I am maybe out of my funk? Fitbit green!! I also got my water intake goal! Confetti!

I walked to and from school today (the long way). And I saw a mama spider on the sidewalk so I took a picture. I also took a picture of campus because the beautiful campus is the only thing I will miss about Norman, Oklahoma when I move.

I failed to fight my cravings for mac n cheese today, but I tried adding raw broccoli so that I would feel less guilty. It kind of worked. Kind of.

I found the cutest Snapchat filter.

And here is a picture of Izzy stealing my pillow and then acting sad when I ask her why she has stolen my pillow. I let her have it because she is cute.

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Piper takes Jason to a family meeting in Oklahoma

  • Jason is nervous as Hades. He has met Piper’s dad before but he doubts he remembers Jason helping Piper save his life.
  • He thinks that if it was just her dad, he would be fine. But no, they were going to a family reunion. Just that alone made him want to fly away.
  • “You okay?” Piper asked him as they walked off the plane and into the airport. “You look pale.”
  • “Uh, just nervous meeting your family.” He replied. “I honestly thought I was going to get formally introduced to your dad.”
  • She had a weak smile. “I thought so too. But my uncle wanted to have a big family reunion on my Grandpa Tom’s farm.”
  • He nodded as they went to baggage claim. He had no idea how big Piper’s family was, but he would survive this trip. He had to. He had other business he wanted to do while he was there.
  • They got their bags and saw her dad got a car for them. They got in and Piper pointed out different places from her childhood. Jason was surprised that she grew up here. Lot’s of farmland and away from the ocean. But these were her roots and he always wondered how she was raised.
  • They got to the farm and were greeted by a man with short black hair and dark eyes. “Piper!” He greeted.
  • “Uncle Jeff.” She smiled and hugged the man. “Uncle Jeff, this is my boyfriend, Jason.”
  • “Hi. It’s nice to meet you.” Jason smiled, shaking his hand.
  • “Is dad here?” Piper asked.
  • “He should arrive tonight. But let’s get you two settled.” Uncle Jeff smiled as he lead them to the house.
  • Piper was telling Jason stories about her and her grandpa coming out and looking at the stars as he told old stories.
  • Once their bags were in her old room, she showed him around the farm. She held his hand the whole time as she introduced him to her family members.
  • Jason couldn’t remember all of their names, but knew Piper would constantly remind him. 
  • That night, her father arrived and she ran over to hug him. She smiled as his dad and Jason started talking.
  • Piper left the room and Jason looked at Tristan.
  • “Sir, I have something to ask you.” Jason told him.
  • “Yes?”
  • “Um, well, I’ve been dating your daughter for a while and I was wondering if I have your blessing to marry her.” Jason looked at Mr. McLean to see if he was leaning one way or another. But his face was neutral.
  • After a few minutes of silence Jason looked Tristan in the eye. “Sir?”
  • Tristan looked at Jason. He knew him and Piper were dating for three years and Piper loved him very much. “Yes, you have my blessing.”
  • Jason smiled. “Thank you sir!”
  • “May I see the ring?”
  • Jason fished the box out of his pocket and showed her dad the princess cut diamond ring. 
  • “Nice job, son.” He smiled.
  • Later on in the night, Piper took him outside to the porch where her grandpa told her stories. The two of them were looking at the stars. 
  • “This is the one thing I miss about Oklahoma. I can see the stars from out here.” She said, looking up.
  • “Yeah, it’s beautiful out here.” He said, thinking this would be the perfect time to propose.
  • He watched her as she stared at the stars. He took a breath and got down on one knee and took the box out of his pocket. “It’s not the only thing beautiful out here.”
  • Piper looked down and saw Jason. She covered her mouth. “Oh my gods.”
  • “Piper, I love you so much. I can’t live without you. So, will you marry me?” Jason asked. He had a longer speech, but his nerves got the best of him.
  • “Yes! Yes!” She grinned as he put the ring on her finger. 
  • He stood up and kissed her.
  • Once the broke away from the kiss they heard cheering. They looked at the windows and saw that her whole family was watching them from the window.
  • The two of them turned red. 
  • “Come on, lets get lost in the field before they get out here.” Piper took his hand and they ran out into the corn field.
Twenty-Four ~ Part 2 ~ Dinner and a Dress

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Warnings: Bad Break ups, working, mentions of death.

Pairings: Chris Evans X Reader; Sebastian Stan X Reader

Word Count: 



Chapter 2 - Dinner and a Dress

“That’s all for today people, see you all in two days! Enjoy your break.” The director calls out and I let out a sigh of relief as I crack my neck. “Thank you Ms. (L/N).” He says as he turns toward me. I give him a quick nod followed by a polite smile. “Mr. Stan; we’ll see you in two days, enjoy your premier.”

“Thanks,” Sebastian says smiling brightly. He waits for the director to leave before he turns to me and says, “Alright so today sucked.”

“Please do not remind me. I can’t believe I had to kiss you over and over again.” I say a smirk crossing my lips.

“You liked it and you know it.” He says nudging me with his elbow.

“Whatever you say,” I reply as we walk from the studio to our trailers.

“So you’re going with me tomorrow right?” He says raising an eyebrow at me playfully.

“Do I have too?” I say as I furrow my brow. I had a million reasons why I didn’t want to go but I couldn’t tell him about it.

“It’s just one premier, that’s all I’m asking. If you want I’ll buy your dress and take you out to dinner afterwards.”

“You’re offering me food?” I say chuckling as I stare over at him.

“If that’s what it takes,”

“Alright then fine, but I get to pick the place, no arguments about the price. Understood?”

“Yes ma'am,” He says using his best southern accent making my body quiver.

“God don’t do that!” I reply biting my lip.

“Oh you mean,” He clears his throat before continuing once again in his southern accent, “Yes Ma'am,”

“God you are such an ass!” I yell out smacking his arm making him laugh out loud.

“I know, it’s one of my best qualities.” He replies sarcastically making me chuckle.

“So I guess since you are being so generous with buying me a dress that I assume you want to come along with me to pick it out?”

“You know me so well,”

“Okay but I expect TJ Hammond, not Carter Baizen; alright?”

“Oh I see how it is.” He replies and I smile brightly. “But I guess, I can do that.”

“Good, don’t need you trying to join me in the changing room.”

“You’d like it and you know it,”

“Not the point,” I say as I start walking again.

“OH! You admit that you’d enjoy it?”

“I didn’t say that,”

“Yeah, but you didn’t deny it.”

“Seb, I will kill you.”

“Alright! I’ll drop it.” He says a smirk filling his face. “So shall we go shopping?” He continues holding his arm up to me.

“We shall, and thank you so much for offering to buy my dress.” I say as I loop my arm through his.

“No problem and thanks for going with me.” He replies patting my hand.


After leaving the studio Sebastian and I head to the nearest dress store and after a few dresses I find the perfect one. Even though Sebastian offered to pay I told him that since I was the one wearing it I would pay. We argued about it for a moment before he caved; like he usually does. After that we went back to my apartment for dinner, which he ended up making.

I narrow my eyes as I sit at the bar watching him cook. He was up to something but I didn’t know what it was. He had never wanted me to go to a premier so bad with him before so I wanted to know what was up.

“Sebastian,” I say tapping my fingers one by one on the countertop.

“Oh shit what did I do?” He says as he turns toward me a smirk covering his lips.

“I don’t know; what are you planning?” I say as I stop thrumming my fingers on the bar and lean forward with a raised eyebrow.

“What are you talking about?” He says mimicking my look.

“You, offering to buy me a dress, offering to not only buy dinner but cook as well,” I pause as I look over at the omelets cooking in the skillet making my stomach growl and my mouth water. Shaking my head I quickly turn back to him and continue, “What do you get out of it?”

“I am appalled that you would even think-”


“Alright,” He says flipping the omelet to keep it from burning. “You haven’t been out, really, since you broke up with what’s his name,”


“Yeah him,” Sebastian says shaking his head at me before he continues, “I figured you could use a night out with friends and a good movie.”

“How do you know the movie is gonna be good?”

“Uh because I’m in it?” He says making me chuckle.

“Oh please; let me remind you of a couple movies you were in that sucked,”

“Please don’t,” He says shaking his head. “Or I’ll start naming yours.”

“Touché Mr. Stan,” I say nodding at him.

“You ready?” He asks as he moves the skillet over to a nearby plate to slide the omelet into it.

“Uh yeah? What kind of question is that? I love your omelets.” I say bouncing up and down in my seat.

“What are you gonna do when I get married?” He asks a smirk covering his lips.

“Um I’m gonna move in with you and your wife so I can have omelets whenever I want.” I say as I stand up and walking over to the fridge, pull out two beers.

“What if you don’t like who I marry?” He asks placing the plates on the bar.

“Oh that’s a tough one,” I say as I walk back over to the bar and set the bottles down continue, “Then I guess I’ll just have to endure; because there is no way I’m letting these go.” I point down at the omelets and he laughs.

“You’d live with someone you hate for my omelets?” He asks chuckling.

“Oh yeah,” I say nodding. “Because these are like a gift from god.” He shakes his head at me before he reaches into the silverware drawer and grabbing two forks hands me one. Laughing and talking about randomness we eat our omelets then after washing the dishes we walk into the living room and as he plops down on the couch I say, “What movie do you wanna watch?”

“Anything, although I might fall asleep watching it.” He says letting out a loud yawn.

“If you’re that tired why don’t you go home and pass out?”

“Don’t wanna,” He says nestling down into the comfort of your couch.

“I swear you live here more than you live in your own apartment.” I say as I grab the remote and plop down beside him.

“I told you I like the view better than mine,” He says as he moves to lay his head in my lap.

“Uh huh, whatever Stan,” I say as I start flipping through channels.

As I search I suddenly become aware that he has fallen asleep and I shake my head at him. I gently move some stray strands of hair from his face and turn my attention back to the TV. Flipping though channels once more I unconsciously stop on one and my heart clenches. There on the TV was a guy I thought I had loved but I couldn’t be with. He probably still hated me and it was all over a miscommunication. Gulping down a breath of air I go to change the channel but find that my heart won’t let me. I just wanted to look at him for a little longer.

It had been eight years since I had last talked to him and even now it still brought back fond memories of what we had. Tossing the remote down on the couch beside me I prop my head up on my fist as I watch the movie. It had been one of my favorites and even though he was one of the main characters it wasn’t about to stop me from watching it. As I sat there unconsciously running my fingers through Sebastian’s hair my mind drifts back to a similar experience with a person I thought I had loved.

“Come on,” Chris says as he looks up at me his head resting in my lap.

“What?” I ask a smile covering my lips.

“You can’t tell me you actually like this movie?”

“Um yeah, I do what of it?” I say narrowing my eyes at him.

“The last thing I pictured you as was an oldies girl.” He says smiling up at me.

“Uh excuse you; To Wong Foo is a classic, not oldies.” I say as I look away from him back to the TV right as the style or substance scene comes on.

“Okay but seriously,” He says drawing my attention from the screen.

“Yes?” I say raising an eyebrow at him.

“It’s a good movie I’m not gonna lie, but it surprises me that you like it.”

“Really?” I ask raising an eyebrow. “Why does it surprise you?”

“Well,” He says clearing his throat, “From what you told me about your past, I figured you weren’t able to watch stuff like this.”

“Oh believe me I wasn’t.” I say quickly as a chuckle escapes my lips. “Let’s just say my father was very strict about stuff like that. No drag queens, pretty much anything LGBT related were banned from our house.”

“That must’ve sucked.”

“Oh yeah, especially when your favorite movie was this.” I say as a chuckle escaped my lips as I look from him to the TV in front of us.

“So do you ever think about going back?” He asks and my heart tightens in my chest.

“No,” I say flatly as I narrow my eyes.

“Can’t say I blame you,” He says pulling my hand from his hair and bringing it to his lips. “From what you’ve told me about them I’m surprised you stayed as long as you did.”

“I didn’t have much of a choice,” I say my eyes turning sad.

“Well you’re free now,” He says and I start laughing. “What?”

“When you said that, all I could think of was the little old guy from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

“Oh the I’m free at last guy?” He asks a smile covering his lips.

“Yes!” I say my laughing growing louder.

“I loved that guy, he totally made the movie.”

“That he did.”

“Okay, so name something you miss about Oklahoma.” He asks as he intertwines his fingers with yours.

“Oh wow, okay, um the food, definitely the food.” I reply making him laugh.

“Just the food?” He asks and I smile.

“Not just the food, but it is a big factor. I also miss the weather and the countryside.”

“Not a city girl, huh?”

“Oh I love the city don’t get me wrong, I just miss the country occasionally. That’s all.”

“We’ll have to take a trip there sometime.” He says quickly and I smile.

“You’d hate it,” I say as I look from hi back to the TV.

“Don’t know until I try.” He replies making a bright smile cover my lips.

“Then I guess we’ll really have to take that trip huh?”

“Yup,” He says and I smile as I lean down and gently place my lips against his.

Suddenly I am brought back to the present as Sebastian rolls over on the couch wrapping his arms around my waist. I look over to see that the timer on the TV had made it turn off and I let out a heavy sigh. I feel something wet fall down my cheek and I instantly reach up and realize that I had been crying. Sniffling as I wipe the tears away I very carefully pull out of Sebastian’s grasp. 

As I stand up I walk into my room and return with a blanket. I very carefully drape it over his sleeping form before I walk back into my room and climb into bed. I hadn’t thought of Chris in a while, why were the memories just now coming back into my mind? Perhaps it was because of the premier where I would undoubtedly have to see him again. I just hoped he wasn’t still angry.

Will Continue in - Truths and Premiers 


Miss Oklahoma 2012 Miss America talent competition


Hold up! Alicia Clifton competed in Miss America tonight, and no one told me? And she won the talent portion of the competition!

as she damn well should have, cause look at her (although she tapped for the pageant. haven’t seen the vid, but if her tapping at age 12 is any indication, she’s a beast at that too)