jbrushstrokes  asked:

How do you get your cuticles in such good shape?

The trick to good cuticles is just to keep the alive skin moisturized and the dead skin off. 

If you’re a self-manicurist, like me, I recommend tending to them every two weeks. You’ll want a good cuticle softener and a pusher or orange stick to push back. ONLY THEN do you use your cuticle cutter to remove the dead skin— the white and flakey parts. **Do not trim all the way around your nail. That skin is still alive and kickin’ and keeping your nailbeds safe. 

My two favorite cuticle products (if you’re willing to spend a little more) are Dior’s Crème Apricot Fortifying Cream and Deborah Lippmann’s The Cure. Both moisturize your cuticles like woah— keeping maintenance to a minimum. 

Let me know what you think of them! And, of course, always feel free to ask me any questions! Happy to help.