagine the feeling of putting them into your ears, as you would earbuds,” he says. “I think that seeing them on the ends of the wires helps imagine the sensation.”

From an iPod made of cheese to a banana gun, there is seemingly no end to Matija’s tweaks. So far he has confined himself to Photoshop, but says he’s considering making real sculptures. “I’ve been studying the art of fake food, like you see in some restaurant window displays,” he says. “Maybe a trip to Japan is in the cards?”

Is at Mission BBQ
Me: So how do you feel about this place’s free samples?
Date: I kind of prefer Olive Garden’s breadsticks.
Me: *shoving Moist Brisket into my purse* I’m sorry… I have to go… Right now. *steals bottle of Texas Twang* bYE¡