movies like The Butler are for black people who are in denial about how far we’ve come and to make white people cry about how fucked up their people are from the comfort and safety of a dark theatre. 

I didn’t watch because Lee Daniels is anti-black woman and anti-black as fuck and I don’t need to support oppressive ass black men especially those that demonize blackness for interviews in order to posture as one of the GOOD NEGROES.


White people - stop watching movies like the butler and actually do some history changing! we don’t need your tears! we don’t want your tears! we want you to tell your people about white supremacy, and to not think because you teachin’ that you’re above any one of them because you’re not! As long as you benefit from mine and others oppression you are the oppressor! 


Pamela Ann Miller

It’s always about being at the right place at the right time isn’t it? For Pamela Ann Miller, who lived a freewheelin’, rock and rollin’ life to be envied, it was Los Angeles in the 1960’s. Walking down the streets of Sunset Boulevard and hanging out in Laurel Canyon and the Riot House, she became known as Miss Pamela, a member of The GTO’s and super groupie extraordinaire. Not only did she set out to meet all the rock stars she idolized, from The Beatles to Jim Morrison to Led Zeppelin (to name but a few), but she became a friend to many of them and so much more. I highly recommend her book I’m With the Band, which paints a perfectly honest picture of a girl in love with rock and roll and the people who made this wonderful music. What separates Miss Pamela from the other groupies is that there is actually a brain behind that pretty face, a big heart with a rock and roll soul. She comes across as a sweet, funny, honest, friendly girl who wears her heart on her sleeve.

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