I found her most beautiful not when she was all dressed up, but after we made love. Her hair a mess, makeup gone, walls down, just her and I together alone. The way the edges of her mouth curl up when she laughs. The way she held me tightly after making love. Her shyness, and her modesty even though we had just been intimate together. Her fingers intertwined with mine like the branches of a great tree. Every curve of her body pressed against mine like two leaves pressed in a scrapbook. These are the moments I remember most. I have never felt closer to anyone in my life. Those quiet moments, small but so significant. True happiness is found in the smallest of moments. True love is felt in the tiniest of seconds.
I miss you,
I miss the us that felt untouchable,
I miss the hug you couldn’t let go,
I miss the lips that i could feel the love as they collided.
I miss the hands that held mine as buildings passed by one by one,
I miss the long nights your voice became the song to my days.
I miss the us that just felt right.
I miss you,
And i wonder if you miss me too.
I made a mistake, i kept what i know when i never should have,
I did it without even realizing,
I lost the trust that i cant live without.
Apologies ran out,
Explanations went on,
And nothing meant anything anymore.
I miss us.
I wish there was a way fixing it would do enough,
But right now i hope time does its justice,
And brings you back to me,
So the us i knew before could be the us once more.
—  SƧ - since i cant tell you how i feel, i guess I’ll have todo what i do best (you told me) and write.
To the people who say long distance isn't hard

Obviously you have never been on skype with your significant other, or your best friend, or who ever, and had them start crying, and just feel awful because you can’t comfort them in the right way. You can try to say things to make them feel better, but you can’t physically touch them, and that is literally the worst feeling. It’s even worse when they are crying because you are so far away.