Jill Stuart Nails for Advanced Artists: Guest Blogger

You may have noticed that here at Birchbox, we have a deep, abiding love for all things nails. Which is why nail artist extraordinaire Taryn Multack, a.k.a Miss Ladyfinger, is a great fit as this week’s guest blogger. Multack, who’s spent time working at fashion staples like Oscar de la Renta and W Magazine, uses trends and looks straight from the runway to create gorgeous, imaginative designs for her digits. The most impressive part? She does all of her art while keeping a day job in the fashion world. This week, she teaches us how to make our nails just as fabulous as hers.

The year is winding down and travel season is under way. Whether you’re headed somewhere warm, or claiming real estate next to the fireplace at home, I’ve got the perfect nail art for you. Jill Stuart’s opening look from her spring 2012 line is the a great hybrid design: it hints at spring with a fun Palm Springs motif, yet it’s totally holiday appropriate with its festive red hue. For this advanced tutorial, I used a nail art brush with Choco-Latte by Sally Hansen and Lollipop by Essie.

Click through for a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this Jill Stuart look yourself.

1. Prep your nail with base coat.

2. Apply your nude color to your whole nail.

3. Draw a V at the bottom of your nail using a nail art brush dipped in red polish.

4. Using the photo as a guide, outline a palm tree motif on one half of the nail.

5. Mirror the same design on the other half of the nail.

6. Fill in the design with red.

7. Top off with Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat and you’re all set! Gorgeous Jill Stuart nails ready for a night out on the town.

In the mood for another shade of eye-popping red? Try this polish by Deborah Lippmann.


What’s better than hot dogs, watermelon, fireworks and summer? Not much else, so express your love for America with these patriotic Ladyfingers. 

To get this look, I used Brilliant White by CND, Baker Street by Nails Inc, and red and white by Color Club Nail Art Duo.

To get these ladyfingers:

1. Start with a full white nail

2. Tape off the bottom portion of your nail

3. Paint the exposed section with blue

4. Using a red nail art brush, paint red vertical stripes down the white portion of the nail

5. With the fine point of Color Club’s Nail Art Duo, dot small dots within the blue portion to emulate stars

6. Polish your red lines by painting a thin line of white where the two colors meet

7. Top it off with top coat

Top: Wildfox, Shorts: Levis, Sunnies: Gucci, Rings from Etsy.

Happy 4th of July!!




Miss Ladyfinger at Milly

For New York Fashion Week Fall 2013, we couldn’t have landed a better nail correspondent (put that title on a business card!). Taryn Multack, the genius behind Miss Ladyfinger, initially started her blog as a way to translate fashion trends to manicures. Since those early days, she’s partnered with top designers and brands. She’ll be reporting all of next season’s must-try hues and designs.

Walking into the backstage area before the Milly show, anyone else might have noticed the models. Not me. I spied the holographic pieces of the collection from across the room and immediately started salivating. I went closer for a better look, and there was so much to see. Digitized prints, new fabrications, and the aforementioned holographic items were to die for, so it was no surprise the nail look was a little more subdued.

Michelle Saunders, lead manicurist for Essie, smiled at me as I was envisioning all the nail art I could make from the show. “I know there’s a lot we could have done in the way of nail art for this collection, but we wanted something that would help make the collection shine,” she admitted. The result was Power Clutch by Essie—a dark neutral gray with green undertones—inspired by menswear. 

According to Michelle, picking the right gray is less about skin tone and more about the season. “For spring, you can play with lighter grays, like dove and French grays, but for fall, pick darker ones.” To get the look, apply two coats of Power Clutch and top it with Good to Go by Essie. 


For more Fashion Week 2013 behind-the-scene pics, check out our photo stream. 

TeenVogue/Miss Ladyfinger Inspiration

So a few weeks ago I was sitting with my roommates in the living room and I had just brought in the mail. Some girl who used to live in the upstairs apartment has a subscription to TeenVogue and she never got rid of it, so now we reap the rewards. My roommate was reading through it, and I’m not going to lie.. I was judging. My exact thoughts were what 21 year old is sitting around reading Teen Vogue, better yet what college student actually bought the subscription? Either way, after I shamelessly made fun of her I decided to flip through it as well. Go figure. While I didn’t read the articles [Unfriended how to deal with feeling left out, cool style 318 ideas, it girl Alexa Chung, etc. – I guess I just outgrew the articles ]  I did look at all the pretty pictures, obviously. I kept looking at designs and thinking how much more I would like that on my nails than as a dress. Weird, I know. So I ripped out a few pages for nailspiration. 

And then…the other day I was browsing tumblr for nail art (as usual) and I saw this post by Miss Ladyfinger. Miss Ladyfinger does amazzzzing nail art, using all different inspirations but usually it is fashion/runway. 

I never really thought that anyone else would be flipping through Teen Vogue thinking  "man, that would look good on my nails.“ I was wrong. We pulled the same photo. Small world. Once I saw her completed mani, I had to do mine. If I had not seen Miss Ladyfingers mani, I probably wouldn’t have had the motivation to actually complete this look. Thanks for the motivation/inspiration!

So here is my version of Diane von Furstenberg’s dress :)

Read more for more pictures and colors :)

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Sparkly Matte Nails at Timo Weiland: Guest Blogger

For this week’s fashion week, we couldn’t have landed a better nail correspondent (put that title on a business card!). Taryn Multack, the genius behind Miss Ladyfinger, initially started her blog as a way to translate fashion trends to manicures. Since those early days, she’s partnered with top designers and brands. She’ll be reporting all next season’s must-try hues and designs.

It’s only the first day of NYFW, but there is already a clear nail trend for Fall ’13: matte polish. Now, matte can be tricky because it can make us look washed out or sometimes even looks unfinished. But this was definitely not the case backstage at Timo Weiland.

Zoya lead manicurist, Sunshine Outing, created a sparkly layered look using the Zoya Pixie Dust formulas (stunning sparkly polishes in subdued colors that create a matte effect). “Timo wanted a navy nail, so rather than blending it, we layered it,” she says. “To get the nail, paint one layer of Godiva, followed by a layer of Dahlia, and topped it off with Nyx. Keep in mind, the Pixie Dust line doesn’t play well with other polishes.”

The effect is a sparkly matte navy Ladyfinger that twinkles. The best part? All three polishes are currently available in store. Go get ‘em, ladies.


Read all of Taryn’s posts (and watch her too-cute polka dot tutorial!).