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you will be happy to know that greg is still performing in germany with a 735 egg hat

            After many milestones ignored because procrastination is the core of my existence, here we are !! :D   How did this happen? How have I managed to trick you into believing this anachronistic Greecian hot mess is worthy of your attention? In all honesty, I don’t know how I was ever living my life without you guys, without all your muses. I’ve gotten to read and to write some beautiful things with so many truly beautiful people who make me want to take up permanent residence inside their skulls ( faulty wording aside, I mean this in the most flattering, and least buffalo bill way possible ?? ).  As someone who’s family eschewed most television and film, I’ve lost count of how many fandoms I’ve been introduced through to entirely through your muses. It’s been fantastic having my media experiences shaped by them.

I could tl;dr about the lot of you like a boss, but even if I had a million lives to live in order to convey how exquisite every last one of you is, I still wouldn’t be able to do even half of you the justice you deserve. It’s a privilege and a pleasure and I’ve never been happier than I have in this garbage heap with all you nerds. And on that note, shout outs to some of the dankest garbage on my dash:

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