So for now,
I will miss you like I’ll never see you again,
And the next time I see you,
I will kiss you like I’ll never kiss you again,
And when I fall asleep beside you
I will fall asleep as if I’ll never wake up again,
because I don’t know if I will.
I don’t know if I will.

I Will Love You Like The World Is Ending.

—  Charlotte Eriksson
Maybe one day you’ll miss me.
Not just at 4 AM when you can’t stop thinking about how I curled perfectly into your arms but maybe you’ll miss me at 3 PM when the tea you drink has the same auburn tint as my eyes when the morning sun leaked through your window on the days when I woke up beside you but now you let your tea become as cold as the tone of your voice when you told me you were leaving, and my eyes became as empty as the cup when you finally pour out the cold tea because you can’t stand to look at it anymore.
Maybe you’ll miss me when you’re doing homework and it doesn’t make sense to you because my handwriting isn’t beside yours helping you to figure out how those fucking numbers fit together and you know they’ll never go together as well as I fit in your arms so why did you fucking end it?
Maybe you’ll miss me some late night when you’re in the backseat of your moms car and you don’t feel my hand reach over and slip into yours like the time your mother drove me home late at night so I wouldn’t walk in the dark. Back when you looked and me like I was the only light in that dark car.
Maybe you’ll miss me when a girl in your math class wears her hair the same way I did on one of our dates and you can’t remember what it felt like to run your hands through my hair and hold me closer to you.
Maybe you’ll miss me when she asks you to go get a coffee one day and she presses her lips against yours but all you can think about is our first kiss that afternoon when the only thing that mattered was how my hand fit into yours.
Maybe you’ll miss me when the words “I love you” spills from her lips and you can’t stand that her voice isn’t as soft as mine was when I whispered those words into your chest that night when all I could do was cry but you let me and you held me and told me it was going to be alright but now it’s not and no one is here to tell me that I’ll be okay and maybe I won’t.
Maybe you’ll miss me when she drags you to the same theatre you took me to on our first date and you can’t sit through that fucking movie without tasting blood in your mouth because I can’t walk outside without seeing something that reminds me of you
Maybe one day you’ll finally fucking miss me.
—  Because I can’t fucking breathe without you here R.L.