Mission Blue

Back at the Garrison:
  • Lance, yelling across the room: Oh you're going down in the next simulation mullet!
  • Keith, pulling over another cadet: Hey, who is that guy?
  • Cadet: Ha! Good one Keith!
  • Keith: Haha...yeah...
  • Later
  • Keith, writing: Garrison log, day 132: Cute Cargo Pilot's name remains a mystery. Had to make do with Mothman's during my 'Iverson's class is boring as hell' doodles. Mission: Blue Eyes continues...
When You Fail To Be

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Anyways. Here it is, chapter 1. Lance and Shiro angst + broganes angst + KLANCE angst + ….Just angst all around, yo.

Um…So yeah, hope you like??? It’s also on Ao3 on my same name. It’s the second part of the Human Healing Pod Au.

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. Human Healing Pod Au doesn’t belong to me.


Shiro frowns exasperated as he catches Lance’s blue glowing light from the corner of his eye.

It’s been a few weeks since their last group training took place with Lance’s new healing powers. The brunet insisted that he had the hang of it, being able to work through the process on small injuries without getting dizzy after it.

Lance had reassure Shiro that he will continue training on his own but Shiro had just pursed his lips, not convinced in the least. After a few minutes arguing, Shiro finally agreed to Lance’s plan but only if the brunet had someone with him during his training sessions, something that Lance had grudgingly agreed to along with a few more conditions.

One week later and Lance was already breaking one of their conditions.

“That boy, I swear.” Shiro mumbles, making his way towards Lance as the brunet places his hands over the alien refugee they just saved in today’s mission, his blue eyes falling into a vivid glow entirely in less than a tick, “Hey, I said no more healing today, Lance. You –“

It was just a light pull. Shiro placed his Galra arm over the brunet’s shoulder and pull just enough break apart the contact between him and the alien’s wound and suddenly there was screaming.

Agonized and pained screaming echoes around them and Shiro just stares in horror as Lance shakes and continues to scream in his arms, his glowing eyes getting brighter before losing their light and then being bright once again.

“Lance!” Shiro shouts startled, “Lance, buddy, what’s wrong¡?” He yells in panic, making sure to hold the teen tight against him as he continues to scream and then –

Then Lance sighs, eyes rolling to the back of his head, losing their blue glow, and he goes limp on Shiro’s arms, mouth hanging open in a silent scream and Shiro’s heart skips a beat at the sight.

“L-Lance?” He whispers softly, voice cracking, “Buddy?”

“LANCE!” Keith’s voice echoes in panic and urgency, “Lance¡? Shiro, what happened¡? LANCE!”

“H-He’s not breathing.” Shiro gasps, a cold shiver running through his spine, “H-he’s not –“

Lance’s suddenly taken away from him by a pair of red armored hands. Shiro blinks in panic and confusion for a moment before he raises his head and stares at Keith as the black haired teen cradles Lance’s body against his.

“Lance, baby, hey, come on, come on, this is not funny, Lance, please.” Keith mumbles, his free hand gently patting Lance’s cheek in hopes of getting a reaction, “L-Lance, baby, please, please, no. Hey! Come on, you promised! Lance!”

Everything’s a blur for Shiro after that. Keith’s screams and pleads echo inside him, mixing themselves with Lance’s screams along with Hunk’s sobs and the image of Pidge’s scared face. Barely noticing when Coran makes his way towards them and takes Lance from Keith’s arms, followed by the blurry image of Hunk holding Keith back as he trashes and screams wildly when Lance is taken away from him.

He doesn’t even notice Allura’s presence until she whispers his name against his ear and he snaps out of it. He blinks hard and takes the surroundings around him. He’s in Allura’s room, lying down on her bed, facing the ceiling in disorientation and confusion.

“Wha –“ Shiro mumbles softly, “What.”

“Hey, it’s alright. Take it easy.” Allura whispers gently, stroking his hair, “It’s alright.”

“What happened?” Shiro asks in a daze, eyes groggy and tired before they snap wide open as he remembers Lance’s limp weight on his arms, “Lance. What happened to Lance? Allura?”

“You killed him, that’s what happened.” Shiro freezes at the cold harsh voice that answers him and slowly turns his head to the side to meet his little brother’s glare.

“Keith!” Allura snaps, sighing in exasperation as if it wasn’t the first time she has scolded the teen.

“What? It’s true, isn’t it?” Keith snaps back, frowning and glaring angrily.

Allura stays quiet and Shiro’s blood turns cold.

“Allura?” He asks in a small voice and Allura shakes her head.

“He died for a few ticks but we were able to get him back.” Allura answers, her shoulders tense and her voice tired, “But it wasn’t anyone’s fau –“

“No. It was Shiro’s. It was Shiro who made Lance push himself in every training session knowing the danger. It was Shiro who made Lance feel like he needed to push and push and push himself more every time. It’s because of Shiro that Lance has dark bags and swollen red eyes and is tired all the time. It was Shiro –It was Shiro who broke the connection and caused Lance’s heart to stop.”

One, two, three beats and then –

“What?” Shiro breaths out, slowly sitting up on the bed and waving away Allura’s complaints, “What? What does that – What?

“Keith.” Allura says calmly but with an edge of warning in her tone, “Stand down.”

“Whatever.” Keith mumbles, scoffing and sending Shiro a dark glare before turning around and walking towards the exit, leaving behind a frozen Shiro.

“What.” Shiro whispers, “What?”

“Shiro –“

“Keith, no, wait!” Shiro ignores Allura’s words as he climbs down the bed and follows his brother with wobbly but fast steps, “Keith Kogane Shirogane, come back her –!”

Keith turns around sharply and Shiro takes a surprised step back at the furious snarl on his kid brother’s face.

“Don’t call me that.” Keith whispers with menace, “I want nothing to do with you, you hear me? Nothing.”

“Keith –“ Shiro stops as Keith suddenly crashes against him, barely dodging the fist that was aimed for his face, “Keith!” He repeats, grabbing Keith by the arms and keeping him still.

“You damn son of a –! It was your fault! You and your stupid rules! You and – and – God, I hate you, Ifucking hate you!” Keith screams, fist hitting the young adult on the chest, “You fucking – I fucking hate –“

“Buddy –“

“You didn’t protect him!” Keith screams, still trashing and kicking against Shiro’s hold on his arms, “You didn’t protect him! You promised and you didn’t –! You just let him die in your arms! You just stood there as he died and –! Fuck!”

“Keith, please –“ Shiro rasps out brokenly but Keith shakes his head, taking a step back from his older brother, shrugging his hold.

“No. No. He died, Shiro. My – Lance died and I – I couldn’t – And –“ A sudden abrupt sob escapes his mouth and suddenly Keith falls to the ground, sobs shaking his entire body, “I –I –I didn’t know what – And you were – You looked so hopeless as you held him and I couldn’t – I fucking lost it –“

“Keith.” Shiro mumbles, his heart breaking for his little brother but the teen just continues to sob on the ground in the middle of the hallway.

“I-I’m sorry, fuck – I’m sorry, Shiro – I know it wasn’t – wasn’t your fault but –“ Keith presses the palm of his hands hard against his eyes in hopes to stop the flowing tears, “It was mine. It was my fault – And I slash out at you and I’m – He was dead, god , he wasDEAD, SHIRO!”

Shiro doesn’t hesitates and then he’s on the floor, wrapping his arms around his little brother as the teen shakes with sobs, still mumbling incoherently against his brother’s chest and Shiro takes no mind as snot and tears mix themselves on his shirt.

He just holds his brother, tight and strong, and sucks in a deep breath to stop his own tears from falling.

“I’m sorry.” He murmurs under his breath against Keith’s wild hair, “I’m so sorry, little brother.”

Allura just stands quietly on the corner, watching with sad eyes as the brothers sit on the floor, holding each other. She turns then, giving them their privacy before she enters the first room down the opposite hall.

Her footsteps are soft as she walks towards the bed on the corner of the room. The room is dark and quiet, for the exception of the hard panting breathing coming from the bed.

Allura takes a seat on the start of the bed, near Lance’s face, and watches sadly as the brunet rasps out harsh breaths through his mouth, unable to fill his lungs properly.

“Hush, now, it’s okay, Lance. It’s okay.” She mumbles gently, brushing Lance’s wet hair back as the the brunet whimpers inconsolably, “Sh, asteráki. You’re alright.”

She stays there for a while, humming under her voice to calm the brunet down and whispering comfort words as he whimpers and whines unconsciously.

Allura losses track of the time but suddenly, the door opens once again and she meets Shiro’s wide scared eyes at the edge of the door.

“Shiro.” She calls softly and frowns when the leader of Voltron doesn’t knowledge her calling, his gray eyes solemnly placed on the shivering brunet on the bed, “Shiro, love.”

One, two, three steps back out of shock and then Shiro’s running out of the room. 

ziaraderosa  asked:

During their Garrison days, Lance was attracted to Keith, and developed Hanahaki disease due to the fact that Keith didn't love him back. It had gotten to the point where Lance could barley talk without coughing up flowers, but once Keith left the Garrison, Lance's flower started wilting. Lance had pushed Keith to the back of his mind, not wanting his flower to grow again but once they got stuck together in outer space, his flower started growing again. (1/2)

Lance, not wanting to hold the team back more than he already did, kept his mouth shut about his diseases. It only got worse and worse the longer they spent in space, even worse than when they were in the Garrison. While on a mission, Blue suddenly takes off towards the castle, and the rest of the lions (against their paladins will) follow after Blue in concern. Once all the lions are in their hangars, the paladins all head to Blue’s hangar to check up on her and Lance. (2/3 I lied)

They find Lance bloody and covered in flowers in Blue’s seat, just barley hanging onto life. He is rushed to the healing pods, where the pod takes matters into its own hands and extracts the flower from Lance (idk how sorry). When Lance is released from the pod, everyone is just happy he is still alive, but once it gets to Keith’s turn for hugs, Lance pulls away from him and says… “Um, my mama told me to not touch strangers” (3/3)

Holy fried chicken, Lemme tell you what happens after Lance says that. 

Keith goes still and asks him too repeat and Lance does. Cue crying Keith. Hes begging Lance to remember him, too see him and remember that they’re rivals that they bicker and fight and are best friends. He tries to get Lance to remember him, to remember them. 

Hunk has to remove Keith from the room, as he cries and begs Lance to remember him, because he remembers everyone else. Hunk explains that with the flower gone he’d have forgotten the one he loved. Keith shrinks in on himself and doesn’t leave the training deck for days because, it wasn’t one sided.


Where have you been?
Now you know how I feel.


Mission: Space by Jordan Hall


Pairing: Reader x Bucky Barnes

Words: 6.358

Warnings: smut (oral sex (female receiving), explicit language), swearing, angst, wrap it before you tap it!

Котенька - a really cute Russian pet name like ‘kitty’

“I don’t want you to worship the ground where I’m walking on.” you screamed angry at the back of a leaving Bucky. After another argument with him, you lost your well-trained patience. It was always the same topic. You loved Bucky, from the bottom of your heart, and you tried your best to work with his insecurities but today was too much. As he heard your voice and the words you spat against him, he stopped in his tracks to walk away from you, away from your relationship and out of your shared apartment.

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Mission Blue ~ "No ocean, no life. No life, no us."

I: “Aren’t you a radical about protecting the oceans?”

SE: “If I seem like a radical, it may be because I see things that others do not.”

The documentary “Mission Blue” was released on Netflix on August 15th. It features the extraordinary Dr. Sylvia Earle, her life and work to protect the oceans and to spread awareness on marine conservation. I watched it a few nights ago, and felt inspired, impressed, and at the same time a bit disgusted by the human race. And also quite glad to be a vegetarian. 

The film highlights Earle’s main contributions and scientific missions while taking us down memory lane to learn more about her childhood growing up in New Jersey, and then falling in love with the oceans when she moved to the Gulf coast of Florida. She talks with a lot of emotion about how the nature she would love so much as a child has changed so much, for the worse. While Sylvia grew up by the Gulf of Mexico, there was only one oil rig in the Gulf. Nowadays, there are over 33,000 of them!

Growing up and through her high school and college career, her inspirations were William Beebe and Jacques Cousteau. Luckily for her, one of her college professors managed to get some of the very first set of ‘Aqualung’ equipment available. Once she started diving, she never looked back. She felt free, at ease, at home.

Well, I clearly failed my graduation photo! She admits that back in the day, nobody even conceived we could have an impact on the oceans. “The sea at the time seemed endless in its capacity to yield whatever we wanted to take from it, and in whatever we could put in it,” she explains. “We have this idea as humans that the oceans is so big and so vast and so resilient that it doesn’t matter what we do to it. Our ignorance is really the biggest problem we now face.”

But she saw her home, Florida, change before her eyes as it was being developed at an alarming pace. She gets emotional talking about Tampa Bay, about the crystal waters of her childhood turning green, about the grass dying, about the salt marshes being destroyed to build parking lots.

“That kind of experience, of witness… I saw the before, and I saw the after of what kind of influence we can do to the natural world.”

To my (nerdy) delight, the documentary also prominently features Jeremy Jackson (if you are or want to get into marine biology, you will read many, many, many of his papers). Jackson explains that the Gulf of Mexico is this extraordinarily wonderful, productive, magnificent place that also had the misfortune of being on top of a ton of oil and of being the sewer for a lot of people of the U.S.A.

The film touches on many critical topics and on the many barbaric acts we can do to the oceans. Some footage is very raw and not for the weak-hearted: shark finning, the BP oil spill, industrial fishing, trash and plastic pollution, death of coral reefs worldwide, overfishing of many species, agricultural and animal farming run-off…It’s quite a slap in the face and a lot to take in. If this isn’t a wake-up call, I don’t know what is. 

Earle was a pioneer for all women in the science world. She broke through all the barricades and prejudices against women. All of the sudden, in the middle of all of these burly, bearded men was a tiny, ambitious woman with a lot of big ideas.

In 1979, she made an open-ocean JIM suit dive to the sea floor near Oahu, Hawaii, setting a women’s depth record of 381 metres (1,250 ft). She admits she never was scared. She was fascinated to be able to observe all these bioluminescent creatures and a landscape that hadn’t changed in billions of years. She even asked to turn the lights off!

She has made it her life’s purpose to speak for the oceans.In a way, we are all sea creatures,” she explains on the Colbert Report. She is not scared to get in the heat of things, as we see her get in the water, camera in-hands, really close to huge industrial fishing boats.

“Seeing this… being in the water with the fish… for a moment i felt as if a piece of me was ripped out of the ocean as well,” she recalls, emotionally.

As we all already knew, she is not afraid to point fingers and say what is on her mind. As she became more renowned, she was appointed Chief Scientist of NOAA in 1990. While she admits she learned a lot, she also realized that it was not the best position for her to really make an impact.

“I went to a meeting with the Fisheries Council, and I was never allowed again,” she explains. “I was not permitted to speak about things I knew most about”. And that says a lot. Being a government official did not allow her to fully convey her passion and to freely speak her mind. So she parted ways with NOAA. 

Now, Earle is always on the road, traveling all around the world to give lectures and to inspire people to care about the oceans. Her Mission Blue is to protect the oceans the same way we now protect the land. 

The documentary ends on a positive and hopeful note, and the message to take home is that we can change the way things are going. We have to rewire how human beings look at their relationship with nature: “what we have on Earth is all we will ever have.

This film serves as a career retrospect, which is fascinating, an intriguing personal story on her family life, but also as a warning call to protect our planet. It is hard-hitting, but also inspiring. Now it is up to every single one of us to make a change for the better. Will you join Mission Blue?

Instead of finding Keith’s mom in season 3....

….The Voltron crew completely throws a curveball and have them find his dad. In space. Specifically chilling at some shady, low-life space bar.

Though it’s not officially stated the state of Daddy Kogane, most of us assume he either died when Keith was younger or just straight up left him at some point. I’m kinda leaning on the party of him leaving to try and find a way to locate Keith’s mom. Since it’s canon that she is a member of the Blade of Mamora, she probably went to Earth on a mission to locate the Blue Lion before Zarkon’s forces could (perhaps actually piloting the Red Lion to do so?) One way or another, she kinda get stuck and runs into this womanizer (I’m going with in the theory that he might also be Shiro’s dad), rough-neck country boy and forced him to be her guide. Love blossoms between the two and Keith happens. However Keith’s mom knows that she can’t stay there too much longer and has to return to her duties- now that she knows the Blue Lion is located on Earth she and the Blade have to ensure that Zarkon won’t find it. She leaves her family in the dead of night with only a note explaining her reasoning and her blade as a reminder for Keith of her love.

But Daddy Kogane ain’t one to give up. He knows the war going on up in space and his wife’s role in it. There no way in hell he’s letting her fight alone to keep Keith and Earth safe. So he makes a home for himself and baby Keith in the middle of the desert where he and his wife first met (and to keep an eye out for the Blue Lion who, unfortunately won’t open up to him. Damn giant robot cat. Should have been a robot dog, aint’ as damn fickle). He searches for anything that might be alien-like (searching high and low for cryptids and UFO sightings with little toddle Keith always at his side). Finally he comes across another alien that happens to be stopping on earth (stealing Kaltenecker and other random earth junk) and forces the poor alien (dude, put that knife down! I’m just doing my job man!) to agree to give him a ride into space.

Of Daddy Kogane doesn’t know what actually he’ll run into up in space looking for the Blade of Mamora. All he knows is that there is a war going on and a little kid like Keith won’t be safe. So, with a heavy heart, he leaves Keith with an old family friend with the promise that he’ll be back as soon as he can- both him and Keith’s mom will.

Years fly by and Keith and the paladins are currently looking for Shiro. Some aliens that they saved inform them that they have actually seen a human that looks similar to Keith within their town. Of course, everyone assumes that it’s Shiro and get pumped and excited.

Their alien guide leads them into the most filthy part of their village. The paladins excitement starts to dim and then just turns into confused when the alien points to what is obviously a seedy, criminal filled bar. 

This…this doesn’t seem like a place Shiro, their law-abiding and gentle-hearted space dad, would want to hang out in.

But they shrug their shoulders and head in. Who knows? Maybe Shiro just needed a drink.

Amongst all the burly, vicious looking aliens, they spot the hunched back of a figure that is obviously human. They get excited and rush forward, Keith in the lead, crying out “SHIRO!!!”

Then, the figure downs his drink and turns towards the commotion. A guy that is obviously not Shiro sends them a deadpan look.

“Who the hell is Shiro? The name’s Ryou.” His eyes widen. “Well, I’ll be damned, you fellas human?”

The paladins stare, jaws open in shock and then Keith speaks in a quiet, bewildered voice.


Ryou’s eyes widen even further in shock.”KEITH?! What the hell you doing here boy?! Why aren’t you back with Mrs. Harris?!”

“Mrs. Harris got into a bar fight and died of a stroke ten years ago!”

“Oh.” Ryou leans back and yells at the bartender, “I’M GOING TO NEED ANOTHER ROUND OVER HERE! MAKE IT REALLY STRONG!”

jigglejaggle  asked:

Can you do the one where lance get hit and blue starts freezing up and he gets frostbite? It's to long to post the whole in the ask Lol-- and since it's ok to ask more, i might ask for another... I'm sorry i just like the way you writeÕ_Õ

Yeah. I like that one too. And it’s no big deal. Honestly I’m so happy you like my Prompts so much. Feel free to ask away as many as you like.


Lance was still dealing with the after affects of the last mission they went on. Blue was malfunctioning, and there was honestly no problem with any part of her. Her controls and armor were all fixed, but somehow she still was “broken”. The insides of Blue’s cockpit was freezing cold. The controls even colder against Lance’s warm hands.

He had to spend hours training I the freezing cold of Blue’s cock pit. Some days his fingers only turned a light blue from lack of warmth and blood flow. The longest mission they had gone on was wrecking Lance’s hands. As he fought his fingers turned numb and he wasn’t sure how he continued to pilot Blue and fight.

He guessed it was the adrenaline and the wish to not let down his team. His brain always supplied with him useless depressive thoughts and they only made him work himself to the brink of danger and exhaustion. His hands were slowly turning more and more of a dark color during he current mission. It had been hours.

They were stuck fighting for hours on hours. Finally. Thank the stars it was over finally. Lance was shiver and his cheeks and nose were a bright pink and his hands and fingers were an unnatural purple and blue color. He had been able to hide the pain they gave him so far. It they had never gotten this bad.

As he got out of Blue he sighed in thankfulness to the warmth of the castle. Thankfully his hands were covered with gloves but they were still freezing cold. Cold enough to burn a little bit of prolonged touch ensued. The team high fives and as Shiro gave Lance a high five Lance winced in pain.

He shuddered as a burning feeling ran from his finger tips up his arms slowly. He could barely move his fingers and they were numb with cold and he held them close to his body as he smiled with team. Shiro narrowed his eyes at Lance’s actions and quietly huffed. “What’s wrong wth your hands Lance?” Shiro asked suddenly.

Lance’s eyes widened and he pulled them closer into his chest. “It’s nothing..” he mumbled and looked away. Without another word Shiro closed the distance between them and grabbed Lance’s wrist and yanked off the glove. Lance winced and looked away at the terrified gasps of the team

His hand was a dark purple and almost black. At his finger tips. “Lance..” Hunk let out in worry as he looked at Lance’s hands. “How long..”

“About a week or two…” Lance replied. “It wasn’t that bad until now. We usually only trained for about an hour and a half and nothing happened but the hours of this mission, I guess, took a toll on them. Blue has been malfunctioning and is freezing cold inside. Everything is fixed about her but she’s freezing cold inside…” he mumbled in defeat.

The team was silent, unable to believe they hadn’t noticed at all. Especially since they trained every day about three times before eating. They just didn’t know what to say as Lance was ushered to go get healing before his hands were completely done for. The team was silent, guilt laying over them like a weighted blanket. Had they really been that blind to never see until now how Lance flinched at the high fives and how burning come his hands had been..?

“Hydrangea Bush” 12" x 14". Colored Pencil.

Finished my Micro Habitat! Pretty much love it. Prints available if desired. :)

To Find Our Own
A Red vs Blue fanfiction, 6k, rated T
By Organization for Transformative Works

(Blue team entry for the 2017 Bingo Wars: rescue fic)

In which Tucker actually does turn this trip around and go back, and Washington finds something he left behind.

Dedicated to my beta @playerprophet, whose love of Caboose has driven me to this; and to @littlefists as well, whose emotional torment over Washington being adopted by the Blues also drove me to this. Oops.


Official Netflix Trailer for Mission Blue, featuring the outstanding Sylvia Earle.

“Oceanographer and eco-activist Sylvia Earle’s urgent mission to expose the dire condition of Earth’s oceans is captured in this documentary directed by Fisher Stevens, Academy Award-winning producer of “The Cove,” and Academy Award nominee Bob Nixon. Earle explains that the condition of our oceans, rapidly dying due to pollution, over-fishing, and acidification, is an ecological catastrophe soon to have a devastating impact on all life on Earth.”

Available starting August 15th! Get excited!

SU theory (kinda)

It is constantly reminded in the show that each gem created is created for a purpose. Every gem has her respective role she must fulfill, and already knows what they will do from the moment they are born until forever. I believe that also goes for the mighty Diamonds. Yellow Diamond appears to be military based, as she is wearing armor and even a helmet (yes I was surprised too, her odd hair is in fact a helmet) at all times. She also plans tactics and missions. Blue Diamond seems to be more diplomatic. Her court consisted of mostly non violent gems with certain abilities, like being able to see into the future or terraform, and her duty seemed to only ensure and reinforce gem culture. White Diamond is still a bit of a mystery to me, but it seems she is the ultimate authority as she appears in the mural with the most solar systems and holding Homeworld in her hands.
Pink Diamond is what I find to be most interesting. The fact she only has possession of Earth and the Moon is intriguing, as her fellow Diamonds have vast territory to claim as their own. I believe that the solar systems were given to the Diamonds in a division of land by White, but Pink hadn’t gotten her planets because of her particular role in Homeworld.
I believe her role was the creation of gems and gemkind.
Pink was the one who was in charge of planning what kind of gems were to made in certain areas, thus the kindergartens were founded. She was the source of the diversity of gems, and she had a vast knowledge of what kind of resources were needed and where they needed to build to make good gems. Because of this, giving Pink her own planet was not ideal, as most planets far from our solar system most likely were not good enough to dedicate to only create gems.
Until they found Earth.
This whole planets entire makeup was so full of nutrients and the best possible conditions for huge kindergartens to be built, it was given to Pink as her first planet for her to decide what to do with it. Earth was a huge benefit to Homeworld, a place where the dominant species posed no threat to them, and where so much precious resources were just ripe for the picking.
Pink eventually grew fond of the primitive humans and captured a good amount to keep on her personal space station. Eventually it became difficult to care for them, as they had needs that were hard for current gems to meet.
Inspired, Pink ended up engineering a new type of gem solely for the purpose of caring for, protecting, and healing humans. Rose Quartzes. They were given the ability to heal through tears, and were created to be as non threatening as possible.
Things went smoothly for many years as Homeworld relished off Earth’s rich ecosystem. Until unexpectedly, a single Rose Quartz declared that she would protect the Earth from Homeworld, and with a rag tag team of.angry gems, she started a rebellion. Pink, legitimately frightened by Rose, bubbled the rest of her kind and hid them in her room in her Zoo. Then she hastily planned the Beta kindergarten where Jasper formed and pledged her life to Pink. Things began to escalate as it became more and more apparent that the simple Rebellion had become more serious.
It all came to a horrific climax, as Pink and Rose came face to face once again. Despite everything, Pink pleaded with Rose, telling her that she created her with the purpose of protecting humans, and that the Zoo was were her real purpose lay. And in a moment of vunerablility, Rose let Pink draw near to embrace her once loyal subject.
Then, in a room full of witnesses, Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond.
Rose decided her new purpose was protecting the life of Earth.
After the death of Pink, the Rebellion became a full on War that raged on Earth for many, many years. Homeworld lost, and left the Earth.
The blow that landed on Homeworld was extremely heavy. Not only did they lose precious resources, but they lost an otherwise immortal leader. Without Pink, planning and creating gems became difficult. Despite technological advances, Era 2 came with gems like Peridot that had restrictions on their abilities, lack of resources to use for Homeworld , and a crumbling kingdom.