Missing Link Records


Production Journal - Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Flipping, turning, sifting and sniffing through cardboard boxes and multi-colored crates, there were all ages and all kinds of people shuffling around and weaving through the crowd at the West-side Manhattan convention hall this past weekend that hosted listener supported independent free-form radio station, WFMU’s, annual record fair.  Live music, live radio broadcasts and concert films playing on various portable viewing devices filled the air with snippets of garage band beats, man on the street interview sound bites and chords from bootlegged concerts.

And, of course, the Big Star movie team was right in the thick of it all with our camera and sound gear, searching out cool characters, rare records and stories about Big Star!

We met Keith Glass who ran the world renowned Missing Link Records in Melbourne, Australia.  The store he worked at in 1972 used to order #1 Record from their distributor every single week after the album’s original release but they never received one copy.

We also talked with dealer Scott Curean who has seven different pressings of the Third record, from both sides of the Atlantic, which he’s not willing to part with.

And then, of course, there’s the famed Brazilian pressing that’s still a mystery to dealers today!  What’s the story with that?

Are you a Big Star, Alex Chilton or Chris Bell super fan?  Do you have ticket stubs, footage or other holy relics relating to Big Star?  If so, we want to hear from you too! Please leave us a Facebook message or email us at: info@bigstarstory.com.


Yes, it’s #RecordStoreDay
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