Missbehave magazine was the seminal hot-older-sister gurl bible of the late 2000s, notably pre-Rookie and post-Sassy. Of course, you already know this as you were all fervent readers/collectors, jah? *agreeing head movements a la plastic car puppies* *audacious hair flick*.

Looking back at my precious collection, I am positively humbled by how fresh, stylish and super relevant their fashion and beauty shoots were. This is truly a testament to the clout of the Missbehave team: the publishing industry is notoriously fickle, hence producing original, unique and inspiring images with micro budgets is pretty much impossible. Thus, we as media consumers are forced to continuously oogle average sheet (Nylon mag, here’s lookin’ at you kid).

As you can see from this teency weency selection of covers and editorials, thems (manicured) fingers at Missbehave HQ were truly on the pulse. You can read my interview with the ladee overseeing all this hecticness, ex-Missbehave editor and current editor of MTV Style, that oh-so-sassy veritable vowel vixen more commonly known as Mary HK Choi here.