Are you guys following the Miss World Contest? I’m not…. I stopped following that shit in the 80’s when I thought to myself why do they all look like sisters?? Why is the winner almost always white when only 10% of the worlds population is white? surely more of the contestants and winners should be browner and blacker than this?

but I must say It´s so lovely to see Beauty in an exquisite shade of jet black, beauty comes in all shades. I give you Ms. South Sudan, strikingly beautiful, saccharine sweet eyes and full lips… gorgeous.

“black is beautiful, but ummmmm….”
“For a moment I thought I was looking at someone’s shadow!”
“Shine bright like a diamond….not like a Coal.”

(actual comments made from the international audience)

In the Picture is Modong Manuela Mogga and she is “Miss Sudan” competing in the 2013 Miss World contest, but her skin color is the only thing people seem to focus on. Instead of her being a beautiful woman that so happens to have dark skin, she is a dark skin woman that so happens to be pretty.

and it’s ALWAYS in that order.

why does skin color equate beauty?
within almost every community of color (black, hispanic, indian, asian) we continue an idiocy of “light skin vs dark skin” that teaches our kids that if any person has a pigment darker than Kelly Rowland they are the manifestation a mortal sin. Punishable by malicious scrutiny or subject to intimidation and tyranny.

I don’t know if I’ll live to see the day when tolerance for others will become universally accepted… but until then…

“You’re pretty for a dark skin girl” IS NOT a complement!

Missing Runway Model Found at NYC Hospital: NYPD

A New York City runway model who was missing for nearly two weeks has been found alive, police say.

Ataui-Deng Hopkins was found Monday at an area hospital, 12 days after she was last seen leaving the rooftop XVI Lounge on West 48th Street near Eighth Avenue on Aug. 6, according to the NYPD.

The 22-year-old models professionally under the name Ataui Deng. 

She has walked the runways for designers like Proenza Schouler, Zach Posen, Malandrino and Lanvin, according to New York Magazine. Hopkins has also appeared in Harper’s Bazaar and Teen Vogue.

The Sudanese-born model has been modeling since she was 14 and lived in Texas before coming to New York City.

A spokeswoman at Trump Models, Hopkins’ agency since 2008, said before the 22-year-old was found that everyone was worried about the “much loved” model and had been making calls and trying to find her. Celebrities including Rihanna also tweeted her photo during the search.

Hopkins’ friend, celebrity chef Roble Ali, said she had disappeared before for a day or two before when she felt like she needed space. But he said he got worried about this most recent incident because she’d never been gone so long.

In an Instagram post after she was found, Ali thanked thanked police and friends for their efforts.

“She is safe and sound,” he said. “I want to thank all of our friends and followers and especially the NYPD for their swift and dedicated response.”

oh thank god!! I hope no harm came to her while she was missing.

no1partyabbey  asked:

I just read your reblog of Miss South Sudan, and I know I'm extremely ignorant (I didn't even know bleaching was a thing?!), but why on EARTH would anyone want to lighten skin? I honestly feel that dark skin is so incredible and beautiful, and again I prob. sound v. ignorant (and please correct me if I've phrased this insensitively!), but I think dark skin is the most beautiful, earthy thing ever. I can't imagine why anyone would ever want to change that about themselves and it breaks my heart.

Yeah skin bleaching is real. So real. Google Sammy Sosa for starters. I don’t think you’re insensitive at all! Haha, maybe a tad ignorant, but we’re all constantly learning and growing. I agree with you I think dark skin is super beautiful, but it took me a while to get there. Being dark skinned in a pww (predominantly white world) where society will try to even divide different types of black people (the ‘light skinned is prettier’ lie) can be rough sometimes.

I think the best thing we can do is love ourselves exactly the way God made us and appreciate His work in the people that are vastly different from us.

Thanks for sharing with me btw. It makes me happy :)

Stuff you may have missed: December 26, 2013

Dong-Pyou Han, an Iowa State University professor, has resigned from his job after admitting to falsifying research that made it look like research on an AIDS vaccine was more successful than it actually was—raising $19 million from the federal government in the process.

Signs football might be open to diversity: In 1993, two players on the former Houston Oilers roster were known to be gay; however, it was apparently no big deal to their teammates.

The Chamber of Commerce’s big goal for the GOP during the 2014 midterms: “No fools on our ticket.”

World to South Sudan: Please don’t let this escalate into a civil war.

Nobody cares about Justin Bieber anymore.

Even if you’ve seen more of the Midwest than its airports, have you really seen it?

5 Ridiculous Myths You Probably Believe About the Midwest

#2. Everyone Is White

That’s changed now, for one simple reason – war. The various conflicts in Africa and the Middle East over the past couple decades have produced a lot of refugees, and no matter what the movies may imply to the contrary, they don’t always end up in New York City. Thousands of Sudanese refugees have found their way to South Dakota, for example, to such a degree that there’s actually a Miss Sudan beauty pageant in Sioux Falls every year.

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